Your punching bag should be three things- strong, stable, and durable to give you the right energy for carrying out a fitness session. If your punching bag feels light, there are several ways to add weight or fill it depending on your needs and training requirements.

Here is How to Add Weight to Punching Bag

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Applying the right way to add weight to a punching bag can be challenging and confusing at the same time. If you’re looking for some ideas, here are a few steps to help you make your punching bag more effective and heavier than before.  

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Add a weight on top of the punching bag and tape it


There’s always room to add more weight on the top of your punching bag and use duct tape to cover it. The stuffing material such as clothing, foam, scraps, sand, or anything based on your choice can strengthen the core of the punching bag. On the other hand, adding weight and taping it with duct tape is a good option to secure yourselves and the punching bag during your fitness session. 


Fill Punching Bag with Sand to the brim


Sand or sawdust is the most common form of filling for a punching bag. It makes the bag appear heavier and weightier compared to other types of fillings. If you’re clueless about where to buy sand or how to add weight to a punching bag, you can measure the weight of your punching bag and yours too to find out the right sand weight for its application. Many online stores sell at least 50 pounds of sand for an average-sized punching bag (50-150 lbs.). If you want more, buy double sacks of sand and fill your punching bag to the brim for a heavier impact.


Add a cylinder in the middle and fill it with light gravel 


Sometimes filling a punching bag isn’t enough. You may need to add more density and weight to it. For a better weight, add a cylinder or a PVC tube at the center of your bag. Next, you can add more sand or stones or even clothing inside to weigh down the punching bag. Depending on your needs, you can add any fillable you want. However, if you require force, using sand or sawdust with fabrics as a filling for your punching bag is your safest bet. 


Hang a sandbag to the bottom of the punching bag


A sandbag base is another valuable option to add weight to punching bags. You can always strengthen the base of your punching bag by hanging a sandbag at its end. For standard or freestanding bags, you can use sand as a base to fill the bottom. On the contrary, for hanging bags, hanging a sandbag at the base with the right drills and tools is useful to weigh down a punching bag. 


Buy a bigger size punching bag 


Before you go through any of these ideas and steps, choose a bigger punching bag size so you can add more weight to it. For instance, if you weigh around 45-60 kg, go for a punching bag weighing around 150-200 lbs. so you can have a heavier punching bag. If you still feel it has lightweight, you can choose your desired fillings and stuff your punching bag for a weightier look. 

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Final Thoughts

You can follow these exciting steps that tell you about how to add weight to a punching bag. Ensure to decide your punching bag and stuffing material before making a purchase. This will help you add weight more effectively to your punching bag if required. 


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