Review: Outdoorsmans Atlas Trainer Frame System

Outdoorsmans Atlas Trainer Frame System review

Read the complete review of Outdoorsmans Atlas Trainer Frame System.

Since becoming a backpack hunter, I have been looking for gym-free ways to train. When I have miles of trails and access to the mountains nearby, I am not interested in joining a gym. I need to carry at least 40-50 pounds on my back and tolerate moderate to severe elevation. I do not want to be lugging about all of my camping stuff all of the time, and sandbags may be a pain to sew into your pack. I already have an Outdoorsmans Long Range Optics bag and frame, so adding the Atlas Trainer for off-season training was unnecessary.

You may either add the trainer to your existing Outdoorsman pack frame or get the entire assembly pack frame, shoulder straps, hip belt, and Atlas Trainer Frame System Review as a package. If you add the adapter to an existing pack, you will need to perform some work. To remove your pack from the frame, first, release all of the adjustable toggles and push them through the slots of the frame. The back, front and back plates, bar, and retaining nut are installed. The front and back plates give the flexible plastic pack frame more stiffness and provide a firm mounting surface for the bar. I have provided a link to Outdoorsman’s installation video in the Resources section. You are ready to ruck now that you’ve tightened everything down.

Specifications of Outdoorsmans Atlas Trainer Frame System

The Outdoorsman standard pack frame is the Atlas Trainer Frame System, priced at 299.99. The Atlas Trainer is readily removed from the frame. It fits Outdoorsmans’ packs. If you already own an Outdoorsmans’ pack, the Atlas Trainer is only $99.99. It installs and uninstalls rapidly. Order here.

The frame can hold 200 lbs. The Atlas Trainer can only hold 90 pounds, or two 45-lb Olympic plates. The lightweight carbon-fiber-reinforced polypropylene frame flexes with your body when climbing or slipping through undergrowth. Its curvature matches your back’s. This maintains weight close to the body and feels like an internal frame. The Atlas Trainer’s center stud fits an Olympic-style weight. It has a sturdy clamp that’s easy to install and remove.

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Usability of Atlas Trainer Frame System

Your frame pack becomes a year-round fitness tool with the Outdoorsmans Atlas Trainer. This year, I utilized it during the Hike to Hunt Challenge hosted by Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. I hiked roughly 50 miles in the suburbs with a weighted pack using the Atlas Trainer. I was that man with a rucksack, strolling around the suburbs. In Denver, it is quite prevalent.


You can leave the bracket on the pack all year because you can remove the bar by releasing the retention nut and slipping it out. This cuts down on time it takes to switch between an exercise and a hunt in the mountains. Because the bracket is made of billet aluminum, it adds very little weight to your pack. It is simple to take it off again if you’re losing ounces.

Drawbacks about Outdoorsmans Atlas Trainer 

Keep the screws on the plates tight because the frame may creak and moan a little under the tension of the weight. It is not a big deal, but it can grow annoying after a while. Because nothing is holding the weight in place once it is installed on the bar and clamped down, it may still want to spin. If you press the clamp on closer to the weight, this should not be an issue.

Keep in mind the toggles and extensions for your pack when installing the pack while the bracket is still in place. Two extensions are attached to your pack’s center straps and must pass through the huge aluminum-plastic aluminum sandwich generated by the bracket. To help the toggles through from the back, I use a flathead screwdriver that my father used to call a “Giant Killer.” Then, using a rocking motion to get the toggles through the metal sandwich, I will gently pull them through. It is inconvenient, but you would not have to remove the mounting plate when you go hunting or backpacking. For a brief while, I will call that a plus point.

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Final Thought about Outdoorsmans Atlas Trainer 

I will not hesitate to add this to the Outdoorsmans pack accessories if you have already invested in it. It allows you to extend your training for the woods without destroying your stitching of the bag or, worse, your body. The bar guarantees that your load is balanced and centered, allowing you to focus on packing rather than centering and cinching a sandbag.

If you buy the pack frame and straps and the Atlas trainer, the price is a little more difficult to swallow. It’s based on the assumption that you already have an incompatible pack and that you’ll need to add weights, so the price quickly escalates. It is, nevertheless, one of the better systems available, and Outdoorsmen from Arizona back it.

When the time comes, I would not be thrown off balance by carrying a pack, and you can emulate an elk quarter by adding weight. The Atlas Trainer Frame System Review is constructed from high-quality materials and is designed to last. 

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