Element 26 Weightlifting Belt Review: Yay or Nay?

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Element 26 is an internet retailer that specializes in delivering adaptable nylon belts to strength athletes. Their belt is constructed a little differently than other versions on the market, and the company’s two founders devised it intending to give functional fitness athletes another torso support choice.

We wanted to run their belt through our battery of belt evaluation tests because they are a new firm. We looked into the stability, comfort, material, durability, and pricing in-depth in this article. Over a few weeks, I put this belt through its paces by performing back squats, front squats, and power cleans.

Stability of Element 26 Weightlifting Belt

When compared to comparable nylon belts, this belt performed admirably in terms of stability. It is 4 inches wide, which is enough material for most athletes’ torsos and is typical of other nylon belts. The velcro strap is also rather thick, which adds a little more stability. The strap also had a self-locking mechanism, which was a unique feature. The belt kept put and didn’t loosen up if the velcro ever popped out.

Keep in mind that nylon belts are nearly always less stiff than leather belts, therefore when I ran my performance testing, I compared this belt to other nylon belts rather than leather belts. This belt felt relatively normal for a versatile nylon choice in the back squat and gripped me quite tight; there was never a time when I thought it was too flexible or loose.

I loved how this belt felt in the front squat and power clean. Although it was not the firmest nylon belt I have tested, I felt it worked well for a WOD or functional training session. I did not try any new 1-RMs with this belt, but I believe it would hold up well considering the features it provides. I tried 3-RM front squats at a higher weight and did not detect any bending in the anterior torso.

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Comfort of Element 26 Weightlifting Belt

The Element 26 Weightlifting Belt felt great in terms of pure comfort. Some belts may be unpleasant and dig into the skin, especially when worn without a shirt, but this belt provided a nice compromise. The edges are made of softer nylon, and I enjoyed how they felt against my body as my power clean workout progressed. I wore a medium belt, which is meant to accommodate a 30′′-34′′ naval, and I sit about 30′′ with a little daily variation. Even though it was on the lower end of the range, this belt fits true to size and was quite comfortable.

One thing to keep in mind about this belt is that there is no extra foam cushioning or material variation between the external and inside components. Some nylon belts include extra foam cushioning on the inside, making them extremely comfortable in any situation. This belt did not, but it was still rather comfortable, and anyone new to using a belt for torso support should not be put off by it.

Material of Element 26 Weightlifting Belt

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Because Element 26 is made entirely of superior nylon, its construction is straightforward. Rubber inserts, foam padding, and tapered edges are not included as extras. This feature appealed to me since it gave me a continuous impression that ran the length of my body. The strap is rather thick, with two velcro spots, so there is enough material to provide a secure fit.

I discussed the strap’s self-locking mechanism before, but I think it is worth repeating in the material part. This belt contains a plastic ribbed component within the buckle that adds an extra degree of protection in case the velcro strap comes undone.

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Durability of Element 26 Weightlifting Belt

This belt’s 100% quality nylon felt excellent and seemed like it would last a long time. If it does not work out, Element 26 offers a lifetime warranty, which is rare for a nylon lifting belt. The only serious issue I have about this belt’s endurance revolves around two features. First, owing to ordinary wear and use, the velcro is disintegrating and losing part of its freshness, as well as chalk seeping into it. Second, if any weight falls on it at some time, the plastic component on the buckle will break off.

Final Thoughts

The Element 26 Weightlifting Belt is designed to provide a secure fit for a variety of exercises and movements. I liked how this belt felt and fit around my chest, and it did not restrict me or dig into my body during complex exercises. Also, if you are always having your belt’s velcro come off, the buckle’s self-locking mechanism might be a huge plus. Although it costs a little more than other nylon choices, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Element 26 Weightlifting Belt may be a suitable choice for functional fitness athletes.

PROS of Element 26 Weightlifting Belt

  • A lifetime Warranty
  • Self-Locking Mechanism 
  • Comfortable Fit 
  • Made of high-quality nylon
  • Better durability
  • Offers even abdominal pressure for stability

CONS of Element 26 Weightlifting Belt

  • Not the Toughest weightlifting belt

Who Can Use Element 26 Weightlifting Belt?

The nylon allows the belt to be used for conditioning workouts, as opposed to other leather goods that some individuals may find excessively stiff, while also allowing it to be used for compound and Olympic exercises.

The Element 26 belt appears to be appropriate for both men and women, and as long as you are not a powerlifter, it should perform well. There are a lot of better alternatives out there if you focus on powerlifting and the most crucial thing you look for in a belt is the assistance it provides.

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