You can’t go wrong for an elliptical trainer when you are shopping for home well-being equipment. The most renowned elliptical machines from Sole Fitness that are recognized for their total accuracy and their brilliant functionality.

While several updates and changes have been made to their initial bestseller E series since 2021, the fact that the Sole e25 and the Sole e35 are still one of the leading bestseller contestants for a number of reason is certainly not denied.

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However, it is always less confusing to choose between e25 and e35 than not. There are also parallels in their ad specs and almost the same ravine consumer ratings.

To understand them further, let us explore the overall facets of both the elliptical in the Solo E series.

Difference between Sole E25 vs E35

The Sole E25 is a mid-range elliptical with a 20″ stride length, 8 levels of resistance, an LCD display, 8 built-in programs, and a weight capacity of 350 lbs. It also has Bluetooth connectivity.

The Sole E35 is a higher-end model with a 21″ stride length, 16 levels of resistance, an LCD display with a RaceTrack, 10 built-in programs, and a weight capacity of 400 lbs. It also has Bluetooth connectivity.

Features Sole E25 Sole E35
Stride Length Smooth 20″ Stride Length Smooth 21″ Stride Length
Resistance Levels 8 Levels of Resistance 16 Levels of Resistance
Display LCD Display LCD Display with RaceTrack
Programs 8 Built-in Programs 10 Built-in Programs
Capacity Weight Capacity of 350 lbs Weight Capacity of 400 lbs
Connectivity Bluetooth Connectivity Bluetooth Connectivity


Let’s learn everything about the Sole E25 Elliptical trainer and how it is different from Sole E35.


  • Quality and shelf durability guaranteed by the industry.
  • Extremely quiet operation allows it to be used anywhere, anywhere without interruption.
  • Curiously big foot pedals for comfortable exercise, reducing the risk of slip.
  • Power slopes for more personalized workouts with 20 different settings.
  • Ten training activities aimed at achieving greater outcomes.
  • Touch and remote control of the heart rhythm to track you through the diet.


  • The Sole e25, as routines doable are prefixed and installed, cannot import a new training from the internet.
  • Although the unit is suitable for routine home use, it is not therefore strong enough for athletes who require highly stringent and heavy training sessions.

The Sole E25 elliptical is the most rational cross trainer and is the novice level of Sole. Offer the lower legs, elbows, and hips a budget-friendly way to keep in shape without damaging the delicate joints.

The Sole E25 is the most reasonable computer with low cost, low power and superior tilt. It promotes joint-accommodation activities for the whole body with moving handles and a natural sensation, a well developed elliptical course.

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Key Features of Sole E25 

  1. The Sole E25 allows you to target the whole body muscle with 20 settings in incline level. Controllers for convenience are built into the handlebars.
  2. You will display the 6.5′′ LCD programming included in a support or on the Sole Fitness device on your mobile phone.
  3. When the heart rate is tested, the Sole E25 is shielded. It has the underlying touch-beat sensors and a resemblance to wearable chest lash. It has a chest harness.
  4. Sole elliptical exercise maintains health. The E25 has over dimensioned, internal pedals that allow you to improve your normal growth and reduce knee and ankle tension.

Specification of Sole E25

  1. Has a variable slope from 0 to 20 degrees.
  2. At 20 inches, the stage length is optimum.
  3. Weighs 20 pounds of Flywheel.
  4. It has 10 applications pre installed.
  5. It has got a fan within.
  6. The weight is 350 lbs gross.
  7. Sole e25 is 70 inches x 24 inches W x 64 inches H.

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Let’s learn everything about the Sole E35 Elliptical trainer and how it is different from Sole E25.


  1. Really silent and smooth running for everyday use.
  2. 25-pound, smooth flywheel to improve regime and speed.
  3. Pedals are very versatile and are very comfortable and supportive.
  4. Power slant again assists in advanced workouts with 20 different setups.
  5. 10 pre-installed workout systems more suitable for new trends.
  6. Beneficiaries of cellular and cardiac touch (wireless chest strap included).
  7. Bluetooth Compatible, so the Sole e35 can be supplied with an additional surveillance device or even the handset.


  1. The length could not be adjusted due to the set location.
  2. While Bluetooth networking is available, the download of new training sessions is still not supported.

The Sole E35 is another Sole Fitness unit that’s the reliable top seller and has a modest price and intelligent style. A stage above the single e25 and other input levels is the Sole E35 machine.

This can be used both by amateurs and intermediate consumers thanks to its upgraded features. The Sole E35 is more expensive but still a variant with more options that Sole E25 does not have.

It was especially favorite for a number of reasons as an improved version of the original Sole e35.

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Key Features of Sole E35 

  1. Sole E35 has a higher technology compared with previous ones, featuring some highlights, such as a Bluetooth network for flexible fitness and music streaming devices, as well as a USB charge port.
  2. It has a 25-pound front wheel build, a 20-inch step with sending/turning around movement, and a compact 30 degree tilt control pitch for centered moving muscles.
  3. The variety of exercise top body is upheld with the running handles of multi-position grasps.
  4. The computer has the car wheels synchronized. This allows you to ply the unit onto one side if a little spare space in the room isn’t freed.
  5. There is a warranty time for the current Sole E35 unit. It is higher than e25 alone, but it has innovative pricing functions.

Specifications of Sole E35

  1. It has a complex inclination that is close to the Sole e25 between 0 and 20 degrees.
  2. At 20 inches, the stage length is optimum.
  3. Weighs 25 pounds, the Flywheel.
  4. It has 10 more rigorous applications with advanced ad enabled.
  5. I’ve got a fan inside.
  6. The weight is 375 lbs, more than the weight of the Sun e25.
  7. Sole e35 has a total size of 82″ L x 31″ W x 67″ H.

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Which One Is better? Sole E25 Vs Sole E35

But when thinking of the three key distinction, the Sole E35 is costlier than the E25:

  1. Better safeguard,
  2. The heavier flywheel that provides greater strength 
  3. The extended user cap of the E35 are easy to cover.

In conclusion, the Sole e35 is the right option if you need an intermediate to advanced level training. Nevertheless, if you need something easy and light to use every day, Sole e25, since it is cheaper and smaller, is quickly selected.


The Sole e25 and Sole e35 are one of the best-selling elliptical products in the Sole Fitness line, as already reported. Although the main distinction between the two is a few modifications that are not possible to see until you look carefully at both.

This guidance document was to introduce the small, but effective details well before study was conducted.


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