Five Ways Punching Bag will Make You Stronger

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In this article we will discuss the reasons one should do boxing workouts. The real question we will try to answer is: Why you should use punching bags, and do punching bags actually make you stronger?

Heavy bag training for a tight body!!

Let’s find out.

Improves Physical Strength

A punching bag exercise offers a full-body workout and improves the overall strength of your body. Many of the body muscles are worked when you hit a punching bag while promotes muscle growth including muscles of the shoulders, arms, chest, etc. It provides a very good strength training and endurance which allows you to hit harder and absorb punches without being hurt. The more you punch the stronger your muscles will be. Striking against the resistance also strengthens the bones and ligaments and reduces chances of bones related diseases in the body. The heavy-bag punching is an intensive workout which helps you to burn calories easily. It is highly recommended for ladies who want to lose weight after pregnancy. In short, with a punching bag, you will be targeting all your muscles.

  • Arms
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Waist/Abs
  • Legs
  • Knuckles

We often ignore the role of legs during punching. But they are the actual power generator for a solid punch.

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Builds Aerobic Fitness

Hitting a punching bag provides a good aerobic exercise as it requires to change your body position. It favorably affects your cardio-respiratory system and makes your body functions more stable. It increases the heart rate and promotes the circulation of oxygen in your body. It not only helps your body fitness but also boosts your health, stamina, and endurance.

Think about it. You won’t be stretching your muscles all the time. Some people don’t even want to stretch their muscles. But with the punching bag workout, they can easily improve their fitness routine. This is as close as you can get to achieving aerobic-level fitness. That’s how punching bags make you stronger. 

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 Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Sometimes you get stressed out of a hectic routine and here you feel a need of a healthy workout as when you work out your body releases a hormone called endorphin which reduces stress, depression, and anxiety, act as a painkiller and lifts your mood. Studies reveal that hitting a punching bag hard has a very positive impact on your mental health which not only helps you achieve your physical fitness goals but also works as an antidepressant for your inner self, cleanse toxins from your body and promotes the well being along with motivating you. So, whenever you feel low, Just give a try to your punching bag instead of going to the gym and working out hard.

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According to LiveStrong, ‘Because chronic stress leads to inflammation, depression and affects your sleep, it’s important to take steps to relieve your stress. Exercise’s effects on the body help to relieve stress — and hitting a punching bag can have a cathartic effect on your stress levels.’

Thus, punching is an effective way to reduce your stress and make your life less ambiguous and that is how punching bags make you stronger.

Builds Confidence and Self-Esteem

Many people have thoughts like:

  • I’m weak
  • I can’t fight
  • I can’t talk to people 
  • I am shy
  • My calves are still sore from last week’s workout.
  • Etc, etc.

The answer to all this? Get back in shape. When you get back in shape, you technically improve your physique and your confidence. 

There is a direct link between looking good and feeling good. When you know you look good, you feel like you can do anything. Achieve all obstacles. And, you are well prepared for whatever may come at you. 

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My circuit starts tomorrow. Punching Bag Workout

Boxing workouts are sort of the same thing.

By training for long hours on days, you build the endurance within your body that lets you tackle many challenges – even apart from fights. It is just like overcoming a challenge when you hit the punching bag every day and feel like you are prepared. 

The best way to go about it: WORKOUT TILL FAILURE!

Confidence Is a Weapon for Self-Defense

The punching bag workout boosts your confidence and gives you the mental ability of Self defense when you feel the danger. It not only trains your body but also your mind. Confidence is something that makes your personality appealing and smarter and infuses in you the spirit to fight with the potential threats. This punching activity helps a lot when it comes to the matter of confidence as you feel yourself getting muscular. It also promotes self-defense and self-esteem. The feeling or belief that you can defend yourself and attack your rival harder makes you stronger physically as well as mentally.

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Improve productivity and coordination

Striking the punching bag at a single point for a few minutes increase your focus.

This means you will be able to concentrate more and for a higher duration. This will lead to increased coordination in various activities, stability in life and balance of your body. 

If you have ever been to a martial arts class, you will see they have a precise focus. And, if you research a little about the benefits of focus and coordination, you will be surprised by how many ways it helps us.

That’s why it is always important to use the punching bag exercises as a mechanism to enhance your appearance. With regular boxing workouts, you grow tough skin that keeps you from getting injured. You then become stronger and healthier. It also strengthens your back and keeps you more attractive and attentive. It enhances your productivity and efficiency making you stronger and able to work out harder than ever. It improves your speed and builds stamina. These skills are usually required in martial arts and boxing and help you to avoid strikes.

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Builds Faster Reflexes

Punching bags are a great way to improve your muscle reflexes. With a normal punching bag you can easily improve reflexes. But there is an even better way. That is to use the speed punching bag. These are some of the best ways to improve muscle reflexes. 

You must be wondering why improve muscle reflexes when you are already working out? Well, reflexes help you in a lot of ways. Let’s say you accidentally fell. At this time, your hands will automatically spread to help you. Think about a cat. It always lands on its feet. Why? Because its muscle reflexes are strong. Similarly, you can improve your reflexes with either punching bags or speed punching bags.


That’s it about how punching bags can make you stronger. Try to think about all these ways when you workout the next time and you will be motivated even further while doing boxing workout.


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