There’s no disputing that Nike’s Romaleos lifting shoes have made a reputation for themselves in the strength community. Nike’s Romaleos are an exception to the trend, as many brands keep their shoe models frighteningly similar in construction.

There are some essential similarities between these styles, such as heel height and material, but if you examine closely, you’ll realise there are many more differences than similarities.

Nike Romaleos 2 vs. Nike Romaleos 3

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In this post, we’ll look at the Nike Romaleos XD 3 models objectively and compare them in several categories. Is one superior to the other?

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Nike Romaleos 2

Shoe Weight

The insoles that come with the Nike Romaleos 2s are a unique feature. These insoles were designed to allow an athlete to choose between the feel of their shoe and the feeling of their insoles. A softer “training” insole and a stronger “competition” insole are available.

The Romaleos 2s were 25 percent lighter than the original 2008 Nike Romaleos at the time of its debut.

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Nike Romaleos 3 

The 3s have two soles, one firmer than the other, similar to the Nike Romaleos 2. The Romaleos 3s weighs 13 ounces with the lighter sole and 15 ounces with the firmer sole. This is a wonderful feature for an athlete that enjoys a specific sensation when lifting weights.

Furthermore, it’s a useful feature for athletes who are just getting started with lifters, as the Romaleos 3s’ weight will be similar to that of a typical tennis shoe. As a result of the dual sole feature, we believe the Nike Romaleos 3 takes the lead.

Effective Heel Height: Nike Romaleos 2 vs. Nike Romaleos 3

Romaleos 2 by Nike

The Nike Romaleos 2s have a regular heel height.75 inches. This heel height is common in many lifting shoes and is a suitable fit for the majority of lifters. A.75′′ heel will show to be a versatile option for a variety of motions for athletes without precise anthropometric demands.

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Romaleos 3 by Nike

The effective heel height of the Nike Romaleos 3s is .79′′. Because the difference is so minor compared to the industry standard.75′′, they’re commonly lumped together in the.75′′ heel category. They’re hauntingly similar to the previous Romaleos 2 model, with a heel height of.79′′, and will have similar impacts on an athlete’s lifts.

Because both of these heels are so comparable, picking a winner based solely on heel height is difficult so it is a tie.

For the Romaleos 3, Nike decided to ditch the two straps in favor of a single mid-foot strap. They employ a strap that is somewhat broader than standard lifting shoe straps and provides adequate security across the foot’s arch. Furthermore, Nike designed this strap with care to avoid the overlap that some lifters experienced with the Nike Romaleos 2s.

Although the Nike Romaleos 3s have a better-fitting strap, the Romaleos 2s deliver a superior sense of entire shoe security. If we compare these shoes only based on security and overlook strap overlap, the Nike Romaleos 2s come out on top.

The durability of Lifting Shoes

Romaleos 2 by Nike

The Nike Romaleos 2 is a significantly heavier shoe made of a tougher leather, nylon, and mesh combination. TPU, a lightweight material known for its resistance to abrasion and compression, is used to make their heels. Furthermore, Nike incorporated their Power Bridge technology into the heel of the shoe.

Their soles are made of a stronger rubber-like substance that has shown to be resistant to breaking or morphing when put under stress. To top it off, many lifters continue to use this shoe, claiming it to be one of the most durable lifters they’ve ever used.

Romaleos 3 by Nike

The durability of this model is one flaw that a few sportsmen have already discovered. The construction of this shoe differs from that of the Nike Romaleos 2s since it is substantially lighter. Athletes haven’t experienced many problems with these portions of the shoe.

The tongue is where the majority of the problems with durability occur. Because this shoe is lighter than its predecessor, the tongue isn’t as thick. 

If we only consider durability, the Nike Romaleos 2s are the clear winners. They’ve endured the test of time and are still proving to be durable shoes.

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Nike Romaleos 2 Price

Another advantage of older sneakers, such as the Nike Romaleos 2, is their cost. You may usually locate them for less money if they’ve been on the market for more than five years. Prices on Amazon vary, but you can expect to pay roughly $140.00 for this shoe on the low end.

Because it’s an older model, there’s a risk you won’t be able to locate the color scheme you like. Athletes with generic shoe sizes may also have difficulty finding their ideal Nike Romaleos 2 model.

Nike Romaleos 3 Price

The Nike Romaleos 3s will cost a bit extra, which is to be anticipated given that they are the newest model. This model is priced between $149.00 and $199.00 on Rogue Fitness, depending on the color scheme. Personally, I don’t believe the pricing is too high, considering their cheapest versions are just $10.00 more expensive than the five-year-old Nike Romaleos 2.

Which is Better? Romaleos 2 or Romaleos 3

This resemblance is rather similar, and the Nike Romaleos 2 might easily be the best option for a variety of athletes. When it comes to major decision factors like heel height and material, each shoe provides comparable answers, yet they differ when it comes to weight and foot stability.

The Nike Romaleos 3 are lighter and more affordable than the Nike Romaleos 2s. However, the Nike Romaleos 2 are tried and true in terms of durability, which many athletes promote and appreciate.

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