Best Desk Exercises: 5-Minute Workout You Can Do at Desk

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Are you busy in office? Then this is the BEST 5-Minute Workout You Can Do at YOUR Desk

A meeting… a project… or just wanted to spend more time in office? Things can get really lazy. You can even become a couch potato if you are not too careful. Why? Because you will be SITTING ON YOUR SEAT ALL DAY! To make things better, to stop getting stuck at work, you need to do something. So, what can you do? Move you legs up and down? Dance on the floor?

Oooh, I get it. You are too shy. You simply can’t dance on the office floor because then everyone will watch you and probably laugh at you. So is there an alternative to working out at office?

Yes there is.

The Best Desk Exercises for Working Out In Office

In this article, we will be discussing the best desk exercises for working out in office. You can relax your legs, your back, and even stretch your whole body with these workplace exercises. Let’s get started.

Chair leg lifts in Office

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Grab a chair and rest your back straight, pressed against the back of the chair. Straighten out your legs in front and keep your feet slightly bent. Now start lifting one of your legs while keeping the other on the floor. Make sure to focus on the quadriceps muscles while lifting your leg. Raise and lower the leg at least 20 times and then switch the leg. Complete 15 to 20 reps for each leg and increase the count as per your workout routine.

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Chair squats in office

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Target your glute muscles and quad muscles at your work desk with the chair squats. Position your chair behind yourself and stand with your back facing the chair. Your body should be straight, chest lifted and head and hands firm. From the standing position, drive downwards –in the same manner as you sit on a chair– shifting the weight on the heels. Hold this squatting position for a few seconds and then return to the standing position. Do at least 15 reps of the same exercise for a better result.

Rear leg lifts for office

Image result for Rear leg lifts officeSource: Lifehacker

Rear leg lifts require the same position as chair squats, attain the same position as above and keep the legs flexed. Now start lifting one of the legs in a backward direction while keeping the knee straight. Your knee should not bend while lifting the legs. Complete 15 to 20 reps of the same exercise and then switch to the other leg and repeat the same process with the other leg.

You can take a 30-second break between switching the legs.

Arm circles in Office

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You can perform the arm circles while standing at your desk as well as while sitting on your work chair. (As your wish)

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You just have to stand/sit straight, while keeping the body and core tightened and arms stretched out. Your palms should be facing downwards and the muscles should be tight and engaged. Slowly start to circle your arm in a clockwise direction making small circles. Keep doing the exercise for at least 30 seconds, and then take a break to let your muscles breath. Now switch to the anti-clockwise direction and make circles for 30 seconds for this direction as well. 

Arm Pulses in Office

Stand straight in front of your desk with your arms stretched out at the sides. Keep your palms facing backwards and triceps engaged. Slowly raise the arms backwards in a pulsating motion. Continue this movement for about 20 to 30 seconds or as per your workout routine.

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Water bottle curls & kickbacks in Office

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Make use of your water bottle and utilize it as your workout equipment. Grab a water bottle (full of water) and sit on your work chair in a straight position, back pressed flat against the back of the chair. Hold the bottle in one of your hands, keeping the palms facing out. Now curl your arm up making a 90° angle with the elbows, hold the curl for a few seconds and then return to the starting position. Complete 15 to 20 reps for one arm and then repeat the same for another arm.

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You just worked out your biceps, now it’s time to target the triceps. Keep your water bottle in the hands such that your palms are facing inwards. Now lift your arms backwards and repeat at least 15 times.

Pedal The Bicycle in office

Sit on your chair and lay the arms on the armrest. This will give your upper body support, now shifting the weight on the upper body raise your lower body towards your chest. As you raise the legs, start a paddling motion bringing the alternative knees close to your chest. Mimick the peddling of a bike and keep doing this for 30 seconds. Don’t hustle the movement, in fact, keep the pedaling slow and controlled. 

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You can take a 30-second break after 30 seconds of pedaling.

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Desk Push-Ups in office

Desk push-ups are a great office desk exercise to be commenced at your workplace. You just need a strong work desk and you’re all set to start your pushups. 

Stand a few steps away from your work desk and keep your hands on the desk while leaning your body forward. ( as you do in the regular pushups). Make sure that your hands are more than shoulder-width open. Now start doing your pushup by leaning towards the desk placing the body weight on your arms and shoulders. Now push your body back up straightening your arms in the starting position. Complete at least 15 to 20 reps.

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Extra Tip: For healthy and active work hours, don’t forget to wander around your office blocks after every hour. This will keep your blood circulating and won’t get your body jacked up.

Ready to Work Out In Office?

Now that you know all about the exercises you can try in office, it is time to get started. And guess what? These exercises only take 5 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME. So, you can do them around three or four times in eight hours of your office.


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