Do Magnetic Bracelets Help with Weight Loss?

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Magnetic weight loss is the newest form of no-diet no-exercise weight loss therapy in town. Magnetic bracelets, rings, and earrings are being profusely sold and bought in the market in the name of weight loss aids. These products come in various forms and designs as per the customer’s requirement. However, people have a lot of doubts about whether they work or not? How can one lose weight by simply wearing a magnetic bracelet or a ring without even moving? Are they worth spending dollars or not?

Simple question:

Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet Does it Work?!

There is no evidence that magnets help lose weight.

Magnets are believed to regulate the metabolism of the human body. The north pole of the magnet is supposed to increase the metabolic activity of the body, elevating the general energy expenditure, therefore causing the calories to burn off. This is done through bio-magnetism in combination with the principles of acupressure. At a cellular level, these principles work to increase cellular respiration, the process of converting fats, carbohydrates, and proteins into small usable forms, giving off a lot of energy. This results in a negative energy balance and thus weight loss.

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Magnetic earrings and bracelets are often used as a form of loss prevention. No definitive scientific data supports the magnet’s efficacy in weight reduction, nevertheless. This post will provide you some more information to consider while deciding if magnetic wristbands can help you lose weight.

Here is a summary of how these magnets work:


Do magnets help you lose weight?

Magnets have the ability to alter biological function. Still, using magnets can alter your metabolism and lead to weight loss. The fundamental purpose, besides, is that the north pole speeds up the metabolic process while the south position slows it down.

But this is just a theory and there is no evidence to prove it.

What does a magnetic weight loss bracelet do?

Experts suggest that you will not be able to reduce your body fat by using magnetic wristbands. There is no evidence to suggest that it is effective; thus, be wary of marketing strategies! It’s a well-known fact that magnetic bracelets may serve either as an ornament or an accessory. They improve the appearance of your wrist, but other than that, they provide no further benefits.

How do magnetic bracelets work for weight loss?

The theory suggests that ‘Magnets have the ability to alter the physiology of cells.’

Having said that, magnets have been shown to alter your metabolism and cause weight loss. Aside from that, the primary purpose is that the north stance speeds up the system that controls metabolism, while the south pose slows it down.

The stimulation of the metabolism that results from the magnet’s north pole may lead to an increase in the number of calories that are burned by the cells, leading to an overall boost in energy. In addition, depending on the style, magnetic bracelets may be worn either on the wrist or the toes. This is a feature that is sold to consumers.

Bio-Magnetism: Impact on Weight Loss

It is also claimed by some people that the biomagnetism results in such powerful combustion of the food taken in that it burns the fat cells. This combustion continues even in the night time when the activity level is almost zilch.  All you need to do is to just wear a ring on your toe or finger, or just tie a bracelet around your wrist and boom!!!! You are losing weight.

Acupressure & Magnetism

Briefly said, acupressure refers to an alternative therapeutic practice based on the principle of applying pressure to acupuncture sites. Therefore, it has the potential to effect alterations in both internal organs and physiological processes. The basic ideas are not dissimilar from those used in acupuncture.

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Magnet Bracelet Leading to Weight-loss: Medical Evidence

There has been no medical or scientific evidence provided yet that supports the idea of weight loss through magnetic rings and bracelets. The above-mentioned mechanism is just a proposition by some of the health experts. 

A search of PubMed, a database of more than 23 million citations for biomedical literature, revealed no clinical trials involving magnetic rings, or for that matter bracelets, purported to treat obesity or aid weight loss.

Why do people still claim of losing weight through these rings?

And yet there are a lot of people who swear by the magnetic bracelets and rings and how they helped them reduce their weight. As there is no scientific proof for this as yet, such results can be better explained by the concept of the Placebo effect. This effect is based on the connection between the mind and body of a person. If a person firmly believes that a certain medication or treatment can cause an effect on his/her body, the body’s chemistry will react in such a way that it produces the desired effect.

The same goes for weight loss which is a type of behavioral change. The person wearing the ring or bracelet believes that it will cause him/her to lose weight. This psychological belief causes his body to attain the desired results.

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Where Can You Buy Magnetic Copper Bracelets Online

Most of these magnetic bracelets are available on Amazon and Walmart. The price of these bracelets can be anywhere between $10 to $50. Most of the magnetic bracelets are made of copper and are said to have many healing powers including:

  • Weight loss
  • Back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel cure
  • Joint pain relief

Magnetic therapy is an old phenomenon and used as a passive treatment for many ills. It is a natural supplement to invasive OTC pills. These pure copper bracelets are a great treatment for pain arthritis, joint pain, carpal tunnel, migraine, weight-loss and fatigue.

When buying these bracelets online, make sure to check the reviews available as they can help you find out the problems with most of these weight-loss devices. You can then make an aware decision about which magnetic weight-loss bracelets to choose for your needs.

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FAQ: Do Magnetic Bracelets Help with Weight Loss?

1. Can You Really Lose Weight With Magnet Bracelets?
In reality, you don’t really lose weight with a bracelet. They are just magnetic bracelets and nothing more. There is no evidence supporting the claim that bracelets can help lose weight. However, people have said that they have actually lost weight after wearing these bracelets and they stand by their words. So, you can test and see if it helps you lose weight.

2. Are there any side effects to Magnetic Bracelets?
No. There are no apparent side effects of using magnetic bracelets for weight-loss. However, some people have skin allergy and magnetic bracelets can become a catalyst of that allergy. So only buy magnetic bracelets if you are sure that these will not affect your skin. You can check if they are hurting your skin by wearing them for a couple of days. If nothing happens, it means that you can use the magnetic bracelets without worry.

Bottom-line: Do Magnetic Bracelets Lead to Weight Loss?

If you have not guessed the conclusion already, here is one for you. Magnetic bracelets, rings, and earrings are claimed by a lot of people to have reduced their weights significantly. 

There is, however, no medical or scientific evidence whatsoever as to the effectiveness of magnets in weight loss. It is therefore suggested to follow proper weight loss regimes recommended by experts if you really are looking for some ways to shed all those extra pounds.

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