Best Speed Bag Alternatives & Substitutes for Boxers

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Speed bag workout has become very popular since quite some time now. It is used for increasing your punching speed, reflex action and hand eye coordination. However, some people are not comfortable using speed bags due to different reasons. Here, we have mentioned a few of the best speed bag alternatives to allow you to train well.

Maxx MMA’s double end bag is a perfect substitute to a speed bag and much easier to use. It comes with a kit which includes a pair of gloves, a door frame fixer and a pump to re-inflate the bag periodically. Customers have said that this double end bag has helped improve their punching action and speed. It has a heavy duty spring which is very durable and can withstand powerful punches and intense workout sessions.It helps develop striking power and accuracy just like a speed ball.   


This interactive double end bag will help you enhance your punching techniques and work on your reflex action. It is connected to an app on your phone from where you can keep a track of your performance. It will also provide you with numerous adaptive workouts. The accuracy, speed, power when striking the ball will all be recorded and help you improve your techniques. Although, it is a perfect substitute to a speed ball and provides you with more benefits, it is a little expensive.


This reflex ball performs all functions that are performed by a speed ball. It is very light and portable. The ball is attached to a string which is extended from a band worn around the head. It can also be attached to your baseball cap. Just like the speed ball, Kekkle’s fight ball helps improve accuracy, hand eye coordination and stamina. Practicing speed punching with this ball does not become tedious, in fact it feels like a game. Customers have reviewed this product positively. It can be bought on Amazon at a very affordable price.

Made of high quality genuine leather, this double end bag comes with O-rings on top and bottom and a nylon wrapped double end cable. It can be placed anywhere as it is portable and does not need much space. This bag again like the speed ball is suitable for speed punching. The ball is durable and can help you improve your reflex action. Customers have loved it and have given positive reviews. It can be bought for $50 on Amazon.

Why You Need Speed Bag Alternatives?

Sometimes people get tired of using speed bags. Yes, it is true that speed bags are a great way to improve your workouts and reflexes, most important of all. But that is not always the case.

People may look for alternatives because of various reasons, including:

  • Speed bags require wooden platform for hanging, which cost a lot.
  • Hanging speed punching bags are almost the same price as regular punching bags
  • Not everyone likes to use a speed bag for improving their reflexes
  • Speed bags are hard to maintain because they have a tendency to get punctured
  • Not everyone can keep up with the rhythm of speed punching bags
  • Speed punching bags don’t actually target specific knuckle muscles because they are lightweight. But they are great for cardiovascular exercises

Process: Selecting Speed Bag Punching Alternatives

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Here is our process for selecting punching bag alternatives. We have selected only those things that can improve user reflexes and mimic the style of speed punching bags.


First we searched for all the substitutes of speed punching bags that could find. There are many ways to improve your reflexes. You can use a dummy punching bag, or a reflex ball, or even a wooden dummy to improve your hand reflexes and for speed bag drills. We shortlisted them all.


We then checked if they had any similarities in features, especially those that people wanted. People are looking for cost-effectiveness, usability, and quality.


Finally, we wanted to know if these speed bag substitutes had quality ratings. The best way to find that was by searching the reviews of various users. Amazon is a great place that offers reviews of all the speed bag alternatives to the users.

Benefits: What does the speed bag do for you?

Speed bags are known to improve hand eye coordination of users. People who have used speed punching bags have said that they don’t just provide one benefit but a bundle of them.

The Title Boxing, a punching bag manufacturer, has summed it perfectly:

“It [Speed punching bag] encourages a fighter to keep their hands up. By keeping his or her hands up high on a daily basis while training, it then becomes unnatural feeling for them to drop their hands during sparring or in competition.”

It further goes on to say that when fighters practice with speed punching bags on a daily basis, they become accustomed to watching moving objects. They can then take necessary actions to either block the coming object or dodge it by moving out of their way.

In short, a speed bag or its alternative is not an object to use to pass your time in a gym, it is an effective weapon in the arsenal of any professional fighter. It provides him the killer tactic of controlling time and staying one step ahead of the opponent.

Speed Bag Punching Drills for Beginners

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