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Best TKO Punching Bags Online - martial arts boxing dummies
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TKO isn’t really the biggest name in martial arts but it is a well-known company that produces many great products for martial artists. There are huge names such as Everlast, Century and Title who have been producing heavy bags. But one such name that is still an underdog is TKO. TKO makes several quality punching bags that deserve consideration, and to bring them to consideration we have made this review of finest punching dummys, wall mount bags and standing dummy by this company.

When to buy TKO Wall-mount Heavy Punching Bags?

  • If you want to practice with a punching bag that keeps on moving and is not stationery like a standing punching bag then getting this bag would be a good idea.
  • If your main focus is to polish your upper body fighting such as arms, knuckles, elbow strikes and head butts then getting a wall-mounted bag would be a good idea. Because you won’t be able to practice kicks with the same momentum. Be sure not to hit the wall while practicing kicking the martial arts punching target.
  • Please note that you won’t be able to practice circling techniques, foot work and round-kicks with a wall-mounted boxing bag.
  • The target will require gloves because the striking surface is rough and may give bruises to hands when you strike it hard enough.

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Best TKO Heavy Punching Bags Reviews:

TKO Muay Thai heavy punching bags are of average size. You will find many in a muay thai gym or an MMA gym. The bag is 72 inches tall and weighs 125 pounds only. It is comfortable and sturdy. The bag, if compared to other muay thai bags, looks solid in design and is surrounded by a rock-hard fabric.

Types of TKO Punching Bags:

Below is a list of different type off TKO punching bags. This list will help you decide the type of MMA punching bag you should by for your home gym.

  • Technical Knock Out Punching Bags

There is a great news for users of TKO punching bags. These are now available as ’round one’ and regular speed punching bags. While searching for these bags, do not get confused because both types are necessary for boxing training.

You will need to start daily drills with round one punching bag. When you want to work on your agility only then start using the speed punching bags.

Do you need a Punching Bag Stand?

Technically, yes. You will need a speed punching bag because you will need a place to hang them. Either buy a wall mount, or go for a punching bag stand.


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Features of TKO Muay Thai Heavy Bag

The bag is made of slick PVC coated vinyl and seams are manufactured with reinforced nylons which keeps the thing intact in the bag during heavy beatings.

The bag comes with hydraulic fiber fills for even weight distribution. This means the user gets consistent resistance when striking the dummy. Some people say that the target is softer than other Muay thai bags in the market. One reason for that is the PVC coated vinyl surface because it makes the bag softer for kicks, elbows and knee blows.

Should you use gloves with TKO Muay Thai heavy bag?

The bag doesn’t say that it needs gloves but by our experience we suggest the users to buy muay thai gloves while buying the dummy because practicing without them will be harsh. The bag’s material can easily cut the knuckles if you don’t wear gloves while striking. The TKO heavy bag can be fixed to the ground by a loop available at the bottom. This keeps it from moving and provides full body impact to the attacker.

Due to its smoothness and soft surface, almost everyone can use TKO heavy boxing dummy. Also, the TKO muay thai boxing bag is great for aerobic fitness trainers, MMA fighters and other people who would like to get a lot from their training bags.

Serious fighters looking to polish their shin blows, kicks strength and punches should definitely buy the TKO Muay Thai bag because it offers great resistance to them. The boxing dummy is a fairly decent product for anyone looking to improve their fighting techniques and polish their martial arts.

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TKO All-Purpose Canvas Heavy Bag Reviews

The TKO All Purpose Canvas Heavy Bag is comparatively lighter than other punching bags used by MMA and boxing gyms. The bag is constructed of polycanvas and it seems that it is made of reinforced nylon to keep it from bursting. The dummy is light-wright and can be hung easily in gym or at home. But we think this is great for hanging in home gyms.

The bag comes pre-filled with blended fiber filler. The TKO all-purpose heavy canvas bag is filled with poly canvas, which makes it resistant to wear and tear. But as the dummy is pretty heavy, we would advise you to wear punching gloves while boxing on this bag.

Want to find the best punching bags for boxing and kicks? Here is how.

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The TKO punching bag swings freely with medium strength kicks and punches. It is lighter and not-slippery like many poly-canvas bags. This is beneficial to fighters because while hitting the bag, either the kick or the punch is slipped and the person gets dis-balanced, which is very irritating.

Just like the TKO martial arts punching bag, the heavy duty all-purpose bag also comes with an O loop at the bottom. This allows the users to secure it to the bottom of the gym bag, so to stop moving.

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When to buy TKO All-Purpose Canvas Heavy Bags?

The TKO all-purpose punching dummy is great for anyone looking to practice legs and kicks’ hits. But as it is much lighter in weight then other dummies, it will be best used for small children, beginner fighters and fighters practicing for light weight tournaments.

The TKO all-purpose bag is also suitable for children learning martial arts, because of its low height.

It weighs 50 pounds and looks like a pretty decent boxing bag for martial artists.

The TKO All-purpose bag is hanged to the wall, so you can practice circling techniques, round-kicks, knee-strikes and even foot-work seamlessly.

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TKO Wall-Mount Punching Bags

The heavy bag for wall mount is definitely a must buy if you have a small home gym because it is easier to fix a dummy in the wall instead of keeping the stand in a room. Most houses are small and having a full-body TKO punching bag won’t be a good idea.

The boxing target comes with its own wall mount. It is good for those home gyms where hanging equipment is not available. The wall-mount bag is smaller than many others and allows you to place it anywhere in the gym. The target dummy weighs 100 pounds when it is fully filled to the brim. The wall mount bags are worth considering if you have a small house, or your aim is to improve your boxing skills or if you own a gym where adding a standing punching bag won’t be a good idea. In all these situations, it is a wise thing to get a Muay thai or martial arts wall-mounted punching bag.

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Features of TKO Wall mount Bags:

This wall-mounted bag by TKO comes with a pull pin swivel system, which lets you move the bag to the side when it is not in use. This is especially convenient in small places where people have to move and the bag will just come in their way. Examples include garage, living room, shared spaces and small rooms.

The handle holding the TKO wall-mount punching bag is large at around 27 inches or close to 2.6 feet, giving enough room for striking surface.

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TKO Speed Punching Bags

The TKO Speed bags also called as Speed ball bags are used for speed boxing. They help improve eye coordination, hand rhythm during punches and train you for more stamina. The bags are best for amateur boxers who are trying to improve their boxing skills.

  • To use a TKO Speed punching bag first open your hands and move them close to the punching bag.
  • Hit in small circles. Your hands should be making circles in the air when you hit the bag with them. The motion will be fast and only practice will improve the coordination.
  • Right, Right and left, left rhythm. Keep going…


Features of TKO Pro-line Speed Bags:

Make sure the bottom part of the speed bag – the striking surface – is in-front your nose and eyes. Hang the brackets above forehead height so the striking surface is right in-front of you.

Buy TKO-PRO Speed-line Bag on Amazon

The speed punching bags are either filled with air, water or sometimes even sand. The purpose of these bags is not to strengthen your knuckles and arms but to improve your body coordination and stamina. Striking a speed boxing bag regularly is one of the best ways to tone-down your muscles and burn more calories.

According to stats, the speed punching bag workouts now only promote muscle growth, provide cardio and aerobics exercises but also help you burn from 100 to 300 calories through only a 30 minute session.

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