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Treadmill proves to be very beneficial to your health but can be a real nuisance when it starts making those ugly noises. To find out how to make the treadmill quieter, first, you need to understand what makes it produce these sounds.

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Why do treadmills make those squeaky noises?

The belt of the treadmill is mostly the main culprit behind all that fuss. There are several other causes that make your treadmill go all loud and noisy.

  • Tightness of belt

Sometimes the belt is set too tight which produces a squeaky sound when the belt runs over the machinery.

  • Lack of lubrication

What was the last time you gave treadmill a nice oil dose? Can’t remember? Then, this is possibly the most accurate reason behind all the noise.

Worn-out belts cause a lot of noise due to the rough surface friction effect.

  • Worn out bearings

Due to excessive use, the bearings of the machine easily wear out making squeaky noises. So it is important to check your treadmill machine for any anomalies. If it continuously make cranky sound, then it is time to call the treadmill repairing guy.

You can also fix common treadmill problems yourself like replacing the treadmill belt, cleaning the motor, and rollers, so on and so forth.

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  • Impact noise

The major reason for the noise has to be you. Yes, you. You are making most of the noise coming from the treadmill. When you run on the treadmill, your feet hitting the treadmill floor produce an impact noise, the faster you run, the greater the impact, and hence more noise reaches your ear.

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There are some quiet treadmills available on the market ( at Amazon.com especially). If you are looking for a silent workout environment, you should buy a silent treadmill for the home in the first place. You can check the top quiet treadmills post for some selected and updated treadmills collections. But, if you already have a treadmill at your home or office, you should consider the steps below to reduce noises and make your exercise session peaceful. Let’s take a look.

How to Make a Treadmill Quieter When Exercising

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The point of the issue is how to make the treadmill quieter so that you can exercise peacefully and don’t ruin the sleep or peace of your siblings, neighbours, or friends – whoever lives with you.

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Here are several tools and techniques to get rid of the noise from the treadmill and workout in peace and silence.

  • Invest in a good rubber mat

A good rubber mat made of dense material below the treadmill absorbs the impact noises produced when your feet hit the machine.

This is most probably a one-time investment. The most recommended treadmill mat is a Rubber-Cal Treadmill mat from Amazon that comes in all sizes. On a strict budget this month? Pick a thick rug from your lounge and place it under your treadmill and ‘quietly’ wait for the next month to buy a mat if your pocket allows you to.

  • Put the machine on a completely flat surface

The machine will start wobbling if it is placed on even a slightly uneven surface. Wobbling will produce a constant sound.

  • Exercise on an incline 

Running or walking on an incline will have a reduced effect on the sound as you will be moving gently. It will also reduce the impact that the treadmill belt will have with the rollers. They will work more in unison and create a buzzed sound.

  • Lubricate the belt

The belt of your treadmill needs to be lubricated to protect it from wear and tear due to constant friction being produced. You need to follow the user’s manual before lubricating to avoid safety hazards. 

  • Wear lighter shoes

Not exactly the answer to ‘how to make treadmill quieter’ but wearing lighter shoes can reduce the noise if it is due to the stomping of your feet. Heavy boots such as military ones have a very high impact on the hitting surface creating a lot of noise.

  • Soundproof the gym room

Soundproofing your gym walls and floors can really help you mask the unwanted sounds coming from your treadmill. You can install a layer of drywall to add mass to the wall that does not let the sound waves escape the room. Installing a floor underlay(subfloor) can prove to be a relief for your downstairs neighbors. Filling the hollow parts of doors and windows with soundproof material can make a big difference. Here is a complete guide to soundproof your room.

  • Replace the worn-out bearings

Bearings used in the machinery wear out quite easily due to friction. It is advised to check for the worn-out bearings and replace them with the new ones as soon as possible. Here is a video tutorial on how to replace worn out bearings.

  • Perform routine maintenance

Every machine needs regular maintenance which includes cleaning it for any debris and tightening the nuts and bolts. The debris stuck inside the machinery causes a lot of noise and also disrupts its smooth functioning.

  • Choose a central location to place the machine

Tried everything but the noises won’t stop? Here is how to make the treadmill quieter by simply doing nothing. All you got to do is to change the location of your treadmill to the center of your room and watch the noises lower down. If the machine is placed near the wall, it absorbs all the vibration producing loud noises.

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Bottom-line: Make Treadmill Quieter With These Tips

In figuring out how to make treadmill quieter , the first step is to identify the origin of the noise and then take appropriate measures accordingly. Although you can’t entirely mask the noise coming from your machine these techniques can make the sounds very light and bearable. If nothing helps, and you just can’t bear the noise, go for treadmills that are designed to be quieter. These treadmills have a quieter engine, a stronger base, and more and better shock absorbers.

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