Learn Aikido at Home – Training & Street Techniques

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Aikido is one of the best ways to defend one self. In fact, this is one martial art that was introduced to tackle the Samurai problem. Samurais are armed to the teeth and there is no way to hit them. That’s where the Aikido technique was introduced because it makes people fall.

What is Aikido?

Aikido is also known as an art of coordination, control, and focus. In this Japanese art, you use your whole body to make someone fall. Mostly Aikido is a passive art form so you have a defensive stance. You use the art when someone is trying to attack you. With the Aikido art form you can protect yourself and your loved ones from potential harm. It offers mental and physical stability and offers complete harmony. 

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Learn Aikidio At Home

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Tai Chi vs Aikido

Tai Chi and Aikido are somewhat similar. However, Tai Chi is a Chinese balance art form and not a martial art. On the other hand, Aikido is all about defense and using others’ energy against them.

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How does Aikido work?

Consider water, It throws everything back. Just like that, you use your body as a spring or water that throws back what it gets. When an opponent tries to attack you, you turn your body in a way so that the energy is shifted towards the opponent. 

In Aikido, pressure on some nerves is involved. For example, the striker uses those vulnerable pressure points to subdue the attacker. This way, the practitioners can overcome the attacker by using just the right amount of force. 

Using Your Body as a Spring

This art fundamentally works on circular motor movements that get blended with the energy of the attacker. The aim of Aikido is under its meaning, and it is not about gaining victory over another. It is to maintain the peace within oneself with the least possible harm to the attacker, which means, that the idea is to get away from the unnecessary fight without being very aggressive towards the aggressor. 

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Few Guidelines for Aikido Training at Home

Since it originated in Japan, it is best to go there if you want to practice it. While a qualified instructor should teach Aikido in a controlled environment, you can develop some skills at home by using the right resources. This article is about all those critical guidelines that you need to follow before learning Aikido at home. Some of the exercises that we will discuss will revolve around creating flexibility and balance in the body, and how one can have mental peace. 

Since we will be talking about flexibility, therefore, you need to know that while you will be practising, it will require some moves, that may hurt you or may cause pain. This pain, however, will vanish in no time. 

Can You Learn at Aikido Home

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Yes many people are now training in Aikido and other martial arts at home because the tutorials are available online. Although practice is always required when you start learning Aikido.

When starting to learn Aikido, here is what you will have to do.

Start with Tai Chi 

The best way to get started with Aikido is to learn Tai Chi. Both the art forms are pretty similar. In fact, both teach the same lessons – balance. 

Start with a few lessons of Tai Chi. Taking a few beginner’s classes in tai chi before attempting to learn Aikido at home can teach you to balance, focus and strength in a format that is much less demanding than Aikido. It will help you get started and will keep you motivated. 

Personal Trainer for Aikido lessons at Home

Next, what you can do is, hire the personal trainer. It can be hard to go to Japan to get the training, but it is relatively easy to find the trainer. You can always find related groups of Aikido online, where you can talk to real trainers. You can also talk to other practitioners over such online groups so that you don’t feel alone. 

Find Suitable Place for Aikido

Determine whether you have enough room to learn Aikido at home. Pick a clutter-free area that will allow you to execute holds, kicks and punches without damaging valuables, including yourself.

Maintain a Diary and Keep Notes

Media contains a lot of information about Aikido. Try to keep a diary. Note all the basic movements, so that you can try those moves even when you don’t have any media to follow. Then, you can also purchase instructional DVDs that demonstrate Aikido techniques. Select the more comprehensive instructional series, such as David Dye’s “Aikido: Self Defense for the Modern Warrior,” which is available at Amazon.com (see Resources below).

Buy Reliable Books on Aikido

Having a book by the side never harms anyone. It is necessary to have a book on Aikido so that you don’t miss out anything. Read instructional books. Focus on volumes that stress both the spiritual lessons behind Aikido and the actual techniques. Investigate books by Kisshomaru Ueshiba, one of the pioneering forces behind aikido instruction, such as “Best Aikido: The Fundamentals,” which is available at Amazon.com (see Resources below).

Get a Learning Partner

A little help is all that you need sometimes. Ask a friend to be a sparring partner when you learn Aikido at home. Aikido is about knocking your opponent off balance through a series of holds and throws, and you will need a willing sparring partner to help you develop your muscles.

Learn from Tutorials

You can also start Aikido practice by learning from tutorials available online. You may not get every detail but this is a good starting point. After a few months when you know the basics, you can hire a trainer to improve your routine. 

Most of the time people get too excited when they take an initiative but the excitement vanishes after a few days, don’t let that happen. Instead, build Aikido practice as a routine habit.

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Practice Aikido at home at least three to four times per week. Without an instructor supervising you, it is evident to become lazy during your training. To develop your Aikido skills on your own, you must develop a proper work ethic and practice regularly.


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