How do You Get Rust Off Gym Equipment?

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If you have workout equipment at your home then its quality matters a lot. Most of the equipment is made of steel and it will surely get rusty. If you buy expensive and good quality equipment they will be coated. This coating will prevent it from getting rusty. The coated equipment can also get rusty due to many reasons.

  • The equipment might have been stored improperly.
  • Most of the builders love dropping the weight which affects the coating.
  • Some of the builders use chalk to get friction and they forget to wipe it away. This chalk builds upon the weights and draws moisture which causes the weight to get rusty.
  • Some people sweat a lot so in this case, you need to clean the sweat from weights otherwise, your weights get rusty.
  • Another major reason is that people do not oil their equipment frequently which helps create a coating against rust.

Here are the best ways to clean rust off gym equipment fast and easy.

How to clean rust off weight plates?

If you own iron equipment then you must have some weight plates. It is very important to maintain its quality, otherwise, your plates will rust quickly. By following the below steps you can easily clean rust off weight plates.

  • First of all, clean away the rust using a brush. If you have a dremel tool then it is better to use that cause it will save your time by removing the rust quickly.
  • Soak your rusty plates in a solution of 50% water and 50% vinegar for 1-2 days.
  • Brush your plates again to remove the remaining rust.
  •  Repaint your plates or spray Rust-Oleum to prevent rusting for a long period. (optional)

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How to remove rust from bare steel barbells?

Bare steel barbells give you a great feeling when you workout within them, but no care will result in rust. If you want to clean rust off the barbell of this type then you should follow the steps below.

  • Remove the dirt from the steel barbell using a soft brush
  • Put a layer of WD-40 on the barbell as it works efficiently to break the rust.
  • Leave the barbell for 15-20 minutes so the protectant can sit. 
  • Brush it with a wire brush to remove the rust.
  • Put a layer of oil as a coating. (optional)


How to remove rust from stainless steel barbells?

As these barbells are made of 10% chromium so they are likely to resist rust, but still at some stage, these barbells can get rusty. To clean rust off the barbell you can follow the steps mentioned.

  • Pour solution on the barbell. The solution should have 50% of water and 50% of vinegar.
  • After 1-2 days take the barbell out and scrub off the rust using a toothbrush.
  • Use WD 40 if you don’t have another way to clean the stainless barbell off rust. Since rust can get inside the wholes and gaps of the weight plates and barbells, spraying WD40 kerosene solution and then letting it sit for a few minutes will do the trick.
  • Now you can either clean it with vinegar water or simply scrub the rust off. Do it twice or thrice to give it a thorough cleaning.
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How to remove rust from chrome barbells?

These barbells have a chrome coating to make them rust-resistant but if their coating is worn away then it will get rusty. The following steps will guide you to clean rust off the barbell.

  • Put tape on the non-rusty areas.
  • Brush your barbell gently with a nylon brush so the coating does not get removed.
  • If brushing does not remove the rust then apply a solution of 50% vinegar and 50% water to the rusty area.
  • Get your barbell re-coated to prevent rusting in the future. (optional)
  • If none of that is available for chrome barbells, simply use petrol and use it to clean your barbells.
  • You can also use coke or any other soft drink or soda to clean the chrome barbells. Soda doesn’t interact with chrome paint so it can easily clean all the impurities and rust over the dumbbells and provide a completely new shine.

Make sure that you wipe the chromium barbells with a soft woolen cloth once you are done with its cleaning.

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How to remove rust from dumbbells?

There are several different types of dumbbells such as rubber-coated dumbbells, chrome-plated dumbbells, etc. you clean rust off dumbbells easily if you follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Brush the dumbbells with a soft brush.
  • Apply 50% vinegar and 50% water solution to the affected areas.
  • Brush the remaining rust to clean rust off the dumbbell.
  • You can also use WD40 to remove rust and dirt from your dumbbells. The solution is made of kerosene so it can easily remove all the impurities from the dumbbells. It can also be used for weight plates, rod holders and grips.

Just like weightlifting is good for your body, a bit of care is good for your weightlifting equipment. So a bit maintenance will help you last your equipment longer.

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We hope that you are now aware of how you can easily clean your dumbbells at home without much effort.



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