Five Foods to Increase Height Hormone Growth

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So you want to grow taller? There are many ways to grow taller but the best one involves eating foods that are bound to help you grow taller.

We have made a list of some of the best grow taller foods, by eating them your pituitary glands will release hormones to increase your height.

Summary of Foods to Increase Height Hormone Growth

Article too long? Can’t read? Here are some of the best foods that can help you grow or add a few more inches to your height.

What Foods Help You Grow Taller?
Foods Features Growth Ratio Price
Pineapples Melatonin 2 to 4 inches Check Price
Beef Amino acids 2 to 4 inches Check Price
Coconut Oil  Healthy fats 2 to 4 inches Check Price
White Beans  Iron 2 to 4 inches Check Price
Oranges  Vitamin C 2 to 4 inches Check Price

Should You Eat Foods to Grow Taller?

Many people are clueless. They think that there are no ‘grow taller foods’ and that people have made it up. They think that people grow by themselves. And, most people don’t grow because they don’t have the genetic cells that make one grow taller.

Exercise is must for growing taller

These people think that food doesn’t actually increase the height of people by that they are just making them buy food from their shops. But, this thinking is wrong. First, foods exist! There is a big debate on ‘what foods can help you grow taller fast’ but most people have agreed on some of the most prominent ones. We have added these foods that help one grow taller in our list.

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Video about Foods to Increase Height Hormone Growth

You can read the whole list of foods for growing taller faster below.

Note: These foods should be eaten with constant exercise routine. So, buy a pullup bar or setup your own home gym equipment and start exercising at the same timer. Because alone these foods won’t have the desired impact.

  1. Pineapples

Pineapples are such a blessing of God which helps you in short time during height gaining process. It helps human body to produce and generate melatonin at night. The Melatonin helps you to have a better sleep at night and naturally when you will have a nice and better sleep, you will generate HGH naturally. In this way you will have a better digestive process and it will help you to gain height.

  1. Beef

One of the best grow taller food which will provide immense energy to your body as it offers variety of amino acids for your body. The amino acids are so much essential for having stronger and healthier bones. The grass-fed beef can help you to gain height by having immaculate energy in your body by having strong bones. The grass-fed is such a food in which the cattle are maintained on natural diet. That is why it is so much beneficial for the human body.

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  1. Coconut Oil

The food which is always recommended by the doctors because it is 100cent guaranteed beneficial for human body in all cases, no matter what the problem is. The coconut oil offers healthy fats which helps your body to grow faster and makes it healthy and strong as well. It’s a great thing and interesting one that you will now consume fat to lose fat in such a way.

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  1. White Beans

The White beans are great and ultimate source of iron, which is essential for the growth of human body. It is a vital nutrient for the red blood cells and haemoglobin.

  1. Oranges

An ultimate resource of vitamin C which can help your body greatly for tissue growth. You can have them in juice form as well. Not just this, oranges helps you to make your skin better as well.

6. Chicken

Chicken is rich in protein and offers many essential nutrients, that can be healthy for your diet. It is high in vitamin B12, and includes a water-soluble vitamins that we all need to add more muscle and directly impact our growing hormones.

Korean style Roasted Chicken (Tongdak-gui: 통닭구이) recipe ...

Source: Maangchi

Moreover, chicken is loaded with taurine, amino acid for regulating bone formation and growth. It is also filled with protein so if you are weak or need a burst of energy chicken or meat is the perfect equivalent. You can get around 7 grams of protein in 1 ounce of chicken serving (30 gram).

The protein quantity will also vary based on how the chicken is cut and cooked. It also has niacin, selenium, phosphorus, and vitamin B6 to make your bones healthy, strong and long. So, chicken is a perfect food to help you grow tall faster.

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Questions on Foods to Grow Taller Faster:

Here is a list of questions that you must be wondering about. Each question answers various reasons which foods to use to grow taller faster.

Will these foods help you grow taller?

Yes, they should be eaten twice a week at least. But you should know that foods alone can’t help you grow taller and you need to exercise with them. You can do all types of growth exercises. Here is our list of growing taller exercises you can do everyday at home.

Should you give these foods to children?

It totally depends on you. It is a good thing to give small children foods and fruits but expecting that these will help them grow taller is wrong. You can’t just expect that someone will grow taller by eating fruits. Yes, they will become healthy and that’s all what matters.

What other foods make you grow taller faster?

Apart from these foods that we have listed above you can also go for milk, Whole grains, chicken, Yogurt, and Carrots.


That’s it. Start eating a healthy diet and soon you will be six foot tall. Best of luck.

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Also, read about exercises that can help you grow taller fast.


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