Iron Fist Training Equipment for Bone Conditioning

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You all have seen the iron fist kung fu and its benefits. This post is all about the iron fist training equipment that you can use at home. This will help you become stronger at least at home even if you are not able to learn kung fu from an expert.

So, here is the complete list of iron fist training equipment you will need.

Why Use Iron Fist Training Equipment?

Iron fist training equipment is perfect for all those who don’t have time to take admission in a kungfu center. They can train at home with the iron fist training equipment by watching videos on YouTube and other places.

The iron bone training equipment for bone conditioning will help them:

  • Get strong bones
  • Become habitual to soft beating
  • Increase bone mass and strengthen the mind
  • Become more active
  • Get confidence to fight someone
  • Not be afraid when someone fights you

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Who is Iron Fist Training Equipment For?

Iron fist training equipment is for all bodybuilders, fitness experts, athlete’s fitness enthusiasts, and those who want to make their bones less so that they can take a beating or more.

Note: Iron bone kung Fu is in no way going to help you become a superman. And, we should not be held responsible if you do anything wrong after getting iron bone fitness equipment. Our purpose here is only to teach and help others like us to become fit and strong.

Iron Fist Technique Complete for Beginners
Iron Fist Technique Complete for Beginners

Best Iron Fist Training Equipment for bone conditioning

I have listed all the iron fist training equipment below. You can easily get this equipment from your nearest hardware store. Or, you can order it online. The links available can take you directly to Amazon US website.

Again, I would like to add, that the iron fist training equipment isn’t sports related. I have chosen only those accessories that can help you beat yourself lightly without damaging the bone. If you are not sure how to get started with Iron bone training equipment, or if you want to learn how to do iron bone body conditioning training at home, then here is a video you can watch.

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  1. Welding Rods (packet)

First in our list is the welding rod. Make sure to use welding rod in bunch. You will need to use flexible welding sticks so that they can bend when you hit your body with the welding rods. That’s it. No need to hit yourself hard with the welding rods. Just make sure that all the welding rods are stretchable and don’t hurt you. If they are hurting, then that means they aren’t flexible enough.

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  1. Barbeque sticks

Next we have the barbeque sticks. These are available in our homes so you can easily use them. If they aren’t available, get them from the market. The barbeque sticks need to be thin. If they are too stiff or of high density they will not be suitable for hitting your body with.

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  1. Bicycle Wheel Spokes

You can also use bicycle wheel spokes for iron bone body conditioning. The wheel spokes are stretchable and easily bend. Use a packet of them by rolling a tape on them. This will make them softer just like a human skin. Now hit your body with them. They may hurt in the beginning so make sure you hit soft.

Only hit your hand bone, abs, chest, and shinbone.

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  1. PVC hose pipe of half inch

PVC pipes are another great way to increase your bone density. The PVC pipes are available in everyone’s house. You can use a half inch pipe because it is thick. However, if that isn’t your cup of tea then go for a 1inch PVC pipe. It is much softer and perfect for beginners who would like to condition their body with iron bone kung fu training.

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  1. Bamboo sticks of 1 inch
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Get bamboo sticks from any store. Bamboo sticks are hollow and used by kung fu trainers to condition their hands and feet. They are used in dojos around the world for practicing hits and kicks. You can use a plain bamboo stick or cut one side perpendicularly in six to eight pieces. This will make it like a duster. Now tape one corner of the bamboo stick and hit your body with the site that you just cut. It will spread the impact throughout the area where the strike was made.

Bamboo sticks are high impact conditioning equipment. You can use it without fear.

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  1. Wooden rods (packet)

Finally, we have the wooden rods for iron bone kung fu body conditioning. The wooden rods work just like bamboo and spread the impact around the struck area. They reduce the impact and make the bone strong. Wooden rods are also used by most kung fu trainers to condition the body.

When you use wooden rods, just make sure they don’t have any sharp edges. You can also wrap them in soft tape to reduce their lethality and increase their impact.

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Iron Bone Kung fu Warm Up

Before you start hitting yourself, make sure that you are properly warmed up. If you are not warmed up, the results can be injuring to your body. They can also damage the muscle or bone. So, make sure that you are properly warmed up for each exercise.

Do a 500 meter run. Do 30 pushups, 30 sit ups, and stretch your whole body. The routine stretching exercises available online will be a good idea. Or you can do the stretching exercises you performed in martial arts academy.

How to do iron fist training?

Start with beginner level exercises for iron fist training.

By doing the Iron Fist exercise, you will improve your fighting abilities, transform your body into a finely-tuned instrument, and feel the immense strength that comes from having complete control over your body.

It helps increase speed, power, coordination, and stability by using a mix of kicking and punching techniques.

How long does iron fist training take?

It takes persistence, patience and practice to master iron fist training. On an average, it can take at least 10 years for you to become good at iron fist training exercises.

In one to three years’ time, you should have the ability to shatter bricks, which is a modest achievement in this technique, but it is sufficient to impact a person with a single stroke. In ten years, the practitioner of this discipline will attain significant success in the field.

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What are the Benefits of iron fist training?

Training the iron palm involves more than than basic technique. The training activities build and condition the body on a level that goes beyond just increasing the size of the muscles that are there.

  • You will see improvements in the strength of your tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue.
  • Your bones, especially those in your hands and forearms, will grow more robust and thick as you continue to engage in this activity.
  • You will get resilient and will become a lot stronger due to the healthy bone structure.
  • You will get more pain tolerance and toughened skin.

Is iron fist training bad for you?

There is no evidence what so ever on internet or anywhere else that says that iron fist training can cause injuries.

Monks around the world engage in iron fist training to harden their bone structure and to become resilient to hits and impacts.

Martial artists in MMA, Muai thai, Kung Fu even have strict routines where they are to use bamboo sticks to roll over their hands, feet, and arms to denser the muscles. These exercises are painful in the start but once the person gets a hang of them, they are just regular exercises.

But doing these exercises have shown us that by exerting force on bones, they can become thick, denser, and resilient to pain. That is the purpose behind iron first training.

So, the answer is NO. Iron fist training is not bad for you at all.

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