Adidas Power Perfect 3 Weightlifting Shoes Review

If we had to characterize the Adidas Power Perfect 3 in one word, it would be consistent

With little fanfare, Adidas announced the debut of the Power Perfect 3 weightlifting shoe in early 2019. This model is a refresh of the previous Adidas Power Perfect 2 model, which was released in 2011.

We looked at the construction, performance, stability, durability, and price of the Adidas Power Perfect 3. One thing is certain: the Adidas Power Perfect 3’s structure appears to be substantial and durable, indicating that this shoe will endure a long time.

Adidas Power Perfect 3

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Adidas Power Perfect 3 has three features that we like including:

  • Throughout the sneaker, there is a robust construction.
  • Single strap,.75′′ heel, and reinforced heel cup are all standard components of a weightlifting shoe.
  • Priced competitively and reasonably

Construction of the exterior

The Adidas Power Perfect 3’s outer shell is made up of several different materials. A synthetic construction runs from the base of the toes to the heel, and it feels quite similar to the Adidas Powerlift 3.1. The synthetic upper area has a thicker build and is obviously on the thicker side of materials for weightlifting shoes (in terms of thickness).

The upper is double-stitched throughout, with an extra leather slip on the heel. The forefoot and tongue are composed of breathable mesh, and the tongue is slightly thicker than average for weightlifting shoe tongues. There’s an extra layer of synthetic material at the bottom of the toe to prevent early wear and tear and friction, which is a promising sign for longevity.

Strap and Mid-Foot

The Power Perfect 3 has six metal eyelets running up the mid-foot. This shoe’s mid-foot construction is characterized as “derby,” which implies that each side of the shoe is designed to keep the foot locked in place. When laced tightly, the eyelets of the Power Perfect 3 fall on top of the vamp, bringing the sides closer together and facilitating derby assembly.

Power Perfect III weightlifting shoes black/white

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The leather strap is thick and double stitched all the way around. When fully tightened, the strap falls just below the sixth eyelet and has very little overlap.

Outsole and Heel of Adidas Power Perfect 3 Shoes

The Power Perfect 3 has a.75-inch effective heel height and a high-density EVA foam structure. When compared to the 2011 Adidas Power Perfect 2 model, this heel has a very similar build. One feature of this shoe’s heel that I appreciated was that it has a sturdy heel cup to provide stability. An additional cup rests above the raised heel, creating a “hugging” sensation around the heel.

From the toe to the heel lift, this architectural characteristic is employed to provide foot support and produce a “natural” feeling. The outsole is made of a thick, tough rubber and features the Adiwear outsole. The Adidas Powerlift 4 also has an Adiwear outsole.

Performance of Adidas Power Perfect 3 Shoes

Across the board, the Adidas Power Perfect 3 performed admirably. When you think of a “typical” weightlifting shoe, this is exactly what comes to mind. The high-density EVA foam heel provided excellent compression resistance as well as platform feedback. Furthermore, the.75′′ heel gave a consistent feel that most people are used to when wearing weightlifting shoes (there is no adjustment to a lower or 1′′ heel).

We focused on three performance parameters when testing the Adidas Power Perfect 3. First, we look at how stable the outsole and midsole are for the entire foot. Second, we look at how the strap, laces, and boot interact with one another to determine how the shoe feels on the foot. Finally, there’s the break-in period, or how long it takes to break in these shoes.

Durability of Adidas Power Perfect 3 Shoes

After roughly a month of lifting in these shoes, the Adidas Power Perfect 3’s durability has proven to be good. During our tests, there were no obvious concerns with shoe disintegration, and the shoe was, if anything, a bit difficult to break down. This type is one of the beefier and tougher weightlifting shoes we’ve tried, thanks to the thicker outer construction, midsole, and outsole.

Price of Adidas Power Perfect 3 Shoes

You should anticipate to pay roughly $130.00 for a pair of Adidas Power Perfect 3s. In comparison to other lifting shoes, this type is quite affordable. It costs a little more than the Adidas Powerlift 4s, but not nearly as much as some of the current weightlifting models. The Power Perfect 3s are a good choice if you’re looking for a reasonably cost, long-lasting pair of weightlifting shoes.

adidas Power Perfect III 3 Mens Weightlifting Shoes Gym Trainers White SIZE  9 10 | eBay

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Final Thoughts

The Adidas Power Perfect 3 was the ideal blend of toughness and simplicity. This model differed from the previous Power Perfect 2 in a few ways, and we considered that these adjustments improved the product’s endurance. The Power Perfect 3 can be the right shoe for you if you’re looking for a mid-range and “regular” weightlifting shoe.


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