Push Punch vs Snapping Punch: What’s the Difference

push punch vs snapping punch
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Snapping your punches creates additional force and helps you maintain a firm defensive stance. People who carry large objects must push with their fists in order to produce strength, which is known as “pushing punches.” But in reality, it won’t give you the upper hand in a fight. As a former professional boxer, I can tell you that it’s not wise to insist on using just your fists. It’s a horrible practice that will slow you down.

Let’s see the difference between Push Punch vs Snapping Punch in detail below.

What is a Push Punch?

A push punch is a type of punch that is delivered by pushing your fist forward instead of snapping it. This type of punch is considered less powerful than a snapping punch, but it can be more effective if you are trying to avoid injuring your opponent’s hand.

If you want to do the most damage possible, you should throw a “pushing punch,” which means you’ll punch through the target’s surface. It’s dubbed a “pushing punch” not because of how you use it but rather because of how far you push beyond your intended target.

What exactly is a “snapping punch”?

A snapping punch is a type of punch that uses centrifugal force to snap the fist forward. This type of punch is often used in boxing and Muay Thai.

The snapping punch aims to minimize the amount of time the punch spends in touch with the target; thus, it is launched rapidly and returns virtually immediately after impact. This kind of blow is known as a “snapping punch” because the puncher’s arm jerks back after impact.

Disadvantages of Push Punch

The pushing punch is an over-commitment in most boxing scenarios; a fighter should not throw all of his energy into one punch, just as you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket, as they say. It also makes you more vulnerable to counter-punching since the hand does not return as fast, particularly if you miss.

Benefits of Push Punch

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When you follow through and commit to the punch, you get greater force and are more likely to land a knockout strike.

Disadvantages if Snapping Punch 

A snapping punch is weaker than a pushing punch (although, if thrown correctly can still have devastating power).

Benefits of Snapping Punch

These punches are substantially faster, which has several advantages. Hitting quicker provides for faster recovery time, which leads to stronger defense. Punching quicker also allows you to strike your target more readily.

How to Make a Push Punch? 

To throw one of these punches, you just connect with the target and continue your swing as if you were aiming for a different target.

How to Make a Snapping Punch?

When you get the hang of it, these punches are tougher than they seem. Explode swiftly in the direction of the target, and then, once the first burst has sent your fist out, let it fly out at full speed so that it may land with maximum power. If you want to hear the satisfying “smack” of a successful punch, your fist has to connect with the target. After making contact, swiftly pull your arm back. If you stop your striking motion too early, you waste energy on regaining your fist’s original position. Properly performed causes the bag to tremble in place rather than sway. When you throw a punch, it should sound more like a slap than the dull thud of a pushing punch.

Methods for perfecting your Push and Snapping Punches

The first step is getting the power cut off since you can’t overload your punches. Maintaining your arms and torso free and relaxed while you practice the snapping punch is important. Never go for speed or force in a punch. Get your bearings by taking it easy and punching gently at first. You’re learning the proper form for a punch. Muscles for resting and recovering are just as important. Most boxers will focus on exercises that strengthen their punching muscles (push-ups, dips), but neglect those that strengthen their recovery muscles (back, deltoids), which means that those who train their recovery muscles can recover from their punches more quickly and thus punch more quickly overall.

Push Punch vs Snapping Punch (Complete video)

Here is a video explanation of the difference between a push punch and a snapping punch. See the explanation available in detail below.

Which One is Better? Push Punch vs Snapping Punch?

There is no definitive answer when it comes to which punch is better – push or snapping. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. A push punch is more powerful and can deliver more impact, but a snap punch is faster and more accurate. Ultimately, it comes down to the individual fighter’s preference and style.


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