How to Reduce Sound from a Punching Bag

how to reduce sound while punching bag
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So, you have bought a punching bag thinking to make the most of the incredible benefits of heavy bag training. However, the annoying sound from your bag doesn’t only disrupt your training but upsets your neighbors as well.

Although all punching bags make some sound, you can control it.

This blog features quick ways to reduce sound from a punching bag.

Use Old Belts & Beach Towel

It’s time for you to put those old belts to some good use. It is the cheapest way to eliminate sound from your punching bag. Wrap your bag with the beach towel and use belts to secure it. The belts need to be in order, one at the top and one at the bottom. Leave some space empty in the middle to throw punches.

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Use Real Sand

If you own a free-standing punching bag that makes weird sounds and moves around, we have a solution.

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 Many punching enthusiasts fill the base of their  free-standing punching with water, which is a horrible idea. You can stop the movement and noises by filling the base with sand. First, make sure to empty the bottom; so there is no water and let it dry.

 Once its dry, use sand to fill the base first and add water to make base heavier, so it doesn’t move around when you punch the bag. 

Moreover, if this sounds like a lot of work, you can always place a rubber gym mat underneath the base and stop sliding or slipping.

Opt for noise-dampening mount

No doubt, punching a heavy hanging bag contributes to vibration and reverberation. Have you ever thought about replacing the mount? Believe it or not, but you can reduce the sound by shifting your punching bag from a regular mount to a noise-dampening mount.

You can find several options online and go for the one that suits your needs. These mounts help your bag swing smoothly, reducing the vibration. Also, the mounts come with additional design features that stop the noise.

Get yourself a Heavier Bag

Don’t buy a lighter bag. With plenty of options available today, it’s natural to feel tempted to new, improved and innovative punching bags.

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However, the lighter bags move and make the sound too. You need to go for a punching bag that is at least 45 kg or 100 lb and 1.5 taller. Heavier and taller bags are perfect for getting hardcore training.

When there is no moving or no noise, you will train without any distractions, just like a champ.

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Work on your Technique

Did you know your punching technique contributes to the sound as well? That is why we suggest working on it. If you throw wrong punches with force, it tends to make a thumping sound. So, keep an eye on the way you land a punch and make sure it stays in a snapping motion.

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More importantly, you don’t need to hammer it continuously. The right technique is to throw a few harder punches and then lighter shots. 

There is no need to go on in full force. You need a good workout, which is possible with a couple of harder and some lighter punches.

Use Quiet Punching Bags

There are special bags made for noise dampening. These are known as quiet punching bags because the material they use reduce noise to a minimum level.

It means if you are using these punching bags in one room, the noise won’t reach the other room. These quiet punching bags have some great reviews on Amazon and people have said that they work like a charm.

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Final Thoughts

Excessive noise from a punching bag can affect your workout too. We encourage you to search punching bags options like double end ones, as some varieties make less sound than others, before making a final purchase.

  You can eliminate extra noise using soundproofing panels too. If you still hear a sound, go for the ways mentioned above and enjoy a soundless workout session.

We hope that you are now aware of all the ways that can help you literally control noise in your home or apartment. We have listed all the ways of reducing sound from a punching bag, if there is something that we have missed please add it to the list by commenting below.

If you don’t agree with some of the points we mentioned, then also comment them below so that we can fix them ASAP. With that said, Happy punching!


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