Five Best Custom Punching Bags with Human Faces

human face punching bag
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Everything you need to know about best custom punching bags with faces and human form. 

Some people don;t just want a simple punching bag. They are looking for something aggressive, something that mimics a human face. 

People get more angry when they see a human opponent. Only then they can give their 100 percent. Human face punching bags make them feel that way. These punching bags also have a unique shape. So, you can easily make out faces, jaw line, chin, shoulders, neck, and even chest, and ribs, and abs. Using a face punching bag for practicing will help you increase your accuracy and power. 

We have studied the market to find out what are some of the best face punching bags with human forms. Read on to know everything that can be done with a human dummy punching bags. At the end of this article, we have provided criteria that you may consider before making a purchase decision.

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Best Human Face Punching Bags for Beginners

Let’s learn about the best human face punching bags that you can use for punching practice at home.

Century BOB Training Dummy Bag: 

Century BOB training bag is a next-level training bag designed to give you a very organic punching/ kickboxing practice. The bag’s shape is not the regular punching bag shape instead, it has a human body shape. The bag resembles the human body with a face, neck and chest that mimics an opponent so you can polish your skills to the best.

The bag’s body is a high-quality and high-density foam that stands still while you kick or punch. With the shock-absorbing impact of the foam, you are at very low risk of getting injuries or muscle damage. 

The height and weight of the bag are adjustable according to the practitioner’s requirement. The height has various ranges from 60 to 78 inches and the weight can be adjusted up to 270 pounds by the help of water, sand or grain. 

With BOB, you can rehearse a lot of boxing techniques including targeted punching and kicking. And that too without worrying about any damage as the bag comes with a year-long warranty. All these features with a reasonable price tag make it one of the best custom punching bags with faces in the market.

Ring to Cage MMA Man-shaped Bag:

This insanely designed punching bag is shaped like a full human being with both the upper and lower body halves. The bag’s shape allows the user to have unlimited and unrestricted practising moves, along with targeting punching and kicking. 

The bag’s body is a high-grade polyester which is coated with vinyl for additional durability. The bag has a high-quality exterior but a little drawback is its relatively low resistance, this restricts heavy hitting on the bag. 

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This man-shaped bag can be placed on the ground or one additional feature is its chain, that helps in hanging the bag on a certain height. The hanging option is one of the most liked features of this bag and enables you to have free movements. You can have a 360° leverage to practice your hitting, kicking and punching to a professional level.

The height of the bag is between 5 to 6 feet and the weight limit is 70 to 75 pounds. The bag needs to be filled with any of your choice material and you’re good to polish your boxing skills.

The bag can also be detached from the chain and placed on the ground to mimic a lying competitor this will allow you more moves and boxing actions.

Century BOB XL with Base Unit

You can assume this bag as an upgraded version of the century BOB dummy bag as it has somewhat the same features and shape. The century box XL is an extended bag and unlike the original BOB, it doesn’t end at the stomach but it has a body that runs down to the torso and ends at thighs. 

This means that with the BOB XL dummy bag, you can practice leg and lower body strikes too. The height is taller too which means taller people can have access to the bag easily. 

The base, just like the original one, is made up of polythene with a weight capacity of 270 pounds and the body is filled with a high impact urethane foam that gives you a human-like experience while practicing your movements. With an extended portion of the torso and thighs, the user has an additional area to practice hence a greater chance to get professional training in the most skilful ways. 

Aqua Bruiser Dummy Bag:

If you’re looking for a more intense hitting practice, give this bag a try. With a face and torso shaped body, this bag is a perfect custom punching bag with faces for trainers who are looking for something to help their chests and face targeting. 

Aqua bruiser bag has a height of 6 feet and can be dangled to start the practice. One thing to note here is the filling of the bag, the bag needs to be filled with water or air, that too after the hanging. Water gives a more natural feel to the bag and you will feel like fighting with a live human. 

The bag can be a little hard on your knuckles so you should be careful while punching hard. Another shortcoming of the bag is its free movement, the bag swings as you hit so you will have to anchor it on the ground to avoid this problem.

Century Grappling Simulator Bag:

This bag is more of a standing, human-like bag resembling an attacking opponent with raised arms and parted legs. The design helps you with a wide range of techniques like leg locks, reversals, take downs and targeted hitting. 

One unusual feature of this bag is an extra leg at the back, this 3rd leg allows firm standing of the bag on the ground. The bag is heavy at the lower end so it won’t move or fall while punching or kicking. 

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All these features make it one of the best custom punching bags with faces available in the market, however, the bag has a few drawbacks like there is no height adjustment so only a limited number of people can have access to the bag. Moreover, the bag doesn’t have a face so you won’t be able to practice face strikes.


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