Best Grow Taller Stretching Exercises for Home Workout

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Worried that height is not increasing? Everyone who hit 15 years of age starts worrying about his/her height. Science says that height can till 20 years for males and 18 years for females. There isn’t actually a set rule about it because some people stop growing at 18 and some grow until they are 25. The mystery is still unanswered because no one is able to crack the code behind growth hormones.

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Home Gym Equipment for Growing Taller

Most users who are starting workout for growing taller don’t know what type of equipment is needed. We have prepared a list of necessary exercise equipment that will make the growing taller exercises most effective.

These reside at the back of our heads, in the pituitary glands and lead to muscle and bone growth. According to Better Health, ‘Growth hormone prompts our liver to make a substance called insulin-like growth factor,’ these combined with other factors lead to growth of the human body.


Now let’s talk about the other factors:

  • Exercises
  • Nutrition
  • Parental Genes – Genetics inherited from parents

We will only  be discussing Nutrition in this article. If you are interested to know what food types to eat to grow taller then please wait for our next blog on the topic.

Are Growing Taller Exercises Needed?

It is a matter of preference. Most of the people I personally know have grown to 6ft in height without even doing a single pushup. But their father and mother both were pretty tall so I assume that was the case. But some I know personally went to gym every single day from the age of 14 and never missed a single stretching exercise, still they are only 5.10 ft.

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I have talked to many trainers about the impact of exercises on height growth, asking them, ‘can stretching exercises grow you taller?’

Every single one of them answered YES. But again, there isn’t a scientifically proven answer.

I have trained for eight years myself and I am around 5.11 ft.

For me, stretching exercises only made me nimble and swift, but didn’t made me 6ft tall. : RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Power Tower Pull Up Dip Station for  Home Gym Adjustable Height Strength Training Workout Equipment : Sports &  Outdoors

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Increase your height after you cross 19 years of age

Many people have been able to increase their height even after turning 19. Some have increase their height to 22.

So, let’s learn how you too can increase your height after you cross 19 years of age.


But first, a few tips about increasing your height after you turn 19 to follow are:
– Do pullups on a regular basis
– The more pullups you do, the more your upper body and lower body muscles will stretch
– Do shoulder exercises on a regular basis. Shoulder make you look broad and this increases your height overall
– Do neck exercises. By doing neck exercises, you can increase its height by almost two inches.
– Do leg exercises on a daily basis. Your legs support your overall weight. When you do leg exercises, you can get more mass on required portions of the leg, this make you look broad and long.

These are just some of the tips you can follow to increase your height even after turning 19.

Should You Try Grow Taller Exercises?


Though there isn’t a scientifically backed answer on the topic but that doesn’t mean in anyway that you shouldn’t try growth exercises to make you taller. Because it is better to try and hope it happens then not trying at all.

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Second reason to try exercises for growing tall, is because this way you will at least become active and more efficient.

We have compiled a list of the best exercises to grow taller. So, let’s see which ones are they.

  1. Bar hanging

This is one of the most effective grow taller exercises. It is scientifically proven that gravity affects your height by the help of compressing your spines and joints. Hanging on a vertical bar is the best way to deal with such problem. It helps you grow taller faster by doing stretching exercise. You can gain height about 1 to 2 inches approximately through this one.

If you are doing the same workout on a horizontal bar, then you will have to bend your legs. You will have to hang around 20 to 25 seconds to make this workout effective.

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  1. Dry land Swim

An effective grow taller exercise which is also known as alternate kick and punch workout. This workout works and focuses on lower back. You will have to lay down on your stomach and your body will be extended in this way. Think of the shape of tortoise. Then, stretch your right arm straight and let your palm face the floor. Raise your left arm higher than the right one, just like you do during swimming.

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Hold your position for five seconds, now bring it back. Repeat.

If you put weight on your ankles and wrist, then this exercise will be more effective.

