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Best Men’s Running Shorts to Prevent Chafing

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Skin irritation? Can’t exercise today? That’s no excuse to not exercise…

Do you know chafing occurs when the body is sweaty and rubbing against each other. There are many reasons behind the occurrence of chafing that we have explained below.

Why Chafing Actually Occurs?

Everyone likes to do exercise or workout to remain healthy and fit. But when you are overweight, or you are wearing the wrong outfit then chafing may occur. chafing normally occurs when there is a friction against the skin whether it is because of the skin or because of your clothing. When your outfit rubs across your skin, the layer of skin cells faces friction which reveals a painful experience. (Source)

Best Men’s Running Shorts to Prevent Chafing

Things to Note

Neleus Men’s 3 Pack Sport Compression Shorts Not made for people with big butts
2XU Hyoptik Compression Shorts Buy one size higher for appropriate length
OLIVERS Mens Water Repellent Shorts Small width and too tight on thighs
NIKE Men’s 7” Challenger Running Shorts liner is way too small
New Balance Men’s Impact 3″ Split Shorts Zipper pocket is too small for holding smartphone

Prevent Chafing, But How?

To eliminate this problem one thing a person can do is to wear the perfect outfits that are suitable for workouts and match your body clothes. When your outfit fits your body perfectly, you won’t find any problem in with the workouts. So, make sure to wear moisturized wick clothes that are sweat-resistant and keep the skin cool and fresh. You can also keep talcum powder or potato starch to keep your skin dry as well. 

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“Chafing occurs when there’s friction against the skin. During exercise, certain areas of your body are prone to rubbing — whether against other areas of skin or your clothing. Sweating only makes the problem worse, since wet skin is more prone to damage. As skin or fabric rubs against moist skin, the friction wears away the top layer of skin cells to reveal a very painful, reddened and raw area. If the friction isn’t fixed, the destruction continues — and might eventually lead to bleeding.” (Source)

Chafing is Normal

Chafing is normal and can occur during workouts if the affected area is not moist. It can cause redness, burns, and even excessive itching that can eventually lead to bleeding and blood clotting.

How Men Can Avoid Chafing During Workouts?

  • Avoid Sweating

Wet skin can cause chafing because the salt particles get stuck with the skin and increase friction – that later leads to redness and chafing.

Luckily, you can avoid sweat from forming on the prone area by decreasing sweat overall. Apply talcum powder and alum powder on the skin and it will keep the skin dry and chafing-free.

  • Lubricate Your Skin

Keep your skin lubricated by using essential oils or petroleum jelly. There are several lubricants available to that are inexpensive and can easily lubricate the skin. They reduce chafing of nipples, groin area, and even arm pits. If nothing is available, make use of hair oil and apply it on places that feel burn or itchy.

  • Moisture-wicking Clothes

While exercising, wear moisture wicking clothes that can easily absorb moisture and sweat. Cotton is a big NO because it doesn’t absorb sweat and can lead to chafing of the groin and arm pits.You can also wear compression shorts and shirts because they are also made of moisture wicking material and can decrease chafing of the thighs by a great deal. Chafing can occur more if the temperature is warm because it increase sweating of the body. So, if you can afford, try to exercise in minimum clothes. For example, run shirtless if you are a man, or with a jogging bra only if you are a woman. These will help reduce chafing by a great margin.

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5 Best Mens Running Shorts To Prevent Chafing

1. Neleus Men’s 3 Pack Sport Compression Shorts

  • People likes to remain fit and healthy and exercise becomes more fascinating when you are wearing the right clothes for the right purpose.
  • The Neleus Men’s 3 Pack Sport Compression Shorts is exceptionally great for running purpose but can be used for other incentives too.
  • It is breathable, and its 5-inch inseam is quite long enough that it not a see through.
  • This short is made of quality polyester-spandex with two pockets to put in your corresponding.
  • The inseam design of this running short makes it best to prevent chafing.
  • These shorts are tight and fit the body appropriately making them a great fit for cycling and any other relevant activity.
Neleus Men’s 3 Pack Sport Compression Shorts
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Please note: The only problem with Neleus Men’s 3 Pack Sport Compression Shorts is that they aren’t made for people who are bulky because they will keep coming down.

2. 2XU Hyoptik Compression Shorts

  • The best way to avoid chafing is to wear the best quality compression shorts.
  • Such short will help you to workout in great manner and easily so that your circulation may improve.
  • This is such a short which will protect you from devastating sun rays.
  • Such compression shorts prevent you from chafing because of its wide flat waistband with adjustable drawstring which offers perfect fit.
2XU Hyoptik Compression Shorts

Please note: The 2XU Hyoptik compression pants have two issues. They have a small inseam. So, they will be tight on the butt if you are healthy.

These 2XU compression shorts fit properly but if you wear your size it will be smaller in length. And, if you buy one size higher then it will not provide the same level of compression. So, you will have to deal with that.

3. OLIVERS Mens Water Repellent Shorts

  • One who have these shorts, doesn’t have to worry about chafing and water repellent.
  • It is a very stylish and elegant one which is made of sweat wicking material so that you can easily workout without any tease.
  • The adjustable drawstring and soft material makes this short amazing and prevents you from chafing.
  • The high-quality four-way stretch material is used in its production which allows you to train and perform your workout in an easy manner.
OLIVERS Mens Water Repellent Shorts

Please note:

The shorts are great but there is one tiny problem. They have a small width in comparison with other shorts available in the market. When wearing them, you will feel that they are too tight on the thighs. Apart from this issue, the length of the shorts is fine.

4. NIKE Men’s 7” Challenger Running Shorts

  • People always keep on looking for such shorts which may help them greatly and allow them to workout in easy manner.
  • These are the super-breathable shorts which allows you to perform workout with great ease and improves your mobility.
  • It involves pockets as well. So that if you want to take some items with you on workout, you can take them with you.
  • High-quality material of these amazing shorts offers you a great chance to improve your standard.
NIKE Men’s 7” Challenger Running Shorts

Please Note:

These Nike Challenger shorts have one small problem. The liner is way too tight if you are running in them. They are appropriate length and great for cycling and weight lifting. But when you run in them they will restrict the movements.

5. New Balance Men’s Impact 3″ Split Shorts

  • These are the best shorts for those people who love to run long distances on regular basis.
  • The reason behind this is, that it will not get rubbed across your thighs and you can easily run a long distance easily.
  • These are shorts with a shorter inseam and these are perfect for those people who have thinner thighs.
  • Breathable material is used for the production of this masterpiece.
  • Zip pockets are offered, so that if you want to take cash, you may not have any problem of getting it lost. That’s why zips are offered.
New Balance Men’s Impact 3″ Split Shorts

Please Note:

The New Balance Men’s Impact 3″ Split Shorts are great but they are only having one small problem. The short’s zipper pocket is too small to keep a seven inch smartphone. Apart from that it is a perfect fit for all.

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