Is Punching Bag Good For Losing Weight?

punching bag women weight loss
punching bag women weight loss
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A punching bag is not just a piece of cloth filled with sand that you use when you see red and want to get everything out of your angry head. Along with being used for anger and stress management, it can also be used effectively to lose weight.

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Yes, you heard it right.

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Here is how it helps you burn some fat and make you physically fit.

  • Boosts Metabolism

Proper workout sessions on punching bags increase metabolism, therefore causing all those extra calories to burn off. But playing around with the bag will not do any good. You need to be properly trained for that. So consulting a trainer has to be the very first thing on your to-do list. Aerobic boxing training classes are an interesting combination of power punches, sparring, and defense techniques. These workouts aim to increase cardiovascular health and fitness. An intense 1-hour session of boxing burns about 400-600 calories. During this, your heart rate is maintained at 65% of maximum which is an optimal rate to burn fat.



  • Strengthens Muscles

 Almost the whole body is engaged in this workout, therefore, activating your body muscles. The activation of muscles(which includes arm, shoulder, chest, back, waist, calf, and leg muscles) increases the nutrients supply to the muscles causing them to grow in both size and strength. During the exercise, you are on your toes almost all of the time, this is a kind of agility training which helps in maintaining hand-eye coordination. In hooks and uppercuts, your arms and back are used the most. Straight punches strengthen your chest and shoulders

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  • The Bigger, The Better

Bigger bags provide more resistance forcing you to put in some extra joules of energy. The bigger the bag, the more weight you take off. Other bags such as speed-ball, maize-ball, and free-standing ball build speed, rhythm, and timing but do not make you work hard enough to burn calories. Heavy-bags usually weigh between 50 to 150 pounds. For women who do not seem to shed all those extra pounds after pregnancy,heavy-bag workouts are highly recommended along with a good post-pregnancy diet.

  • Follow a Diet Plan
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 All those intense workouts will go wasted if you keep eating like a horse. You have to stick to a healthy diet that is rich in fiber, carbohydrates, and lean protein. Some fresh fruits and low-fat dairy never hurt. It is preferable to have a light meal(200-300 calories) 45-60 minutes before your session. Avoid anything that contains saturated fats, i.e poultry with skin, lamb, and milk products such as butter, cream, and cheese. Fast and junk food has to be the first thing to say no to.

Pro tip:

Do not forget to hydrate yourself over and over again. Boxing is a super intense activity that drains out a lot of fluids and minerals from your body.     

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  • Disclaimer: A Slow Process

If you just got the sudden urge to watch your weight straight away and make your body perfectly fit after reading this, let me burst your bubble here. Weight loss through punching is a slow process that requires discipline, passion, and consistency. Intense exercises from the start may cause injuries as your body can not bear so much stress all of a sudden. Show some patience, take it slow initially, and then increase the intensity.

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With regular and correct workout and intake of proper diet, you can see a shift in weight. Remember that weight loss in any form is an arduous and time-consuming journey. However, it is your will-power and determination that makes even the hardest of things easy and bearable.

We hope you now have your answer of how effective punching bags can be in losing weight. if you are still unsure about what workouts to try for punching bag weight loss, then this infographic can be of great help to you.

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When to Start Punching for Weight Loss?

You can’t imagine what a 3-minute round can do for your weight loss routine. If you are dieting and running and still not getting the desired results, perhaps adding punching bag routine would be a good idea. Consider it this way:

  1. Dieting helps you control your calories
  2. Running regularly helps you control lower body and controls weight
  3. Punching routine helps shed excessive weight that was turning your body into a couch potato

With that said, punching bag can be a highly effective weapon against excessive weight, so use it wisely. Start with the workout routine we posted above.

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