  1. The Pelvic Tilt

Pelvic tilt, also known as ‘Pelvic Shift’ is a simple stretching exercise to grow taller that you can easily perform at home.

Image result for Pelvic Tilt

To do this exercise, simply lie down on the floor on your back, arms on the floor. Bend your knees and let your feet close to butt. Now, make an arch with your back so that your pelvic gets upwards. Hold it in this position for 25 to 30 seconds.

This exercise will increase the flexibility of your body.

  1. Cobra Stretch

Cobra stretch is another great way to stretch your body for growing taller. By doing the cobra stretch your spine will get supple and flexible. Just lay on the floor, face down and lift yourself upwards with the hands while keeping the legs and lower back attached to the ground.

Image result for cobra stretch

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Your spine will form an arch leading to your chin making an elevated angle.

Do the same for at least 3 to 4 times and hold the stretch position for at least 30 seconds.

  1. Forward Spine Stretch

The forward spine stretch is simple exercise to grow taller, if you are willing to increase your height. Just sit straight on a mat in a way that your feet should be in the front.

Extend your legs straight and widen your shoulders, extend and inhale your arms out and bend forward so that you can touch the tips of your toes.

Go Deep Into Your Forward Bend | Fertility yoga poses, Exercise, Yoga poses

Source: Pinterest

If you are easily able to touch your toes, then try to stretch even more to flex your spine to great extent.

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Sushi Roll

Another great exercise for growing taller is to do the ‘sushi roll.’

You will have to lie flat on your back on a yoga mat or even on a mattress. Just make sure that the mattress doesn’t have springs in it.

Next, extend your legs and arms vertically and stretch your entire body to its maximum length.

Now twist your body just like a sushi roll. You need to stretch each joint of your body.

Aim to stretch each and every joint of your body in every possible direction. Just keep your movements gentle and natural.

exercises to grow taller in a week

Reach for the Sky

One of the best grow taller stretching exercises is the ‘Reach for the sky’ exercise. Here is how to perform this stretching exercise.

– Stand tall but 2 feet away from the wall. Join your feet together and push your back to the wall.

– Now raise your arms up to the ceiling and stretch them back to the wall.

– Make sure that you stretch enough so that your fingertips touch the wall.

– A word of caution: This exercise may look easy but if you are not warmed-up, it can lead to pain in your back.

Your ultimate goal is to step away from the wall and stretch away from the wall.

exercises to grow taller during puberty

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Rope Skipping

Another way to stretch the muscles and gain height is by rope skipping. It’s also a fun way to stay in shape. Another choice is to use a trampoline, which is more popular in western countries and is now being implemented in many children’s play areas in US.

The ultimate jump rope workout guide

What You Can Do:

Take a skipping rope and hop in time with the cable with both legs together.
You can keep doing this for as long as you want.


Skipping is a fun way to stretch that targets your calves while also activating your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.

Swimming To Increase Height

Swimming is one of the most effective ways to gain height. Swimming is a common summertime activity for many people who begin learning at a young age. Swimming is a life-saving ability that also keeps you fit by helping you to develop through those powerful leg strokes and preventing you from gaining weight.

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Swimming lengthens the body by stretching ligaments, tendons, and the spine. Another strong stretch for height is by trying different types of swimming styles such as backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly stroke.

How to Perform these Exercises to Grow Taller?

It is better to make a plan for performing exercises to grow taller. The plan can be anything you like, and can be set as per your needs.

Here is how I personally develop my workout plans.

Remember (Reps * Sets) matter.

Remember (Reps * Sets) matter. So, the exercise plan should be something like this.

  • Select days for working out
  • Now select the type of workout you want to do.

Better to do all five every day, with three sets. Do 10 reps in each set.

For example:

The Cobra stretch workout will include 60 seconds workouts in three sets. It will take five minutes to do the whole exercise.

You can start with 30 seconds workouts in the start and then take it to 60 seconds, when you get the stamina and energy.

That’s it.

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