Tiger Balm as a Pre-Workout Pain Relief Muscle Gel

Tiger balm pre workout muscle pain relief
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Using Tiger Balm as a Pre-Workout Pain Relief

As it says, tiger balm works where it hurts. It is a leading analgesic remedy brand that is used worldwide to relieve body pains. The brand offers a wide range of products that suit your specific needs, may it be a headache or a cold, rheumatic or arthritic pains, or muscle strains and pains. It is efficacious, fast-acting, and most importantly, easy to use.

What Makes the Tiger Balm Pre-Workout Pain Reliever?

A perfect combination of methyl salicylate, camphor, and menthol gives this balm all the necessary powers to soothe the strongest of pains and make it one of the strongest pain-relieving balm. So many similar products are available in the market but the special formula of this particular product works very well in a little warming up of muscles prior to exercise rather than irritating and burning the skin. Most balms have this irritating odor and the worst itchy effect. Tiger balm users do not have to experience these at least.

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Ideal Formula for Pre Workout Pain Relief

For sporting enthusiasts, this product is an ideal pain relief formula. You can use it as an effective pre-workout warm-up because of the following reasons;

  • It relieves strains and sore muscles
  • Ideal for a pre-workout warm-up 
  • It is a non-greasy formula. You won’t have to worry about the dumbells slipping out of your hands.
  • Easy application
  • Does not leave stains on your clothes. Who wants those ugly-looking big stains on their clothes?

Directions for use: For adults and children over 12 years of age, rub well on the desired area. Repeat 3 to 4 times daily. For children 12 years of age or younger, it is suggested to consult a doctor before use.

Warning: The balm should never be applied to an active injury or it will give you the worst burning sensation.


Why Use Tiger Balm Before a Workout?

A huge number of heavy weight lifters and exercisers use tiger balm as a pre-workout muscle rub for a stubborn joint that needs a little help.

P.S: A Muscle and Joint Rub may help stubborn knees before exercise, but the use of both(simultaneously) is strongly discouraged as this will cause a burning sensation and severe irritation of the skin.  

Tiger Balm – How to use it?

Applying tiger balm on your body is easy. You just have to take a small portion (pea-sized quantity) of the balm in your hand. Now apply it to the affected area.

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1. Apply the tiger balm on the affected area and then massage it slightly.
2. Now you can apply a patch over it or you can cover the area with a cloth so that the area remains warm.
3. If you are not applying anything on the area, just keep it covered with something and the pain will start to ease within the next few hours.

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The best time to apply tiger balm is before you go to sleep because that way your body will be at rest and you will have more time to heal.

How Does Tiger Balm Muscle Gel Work?

Salicylate (in methyl salicylate) is a plant chemical having a characteristic minty smell and the pain-relieving properties the same as that of aspirin. And just so you know, aspirin also contains salicylates. 

The other two ingredients i.e camphor and menthol usually work as counter-irritants, so that when rubbed onto the skin, they cause local skin irritation and also cause vasodilation of the local skin area, hence a feeling of warmth is produced. This warmth and local vasodilation is the desired effect because of its impact in increasing the blood flow to the targeted area making the joints ready for action.

All the above-mentioned effects combined mask the feeling of pain.

The workout, may it be of any kind, is one strenuous activity that requires a lot of involvement of your muscles and joints. Therefore, the use of tiger balm is highly recommended for pre-workout. Apply it over a small area only. Do not overuse it. Remember the act of massaging in the rub does as much good as the rub itself.


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FAQs Related to Tiger Balm Pain Relief Gel

Can You Apply Tiger Balm on Open Wound?

No. Don’t apply tiger balm muscle gel on areas that are open wounds or burned or having irritation. It can cause further agitation. Similarly, avoid applying tiger balm in your mouth, eyes, nose, or ears. It is for external wounds only and can cause problems if inhaled or applied on internal areas of the body.

Is Tiger Balm Same as Vicks?

No. Vicks is for improving your inhaling and breathing. It is applied to nostrils and to your chest and back.

On the other hand, Tiger Balm is for external skin. It is a skin ointment that can help relax muscles and relieve pain. It is used for treating minor muscle injuries that can occur during sports and play. It can provide a soothing feeling when applied to chest  to remove congestion and also relieve from common cold.

Can I Use Tiger Balm for Migraine?

Tiger Balm can be used to provide temporary relief from muscle pain and ache. Since migraine is also a type of muscle tension, it can be applied to the head and massaged for quick relief. But make sure that you get the migraine checked by a certified physician if the pain is recurring.


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