Best Resistance Bands for Home Gym Fitness for Beginners

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Resistance bands are one of the best whole body workout equipment. 

These are often used for stretching and fitness exercises but they can also be used by bands when they want to get out of an injury. Resistance bands are now mostly used by people who are interested in low-body workouts.

Most people don’t consider resistance bands as fitness equipment but they nonetheless are a great way to workout. They are made of elastic rubber and come in multiple different colours, sizes, lengths, and strengths. 

You can add them to your training to fire up your muscles.

Resistance Bands for Home Gym as Alternatives

Yes, resistance bands are an alternative to dumbbells, kettlebells, and other various free weight based exercises. One reason for this is because resistance bands are a great workout tool, and help people build a little home gyms with little problem. 

Resistance bands are available in multiple sizes and have different force categories. These mini resistance bands take up practically no space and weigh next to nothing. One can hang these resistance bands anywhere in the home gym. These resistance bands take minimum space and are easy to carry.

You can use them to work every single part of your body without lifting any actual weights. 

List of Best Resistance Bands for Home Gym

  1.       Fit Simply resistance loop Exercise bands

Fit simply resistance bands are the highly-rated resistance bands on amazon that are not only versatile but result-producing as well. Unlike the ordinary rubber bands, these bands are made up of superior quality & eco-friendly stretchable latex which ensures the same level of resistance even after hundreds of reps. These bands are comfortable for the skin and do not contain artificial constituents like Thermoplastic Elastomer(TPE) which is harmful to the skin. These bands are light-weight sweat-resistant and available in the set of 5 to get the resistance according to your fitness needs. The package includes a guide, Carry bag, E-Book, and online exercise videos to help you reach your fitness goal. The product is considerably incredible exclusively introduced to provide comfortable resistance training and definitely offers great utility in this price.

  1.       Fitness Insanity Resistance band set

The package includes five colored rubber bands offering maximum resistance of approximately 150 lbs if stacked in combination with other bands, Waterproof carrying case, door anchor, ankle straps and an Ebook.  They are made up of natural latex with eco-friendly and anti-snap technology. They are synthesized and designed to provide maximum resistance to the user. The package provides you the whole portable home gym that you can carry anywhere. Each band is 1.2m long and marked with its weight that is quite helpful to recognize which brand to choose. As the package includes five bands of different resistances and multi clips so that you can adjust the resistance according to your needs.

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  1.       INTEY Pull up Assist Band

INTEY Pull up Assist Bands are considered as the best set of resistance bands for pull-ups. They are made up of good quality natural latex which is elastic, portable and economical and available in approx. half the size of ordinary resistance bands. The red band offers low resistance, black offers medium, purple one offers medium to severe and green band offers heavier resistance for intense resistance training. They can be used separately or with the combination to enjoy maximum resistance.

  1.       SPRI Braided Xertube Resistance Band

These are the braided rope-like suspension bands that are portable and suitable for use anywhere whether indoors or outdoors. They are best to be used in training classes and strength-conditioning classes, for pilates and rehabilitation. They are durable and sturdy having a strong sleeve protective handle which is incredible for all types of resistance exercises. It is made up of superior quality material to offer greater resistance.

  1.     RIMSports Hip Workout Band for Women & Men

These resistance bands are specifically designed for hips. They can be used for any type of workout whether it is cross-training, yoga or CrossFit. They are suitable for both men and women and provide high-level resistance to your legs and buttocks. It is designed with an anti-slip technology that helps you to perform squats and deadlifts perfectly. They have greater elasticity which makes them stretch and snap resistant.

  1.     Live up SPORTS Resistance Bands Resistance Tubes with Foam Handles

The set has 4 colored resistant bands. The green band is for light resistance, Red is for medium, Blue offers heavy resistance and black is for extra heavy resistance. These resistances bands tone your muscles and offer extraordinary strength training. The package includes a bag as well. The bands are portable and can be used anywhere. It does not make of a rubber material and maintains elasticity even after several reps. These bands can be used for recovery after being injured. They are a suitable fit for usage during Yoga and pilates etc.



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