Best Pre-Calisthenics Tips for Heavy Guys & Overweights

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This guide about calisthenics for heavy guys talks about the most important things to think about before beginning calisthenics. It also includes a list of the finest calisthenics exercises for overweight beginners. 

Here are some of the best tips about calisthenics for heavy guys that people who are over weight can follow to reduce weight, get better body shape, and look attractive and confident. Read the complete list of tips and see how they can help you get in the best shape and mind frame.

Tip #1: Get in the Right Frame of Mind

Working out and lifting weights, especially at the gym, can be scary if you’ve been overweight for a long time. It can also be the major reason you put off going to the gym or making a fitness plan. But remember it is crucial to start somewhere, as there is no such thing as the perfect time to do anything.

Bodyweight workouts are one of those exercises that everyone, regardless of fitness ability, may undertake without the assistance of a personal trainer. Start with simple lifestyle changes if you believe your body needs to prepare for the big change. 

You could increase your physical activity by doing things like:

  • Avoid taking the elevator, and take the stairs.
  • Avoid driving a short distance, and take a stroll.
  • Park your car far away from where you wish to go.
  • Start a more nutritious diet

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Tip #2: Maintain a Healthy Diet

You don’t have to reduce weight initially before beginning bodyweight training. However, no fitness routine can be successful without a well-balanced diet. If you don’t watch what you eat, even the best exercise routines won’t help you lose weight.

When it comes to dieting, there are two things to keep in mind:

Tip #3: Stick to a Healthy Eating Plan

Whatever diet you choose, you should consume a sufficient amount of fresh fruits and vegetables high in fiber, vitamins, and nutrients. Reduce your intake of fatty foods, sugars, salt, and processed meals. Eating nutritious food not only supplies your body with essential nutrients but also speeds up your metabolism.

Tip #4: Don’t bother with quick fixes

You should be able to maintain the diet you chose to supplement your bodyweight exercises. These fast cures that promise to help you lose weight rapidly will cause you to gain weight as soon as you stop eating them. So, rather than an extreme short-term diet, a decent diet should provide you with a healthy lifestyle.

Weight-loss apps are a great method to keep track of your diet and calorie intake. These applications, such as MyFitnessPal, help you keep track of what you eat and how many calories you consume throughout the day. You may gradually alter your eating habits, eat better, and stop underestimating your daily calorie intake this way (one of the main reasons dieters fail).

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Tip #5: Do Cardio Exercises

Cardio increases your metabolic rate, which means you burn more calories and lose more body fat. When you have less fat, your muscles show up more quickly, allowing you to obtain a more toned figure in less time.

  • Cardio activities can help you gain strength and prepare your body for calisthenics. 
  • Simple cardio workouts, such as walking or biking, might help you establish a regular training routine. 
  • Many low-impact cardio activities don’t require any special equipment and don’t put any strain on your joints.

You can begin by doing simple aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, dancing, or riding a bike. Start with 20-30 minutes every day and gradually increase the length, speed, and intensity of your workout.

Tip #6: Begin with small workouts

Depending on your weight and body composition, the intensity of your calisthenics workouts should vary. Listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard when doing calisthenics. This is especially true for high-impact activities like running, which can cause knee pain if your BMI is too high. 

Each exercise, fortunately, includes variations and tweaks that may be tailored to your current fitness level. You may keep yourself motivated by attaining little goals if you start slowly. A regular workout will be more likely to become a long-term habit this way.

Progressive calisthenics entails gradually increasing the intensity and speed of your workouts. You can raise the weights in weighted calisthenics to push your muscles even more. If you’re doing bodyweight calisthenics, though, the only method to avoid plateaus is to raise the intensity of your workout.

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Calisthenics Exercises That Work Best

Calisthenics workouts come in a variety of intensities, as previously indicated. That means there are calisthenics training exercises for people of all fitness levels, starting with the most basic workouts. But don’t allow this flexibility fool you into thinking you can begin any activity without regard for your fitness level. 

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If your workout regimen does not match your fitness level, you may become over-trained and injured, or you may not burn as many calories as you should, limiting your development. In any case, you’ll lose interest and abandon your fitness routine.

So, start with the following calisthenics exercises and work your way up when you’re ready:


Pushups are a wonderful full-body exercise that engages a variety of muscles throughout your body while also strengthening your core. Pushups might be challenging for overweight beginners, even though they are in the moderate range. Pushups can be made easier by modifying the movements, such as: 

Push-Ups – Their history, Beneficial Effects, Types and Potential Risks - Physical Culture Study

Wall Pushups

Wall pushups stand up and push your hands against the wall to strengthen your arms.

Wall Push Ups (And One-Arm Wall Pushups)

Knee push-ups

Knee pushups are a little more challenging than wall pushups but easier than ordinary pushups. It entails completing pushups on the ground with your knees on the floor and not raised during the exercise. 



Pull-ups can be challenging for overweight people because they must struggle against gravity to lift their weight. As a result, if you’re a beginner, you might not be able to accomplish them.

Squats in a Chair 

Squats are one of the most effective exercises for targeting lower body muscles including quads, glutes, and hamstrings in any workout program. They’re also fairly simple, so even a novice can do them. You can still use a chair or a stool if you can’t squat properly until you’re strong enough to accomplish them without assistance. 



Dips are a great upper-body exercise for toning your shoulders and triceps. Although dips require medium to high strength, you can adapt your actions to suit your fitness level. 

Technique Tuesday: no more triceps dips!

To assist you balance your body, the best thing you can do is sit in a stable chair. This exercise can be done in a variety of ways, such as dipping as low as you feel comfortable with and then going even lower as your arms get stronger. Dips could also be done with bent knees rather than straight knees.

Other calisthenics exercises for beginners who are overweight include: 

  • Calf raises, 
  • planks,
  • lunges, 
  • arm circles, 
  • flutter kicks, 
  • pistol squats, 
  • sit-ups,
  • chin-ups 

These are some of the best exercises that you can follow for a healthy workout. If you love calisthenics and want to reduce weight, then you should do these exercises every day, properly.

Remember that consistency is the key when it comes to losing weight. So, don’t be afraid to do them everyday even when you don’t want to.

Note: Take proper rest & drink plenty of water.

We hope that you liked our guide about calisthenics for heavy guys and overweight people. Follow the exercises we have highlighted to get fruitful results.

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