The Triumph United Death Adders are one of the most high rated gloves on the basis of their appearance. These are some of the most stunning gloves I’ve ever seen, and the style appears to be inspired by Grants boxing gloves. 

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Furthermore, the performance is also at par with their appearance. As a result, the Triumph boxing gloves are among my favorite boxing gloves.

Triumph United Bag Gloves Complete Review

Protection & Padding of Triumph Boxing Gloves

The foam of the Triumph boxing gloves is thick and strong, and combined with the inability to create a fist. 

After using them for some time, you can easily soften up the Triumph boxing gloves beautifully. 

The gloves appear fine when sparring and you won’t find them loose in any way when you are using them for punching. The cushioning of the boxing gloves has remained quite protective.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gloves are also excellent for sparring
  • Come with great cushioning inside and out 
  • Soften up enough to spar once broken in
  • Fit perfectly and genuinely ideal for sparring
  • Gloves may give you the sensation of a combat glove 
  • Provide relevant protection during punching

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Comfort of Triumph Boxing Gloves

The gloves became some of the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. The small grip bar, angled knuckles, and broken in padding allows you to produce a flawless fist. The lining is also one of the nicest as it is soft and it clearly performs a great job of wicking away perspiration.

The joint just before the fingertips has some bunched up leather that functions as a supplemental grip bar for those joints. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Absolutely perfect fist after your fingers are wrapped around it and then the grip bar itself
  • Simply more visible on the DAs because of the welted seams
  • Thumb is also more straight, which puts the thumb in the ideal position
  • Glove’s hand pocket is tiny, but that’s intentional to make the glove compact
  • After breaking in, the gloves are really comfortable

Durability of Triumph United Gloves

The quality and longevity of the Triumph united boxing gloves are perhaps its finest features. The materials used are of great quality, highly thick and durable leather, one of the softest lining, and flawless stitching. Leather is quite soft and one of my favorites. Gloves are delicate and they slip and slide when they rub against one other.

Key Takeaways:

  • These gloves are used by bodybuilders due to their durability
  • They’ve survived years and are still in good condition
  • Gloves are delicate and can be used after washing. They don’t lose their flexibility

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Design of Triumph Boxing Gloves

The grip bar is the ideal size, and the bunched up leather, paired with the grip bar, creates the perfect fist. The thumb is perfectly positioned. While the triple cuff gives incredible support, so much so that it assists the cotton fiber of the palm side padding.

Most 14oz gloves are smaller than others. The hand compartment is small, they are able to make these gloves so compact, but after the padding is broken in, there is more room. 

Rule to Keep in Mind:

A typical rule of thumb is to remove 2oz, thus a 14oz DA will be a standard 12oz size and a 12oz DA will be a normal 10oz. 

Buy the  Triumph united boxing gloves for their compactness, as the Velcro employs a four inch stretchy velcro connection that makes the gloves bulkier.

Bottom-line: Are Triumph United Boxing Gloves Worth Buying?

Finally, as already said, the overall aesthetics are what drew me in from the start. Grant’s usage of black, red, and white, as well as his slanted knuckles. The basic logo in combination with the small size. Even the triple cuff, everything about these gloves is stunning, and the minor touches like the welted seams simply add to the overall appeal. If you don’t like the classic color combination, there are additional color possibilities such as grey or blue.

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