best boxing and punching bag reviews and buyers guide

Utilizing boxing as a fitness tool has quite a few benefits. it builds stamina, increases vitality and improves motor coordination. Not matter if it’s your home gym or the boxing institute. just get your hands on the accurate equipment and you are all set to sail.

Benefits of Fitness Boxing

With fitness boxing program, you really vivify your workouts as it involves punching a heavy bag or a speed punching bag instead of your fellow lad.

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Research by Harvard health suggest that fitness boxing is helpful in enhancing your core strength, refining your balance and posture and coordinating the hand eye movements, that too, without the danger of head traumas.

You’d be amazed to know that according to an analysis by Japan Journal of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences in 2014, people who partook in fitness boxing programs documented being more energetic and having reduced depression and anxiety.

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Another study carried out in 2017 October by the Journal of the Neurological Sciences, demonstrated that one year of boxing showed incredible rehabilitation of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Their strength, balance and coordination improved multiple folds.

Regarding fitness boxing, one thing to keep in mind is: If you are an osteoporosis or osteoarthritis patient you must seek advice from your doctor before starting. And even if you’re a healthy individual, you should start with shadow boxing, gradually shifting towards heavy punching bags. (And don’t forget your heavy padded boxing gloves)

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Heavy Bag Weight Size Chart

Heavy bags are designed for both punching and kicking. They hang from the ceiling and are fabulous for your strength building. 

A Mike Tyson fan? Go for a heavy bag and punch the hell out of it.

Heavy bags come in varying weights ranging from 60 to 150 lbs. To pick the competent bag according to your weight, the ultimate way ( suggested by Everlast) is to divide your body weight to half and opt for the heavy bag of corresponding weight. Let’s just say you weigh 180 pounds so the perfect heavy bag for you will be? Yeah right! 90 lbs.

The Heavy Bag Weight Chart below is a simplified quick lookout for you to opt for the perfect heavy bag according to your body weight.

Body Weight in lbs Heavy bag weight in lbs 
140 lbs 70 lbs
180 lbs 90 lbs
220 lbs 100-110 lbs
260 lbs 120-130 lbs
300 lbs 150 lbs


You can also go for freestanding heavy bags or buy a punching bag stand if you’re unable to hang your bag from the ceiling. Freestanding bags are super adjustable with bases to be filled with water or sand. And they also give you the liberty to move them around, freely.

Buy Punching Bag for Workouts

Speed Punching Bag Weight Size Chart

Speed bags are tear-shaped, light and comparatively small-sized bags that bounce back as you hit. They are a great alternative for aerobics, improves hand-eye coordination and builds upper body and core.

They range greatly in size so beginners should go for slower, lighter and easy to hit Everhide bag.

Once you master the practice on slower bags, you can jump up to intermediate leather bag that is a little faster and finally to the smaller leather bag that is literally fast and requires a great deal of concentration.

Both heavy bags and speed punching bags work tremendously in strength training, aerobic conditioning and motor skills enhancing. So switch between them and get your dream body now.

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The size chart for speed punching bag doesn’t actually depend on body weight but on the level of your expertise. Take a look at this guide for choosing the speed punching bag according to your level

Your level  Size of speed bag Material of speed bag
Beginner  Large Everhide speed bag
Intermediate  Large Leather speed bag
Advanced Medium Leather speed bag


Types of Punching Bags You Can Buy:

Image result for heavy bagsSource: Century Punching Bags

Heavy punching bags:
Heavy punching bags have a heavy built with cylindrical design that is around six feet in size. These are filled with sand, wood dust, and old rags. These heavy punching bags are perfect for straight punches, hooks, uppercuts and body shots.

Double-end punching bags:
The double-end punching bags are angle bags that are tied to hooks from two sides. Think of these double-end punching bags as hourglass. You can use them to train your body for fitness and reflexes.These bags roughly mimic a moving opponent.

Speed punching bags:
When it comes to speed, the best investment in punching bags is to buy a speed punching bag. These are small, low-cost punching bags that you can buy either with a stand or with tying ropes. These speed bags are built to train and improve your reflexes but you can use them in anyway you want.

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MMA Punching bags:
One of the biggest and the heaviest punching bags in the market. MMA heavy bags are made for kicks and punches. They are the longer version of a typical heavy bag, and designed for training low kicks and knee strikes. These kinds of bags are used in dojos for MMA, Muay Thai and kick boxing.


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