Elliptical vs Treadmill Comparison – Everything To Know

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Let’s learn about the different types of elliptical and treadmill machines. We will be discussing about what makes elliptical machines different from treadmill machines and which one you should buy for your home gym fitness.

Elliptical vs Treadmill Comparison

From elliptical trainer and treadmill, opting the perfect machine for home or gym workout can be puzzling as either machine has their pros and cons. Give a one-week trial to both and see what works best for you. 

We will first see how elliptical machines differ from the rest. 

Table: Elliptical vs treadmill Comparison Explained

Features Elliptical Machines Treadmill Machines
Impact Low Impact Workout High impact workout
Ease of Use Less effort, more calories burned More effort, more calories burned
Targeted Muscle Full body workout Legs, Waist, Lower body
Budget-Friendliness Yes. Machine Costs Less than Treadmill Starts from $200

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Benefits and Limitations of Elliptical Machines Explained

An elliptical trainer is a considerable choice for the gym and home workouts. The tension of the machine can be adjusted by the flywheel. Whole of your body is involved while you work out on an elliptical.

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Low-impact: The elliptical is preferred over treadmill as it has a rather low impact on your bones, joints and ligaments as compared to the treadmill. Because you don’t have to leave the pedal while working out on it hence less stress on the bones and joints.

Core involvement: With the Elliptical trainer, as you move your arms and legs on the handles and pedals, you work your core out, not just the lower body.

Organic approach: Running on the elliptical, mimics the riding motion of a cycle which gives your workout a more natural approach.

Easy workout: The elliptical requires much fewer efforts and burns much more calories as in comparison to a treadmill, hence easing the work out for you.

Variation: Elliptical comes with varying degrees of resistance, adding variety to your workouts, one distinguishing feature of elliptical is it’s “backward” option which is obviously un-do-able in a treadmill.

Budget-friendly: A decent elliptical machine will definitely cost you much less than that of a good quality treadmill.


Low-impact: elliptical machine offers a limited impact on bones which is a shortcoming for people wanting a greater impact workout.

Numb Feet: longer duration on an elliptical will cause your feet to go numb leaving you uncomfortable. You will have to take a break to get your blood circulation back.

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Muscle flushing: Starting sessions of workouts on an elliptical can cause flushing of muscles due to muscle fatigue, keep your workouts consistent to avoid this problem.

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Benefits and Limitations of Treadmill Machines Explained

The automated treadmill is powered by a motor having a belt on which you can walk or run.


High-impact: Treadmill allows you to work out according to your wants and needs. You can either walk or run, strengthening your bones and burning an immense number of calories.

Variation: Speed ranges of treadmill and inclination options permits you to have your desired work out.

Sport-orientation: Treadmill helps not only the fitness personals but also helps the runners, train for the races and other sports, requiring flat running.

Eased-out exercise: Walking on a treadmill is as easy as doing a “2+2”. You just need to get used to of the belt motion.

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Outdoor and indoor walking differences: While you walk/run on a treadmill, your legs are being pulled backwards moreover there will be no air resistance as that of outdoor running. Because of these factors switching from indoor to outdoor running will take a while to adjust.

Boring: Recurring movement of the treadmill can lead to boredom, sometimes tv screens or a videogame display is attached to the LCDs to make them work out a little fun.

Chances of Injury: You should avoid any slipping or falling from the moving belt to minimize the chances of injury.

Cost: A decent, fit-for-running treadmill can cost up to 2000$ but with the powerful motor, a durable body and other custom functions contained by the machine, the price is fair enough.

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Verdict: Elliptical vs Treadmill Comparison

So, now the final question is: Which of the two machines is a better choice for you? Answer: Both.

Elliptical machines serves a different purpose. They target the core muscles of the body unlike treadmill machines that only focus on lower body workout.

So, when buying an elliptical machine vs treadmill machine, make sure that you are aware of all the points they tell.

That’s it for this blog post. We will be coming back with many more topics on elliptical machines and treadmill machines, until then let us know what you think about it.


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