Best Heavy Punching Bag Noise Reduction Techniques

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People nowadays, train with heavy bags not just in the gyms but also often hang them in their apartments, offices or the basements of their homes.

The biggest problem with hitting these heavy bags is that they make a significant amount of noise which can be bothersome for the people living in your home or even the neighbors.

We know how satisfying hitting the bag can be that is why we are sharing with you some ways to reduce the bags noise.

Girls punching bag workouts - Heavy Bag Noise Reduction

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Now before you get all excited, these are great ways to reduce punching bag apartment noise you should know that:

  • These punching bag noise reduction ways aren’t going to turn your room into a soundproof studio
  • These can also reduce motivation because research shows that noise during workout increases motivation
  • These Heavy Bag Noise Reduction tips can be a little costly if you are tight on budget

With that said, here are some Heavy Bag Noise Reduction techniques to make your home gym soundproof.

Best Ways for Heavy Bag Noise Reduction in Apartments

Whether you have a home gym, an apartment gym, a garage gym, or an open space where you workout, if you want to reduce noise from heavy punching bag while working out, then these tips are for you.

  1. The biggest noise makers on the heavy bag are its chains. The best way to counter that is to wrap the chains with some electrical or duct tape. This significantly kills the noise made by the swaying and rubbing of the chains. Another way of tackling the chains noise is to completely replace them with ratchet straps.
  2. The material of the heavy bag itself also makes quite a lot of noise when hit. As strange as it may sound but the only way to tackle this issue is by wrapping and securing a thick blanket around the bag.
  3. Be barefoot while training on the heavy bag or cover the floor with a foam mat or a sporting mat. This will lower the vibrations and make your movements comfortable. Learn how to Heavy Bag Noise Reduction in home gym
  4. Cover the walls of the room you train in with soundproofing panels. They not only stop the sound from penetrating the walls but are also quite affordable.
  5. Yes, it can be fun hitting the bag as hard as possible but remember the harder you hit it the louder the sound will be. Instead, try working on your form and technique while mixing it up with a couple of hard punches every now and then. This will allow you to take out your frustrations and keep the noises down.
  6. The best and only way to avoid disturbing your neighbors is to train when they are not at home. It may be a challenge but that’s what it takes.
  7. Buy a heavier and taller bag. Light weighing bags can move around a lot and produce more noise. An ideal bag weight should be around 100 lbs. Remember that when shopping for one next time.
  8. Get better gloves. If you are using 8oz to 10oz gloves for punching, the bag will make more noise. Only way to decrease is to increase the padding in your punching bag gloves.
  9. Make your home gym in the center room. Center rooms are well in the center. This means the noise is not heard by neighbours. This is especially important if you live in an apartment and you have neighbours living on both sides of your apartment.
  10. Stand on a yoga mat or fitness mat to reduce noise coming from the floorboards. You can also wear sneakers to reduce the noise that comes when you move your feet with impact.
  11. Get a standing punching bag or double end speed bag. Standing punching bags having enough weight at the bottom don’t make much noise. Similarly, double end punching bags are great way to train reflexes. They are silent and swift – perfect for beginners who want to improve accuracy and hand movements.

Girl Kicking Punching bag & Heavy Bag Noise Reduction in home gym

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FAQs for Heavy Bag Noise Reduction

  • Are there silent heavy bag mounts for punching bags?

Yes, there are silent heavy bag mounts available but they don’t actually reduce the noise of the bags. They can only reduce movement. Or make the movement smoother. The only way to reduce noise is by rolling tape on the chains and reducing the movement of punching bag after a punch.

You can also use nylon straps as they don’t lead to any noise only chains do. If you have a steel punching bag hook or mount, then apply some grease over it. You can also wrap rope around the wrap to reduce the jerking movement of the punching bag.

  • Can mount springs reduce noise of punching bags?

Mount springs make movement noiseless because of the addition of springs. But while the noise coming from a heavy bag is the punching and thumping sound, not the noise from the chain.

How to Make Heavy Bag Quieter?

The best way to make your heavy punching bag quieter is by increasing the cushion space around it. You can do it in multiple ways. Here are a few helpful one:

1. Wrap a cloth around your punching bag. This way the sound will be compressed by the cloth in between your punching bag leather and your gloves

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2. Make the room sound proof. Cover the space between doors and floor with a cloth so that the sound doesn’t escape the room

3. Don’t use a vinyl or rexine punching bag. Instead use a leather punching bag without polish. These are sturdy and hard but they don’t produce as much sound as that produced by a rexine or vinyl material.

4. Cover your punching bag chain and carabiner with a cloth so that it doesn’t make as much sound as it used to before.

5. Tighten the loose ends of the chain with a rope so that the chain doesn’t make excessive sound

6. Use a quiet punching bag. There are many pre-made quiet punching bags available in the market that you can use for a sound-less punching bag experience.

So, that’s how you make the heavy bag even more quieter.

Wear punching gloves with more padding while punching the bag so that it decreases the sound. You can also buy a standing punching bag as well. 

So, these are some of the best heavy bag noise reduction ways. You can easily apply them at home without much expense. But if you want bags that are highly quiet then it is better to get punching mitts.

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Why Is You Heavy Punching Bag So Loud?

There are many reasons why punching bags make noise. Some of them are:

1. Overfilled punching bags are very hard and thick, so they don’t absorb sound (or punches) as well as a softer bag. While hitting a hard bag feels better, it is much noisier.

2. Many home bags rely on sand or water-filled stands that wobble and make noise on the floor.

3. Bags are often hanging from chains, which can rattle as the bag is punched. Chains often transmit noise directly into the ceiling where your bag is hung, so if it is stuck into a joist, your upstairs neighbour has a fair chance of hearing every punch.

4. The final and most obvious way to make noise with boxing bags is to punch them hard…the harder you punch, the louder they get!

So, if your punching bag is too loud, then read the heavy punching bag noise reduction tips that we have mentioned above.

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