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Top Speed Punching Bag Mistakes You Should Avoid

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List of speed punching bag problems that can become a hurdle for many users. People often use the speed counterpart for improving reflexes and becoming more agile. However, there are certain common mistakes that some people make and therefore don’t get proper benefits from these speed punching bags. Let’s discuss some of these speed punching bag problems and how to solve them.

Hanging Speed Punching Bag too high

Hanging the speed punching bag too high is a considerable mistake people make. The speed bag should be hung appropriately in order to get a healthy workout. It should be hung high enough that it may deliver a blow to the head. The top of the bag and the top of your head should be compatible. Installing the punching bag incorrectly may cause damage to you or your belongings, therefore, it is also important to find a suitable place like a strong beam or ceiling is important. It is suggested to hang a punching bag on the sturdy wall mount or a pull-bar which are easily available in the market.

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Body not balanced for Speed bag training

Balancing your body while hitting the punching bag properly is critical for absolute impact. When you hit the speed bag too much with all of your strength, there is a chance that your feet may get tangled and you may fall. This is because you put all your power into a punch. To avoid this scenario and the speed punching problem, you should practice shadow punching to learn how to hit the opponent hard without losing your balance.

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Source: Expertboxing

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Standing too far from the Speed bag

It is important that you hang the punching bag at a proper distance from your stance positioning area. Installing the punching bag at a suitable distance means you will get a wholesome workout with the right amount of effort. The speed  punching bags should neither be installed too close nor too distant from your position. One needs to develop an extra sense in order to hang the reflex bags at the appropriate distance & place. When hanging a punching bag, make sure to:

  • Set your range. 
  • When you get closer to the bag, pull yourself off and step back quickly so that you may not get hurt 
  • When the bag swings away move forward to reach instead of waiting for it.

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Not Wearing Heavy bag gloves

You might have heard that prevention is better than cure so it is always very important to protect your hands while hitting the reflex punching bag. Although reflex punching bags are highly different from regular heavy punching bags, it is important to wear light Oz gloves while hitting them nonetheless.

Punching without proper protection can lead to breakage in knuckle bones, tearing of the tissues of your hands, and even major injuries. 

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This is one of the common mistakes beginners make while starting their endurance training, therefore, it is advised to wear gloves and wrist wraps in order to avoid any severe injury.

Striking Reflex Bags with full intensity

Another mistake reflex punching bag users make is that they hit the bag with full intensity. Striking the reflex bag this way will cause body imbalance, tangled feet, exhaustion or even severe injuries on the body. It is advised not to use full strength all the time because pushing the reflex bag too hard makes it swing and your arms get busy in pushing the bag rather than pulling the arm back which slows down the hitting speed and disturbs your endurance workout. You can practice sparring or even shadow boxing in advance to mimic speed punching bag speed.

However, just note that everyone becomes better at reflex boxing with practice. So, keep practicing and you will also become better at what you do. In the end, boxing is more about technique rather than power. If it was about power, most people who are heavy weight lifters would have turned out to be good boxers, we rarely see that as the case.

Speed Bags Also Play a Crucial Role!

You should note that most speed punching bag mistakes happen because people are not using the right type of reflex bag for practice. There are three types of speed punching bags available. Let’s see all of them.

  1. Double-end speed punching bag
  2. Free standing speed punching bag
  3. inflatable reflex bags
  4. Speed ball caps

These are three types of reflex punching bags available in the market. Now, you need to understand that the double-end punching bag is tied with ropes on both upper and lower ends. These are fast and move in all directions. You just need to tie them tightly so that they don’t move too often. They offer great workouts and have lower ratio of mistakes.

Next, we have the pole-affixed aka free standing speed reflex bags. These are light and therefore lose balance easily. If you are not working out at home, or you have a place to hang the double-end punching bag, it is better to avoid this one. The free standing punching bags will fall with a high-impact hit. If you are a professional, you may not want to hit a pole that falls all the time.

Third we have the reflex punching bob dolls aka inflatable speed bags. These are for kids. However, most girls or women can easily use these punching bob dolls at home for practice and improving muscle reflexes. You have more chances of making mistakes with bob doll reflex bags because they are light and easily move from one place to the other with even a low-impact hit.

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Lastly, we have the speed ball caps. They are perfect for anyone who wants to improve reflexes with the help of a ball. The ball is attached to an elastic string and bounces back on each hit. You need to have proper hand to eye coordination to hit the speed ball with perfection. It may take time but the speed ball is one of the best ways to improve muscle reflexes without external help.

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So, these were some of the common reflex punching bag mistakes that new users often make. Make sure to avoid them during your workouts. Stay safe, stay healthy, and have a great workout!


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