What is Weight, Height & Size of Heavy Punching Bag?

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While purchasing a punching bag for you, the most significant factor you need to consider is its weight. Typically, you would find heavy bags weighing 60, 40, 100, 80, and 130 lbs. But, what is the appropriate size for a heavy bag that you should choose?

An important technique in this regard is the thumb rule. A thumb rule suggests buying the one which is almost half of your weight. Hence, if your weight is 150 lbs, you should choose a heavy bag of 70-80 lbs, and this would be appropriate for you.

A thumb rule suggests buying the one which is almost half of your weight. Hence, if your weight is 150 lbs, you should choose a heavy bag of 70-80 lbs, and this would be appropriate for you.

What is Punching Bag Weight? 

Your Weight between 160lbs and 190lbs = Punching bag of 100lbs

Your Weight between 140lbs and 160lbs = Punching bag of 80lbs

Your Weight between 100lbs and 140lbs = Punching bag of 60lbs

This is the punching bag weight workout chart. Keep these in mind while buying a punching bag for your workout.

What Should be Punching Bag Distance from Wall?

The minimum distance between a punching bag and a wall should be at least 20 to 24 inches. This is because if you punch more, the wall can lead to obstruction while punching the bag.

Also, make sure that the punching bag is flexible enough to allow free movement of the bag without any blockage and leaving space for the wall.

What should be Spacing Between Heavy Punching Bags

Usually, in gyms, the punching bags are at a distance of 6 to 8 feet apart. So, the spacing between heavy punching bags should be at a 6 feet gap. This way, when one person is punching the bag, the will not become hindrance for the second person. Similarly, speed bags should also have a distance of six feet.

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What Should be Punching Bag Height?

If the punching bag is just for boxing, then the height of the punching bag should be at least three feet. However, if you are buying the punching bag for martial arts, MMA and kick boxing, then the average length should be five and six feet.

Height of punching bag: 50 inches to 60 inches on an average

Why Use Half-Weight Rule for Punching Bags?

A half-weight rule for punching bag is an appropriate amount because it neither provides excessive nor provides low resistance. Hence, you can use good power for throwing punches. In addition, its swinging would well imitate the movement of a real opponent.  This would enable you to practice the offense as well as defense movements.

In case the bag is pretty light, it would swing away far too much. Therefore, it won’t offer enough resistance while punching it. Similarly, if it is pretty heavy, you would get a feel that you are hitting a wall. The swing would be less than desired. Therefore, it won’t allow you to move it around.

To conclude, an appropriate equipment helps you develop your moving skills and punching power. Hence, this is why it is important to choose the right weight for your punching bag.

Points To Note:

  • Heavy punching bags are just too heavy for a good workout. If they are too heavy, they won’t swing at all. And, punching the heavy bags will take a lot of power.
  • If punching bags are too light, they will swing a lot and you won’t be able to punch them hard enough.

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Is a Lightweight Punching Bag good?

In a few instances, getting a heavy bag which is too light than your weight isn’t a bad choice. For instance, while looking to use it for cardio training, it isn’t wrong to use a lighter bag. In such sort of workouts, there is less need of hitting the bag with high power. Instead, you just need to throw punches. Therefore, you don’t require bags that offer great resistance.

In addition, hitting a lighter bag makes it swing more. Hence, you have a better chance to practice your offense and defense tactics. You would learn how to move away and prevent hitting by the returning bag. Also, you can learn stepping here and there for throwing the next punches on the bag. This is a technique used by Mike Tyson.

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FAQs for Punching Bag Weight, Height & Size

1. How Much Should Punching Bag Weight be?

A punching bag should weigh half your own weight. So, if your weight is 150lbs, the punching bag should be around 70lbs

  1. Is punching bag good for workout?

Yes punching bag is a perfect workout routine. It not only helps you improve your cardio and physique. But it will also improve your overall fitness and make you more agile.

You can follow beginner workout routines about boxing on our blog.

  1. Can You Build Muscle By Hitting Punching Bag?

Yes. You can build muscles by hitting a punching bag. When you hit the punching bag, your hand, arm, and shoulder muscles absorb the impact. This is just like lifting weights. Not only will you become tougher, but it will also build your arm and lat muscles.

  1. Can You Punching Without Gloves?

You can punch without gloves but it will bruise your hands. And, these bruises on hands can put you out of routine for at least a week or two. It is always better to get gloves for punching bag workouts. Most people are too excited when they buy a punching bag that they start punching it without gloves. This is damaging to the hand muscles. Read more about the type of punching bag injuries that you can get by not wearing boxing gloves.

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In conclusion, the most appropriate weight for a punching bag is half of your body weight. This is best for any sort of workout.



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