How to Shorten Heavy Bag Straps If it Hangs too Low?

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Punching bag is the greatest and long-term companion of all the boxers. But, not only the boxers, several other people still have a heavy bag hung in their specific rooms for practicing punches. I have been practicing punching on the heavy bags even though I am not a professional boxer. Well, most of the people ask me how it feels to punch on the punching box, specifically the non-boxers.

As far as the boxers are concerned, they often seek my assistance for the punching bag maintenance. However, quite surprisingly, I often come across a typical question of how to alter and shorten the heavy bag straps. What surprises me is that I have never struggled shortening my punching bag straps, but several people do. If you also struggle lessening the punching bag straps of your heavy bags, don’t worry, I have come up with certain easiest methods to do it.

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Short Answer:  Shorten Heavy Bag Straps

Use the carabiner to shorten the length of chain that is under tension by clipping it to the highest link of the chain. If you are using a rope, then simply re-tie the rope by decreasing five inches in the height of the punching bag.

Metolius Steel Auto Lock Carabiner | REI Co-op
This way you can raise the height of the punching bag to your desired level without losing strength or swaying in the mount.

The problem with long punching bag chain and how to shorten them:

  • They can cause problem when people are punching the bag
  • They are not easy to hang the punching bag and the bag moves a lot
  • The straps reduce the length of the punching bag and it is not always on head level
  • Long straps can unbalance the punching bag while practicing

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The optimal height for hanging should be 2.5 meters to the highest point for hanging; this will provide enough space for you to attach a swivel, one or two snap hooks, or both. The straps on a punching bag are typically placed at a distance of around 30 centimeters from the bag itself.

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How to Shorten Punching Bag Chain Straps

Some of the best ways to shorten heavy bag straps are provided below. They are not all of the ways so you are welcome to try your own and tell us so that we can tell them to the world.

Use a Carabiner to shorten Punching Bag Straps

A carabiner has a gate-like opening and is a metal snap-link. It offers a convenient way to hang your heavy bag. The carabiners are simple to close and open, so you can adjust the height of the punching bag strap. In addition, they can be locked to make sure that the bag is attached in a secure manner. Wondering how it would shorten the strap? You can pull the strap and lock it using the carabiner where it is appropriate. So, if you think you can’t shorten the strap of your punching bag, try a carabiner.

Mount carabiner of punching bag in hall fighting arts ~ Video ...

Use Wood Blocks Underneath the Stand

Since you are striving to shorten the strap of your punching bag, the main purpose is to adjust the bag to an appropriate height. What if some blocks of wood assist you in this regard and serve your purpose? You can place some wooden blocks underneath the stand to give it some lift. Your straps would ultimately be shortened, making your heavy bag adjusted at the right height for you. This technique would work, so you can enjoy practicing your punches.

Image result for sand bags for punching bag

Use a Steel Cable 

You can use the steel cable as a replacement for punching bag chain straps. Here again, adjustment of the punching bag to the right height is your purpose. You can use a solid steel cable to accomplish that. Get a steel cable and loop it over the major support beam for your punching bag on the ceiling. If it is still low, you can tighten the cable to shorten the length. Try to have a thick tape under the sides of the cable where it does not wear out the wood and does not rub the beam.  

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Use a Small Punching Bag

Another option is to buy a small punching bag that doesn’t stick to the ground. You can use 70 lbs punching bag by everlast, or you can go for a 70 lbs Title punching bag. In both cases, the straps are small so they won’t touch the ground and you can easily practice your moves.

Use a Freestanding Punching Bag

Another option is to go for a freestanding punching dummy. These punching dummies are a little costly but they still worth it. In fact, they are some of the best ways to punch because the user will not have to hit something that’s moving.

Use a Boxing Dummy

Boxing dummies are used to practice against an opponent. They are used when there is no opponent available and one would like to practice. The dummies are always on the ground. You can put them against a wall but they will again slide back to the lying position because of all the impact they are getting. But still if you are tired and don’t know how to shorten heavy bag straps, they boxing dummies are one great option.

Use Wall Hanging Punching Bag

If you are not sure how to Shorten Heavy Bag Straps, then another replacement is the use of wall hanging punching bags. You don’t need to hang them. These wall hanging punching bags are small and similar to the punching pads used in Karate and other martial arts. The best part is that they are low cost and don’t get ruined easily. In fact, you can have more than one in your home to practice your punching strikes.

The wall hanging punching bags serve many purposes and one of them is the use of limited space. With wall hanging bags, you don’t have to move to and fro. The bags will work by themselves and you can easily replace them when needed. Moreover, these punching bags don’t limit user movement in the room. You can box while others are doing their work.

Can I hang heavy bag from floor joist?

You will need to suspend your bag from a center joist, and a crossbeam will be of the most use to you in this attempt. When you are drilling holes into the ceiling joists, use a ruler. After ensuring that the holes are aligned properly across the beams, mount a board made of hardwood to the ceiling. You will need to fasten it to the foundation using the freshly drilled holes and the wood screws.

Any home gym punching bag setup is not complete without a spring as an important piece of equipment. One of the benefits of using springs for punching bags is that it may reduce the amount of noise produced by abrupt movements by more than fifty percent.

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How do you fix the straps on a heavy bag?

Sew them in with a needle or a sewing machine.

You can also use a sewing awl for the same reason. An awl for sewing is a hand tool that is used to punch holes in thick straps so that string may be threaded through them. Using sewing awls is a more simpler and easier method to fix te strap on heavy punching bags by hand.

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If you are creative enough, there are several more ways you can lessen your heavy bag straps. However, these are some of the easiest to perform techniques to do so.


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