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Teflon versus Silicone: Best Lubricant for Treadmill?

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Which lubricant is best for your treadmill machine? Teflon or Silicone? That’s what we are about to find in this article. Stay tuned for more updates.

By applying lubricant to the walking belt of your treadmill on a regular basis, you may reduce the amount of wear and tear caused by excessive friction. Depending on how frequently you use your treadmill, the majority of treadmill manufacturers advise lubricating the belt anywhere from once every six months to once every year. If you use the wrong kind of lubricant on your walking belt, you may end up doing more harm than good to the belt.

Silicone as a Treadmill Lubricant

Silicone is an artificial compound that can be discovered in a wide variety of products. Silicone has an extremely wide range of applications, one of which is lubrication. The walking belt of a treadmill should be lubricated with 100 percent silicone, as recommended by the majority of manufacturers of fitness equipment. Both a liquid and a spray form of silicone are offered for purchase.

Teflon as a Treadmill Lubricant

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The DuPont firm is the owner of the Teflon brand name as well as the Teflon registered trademark.

It is a lubricant that is made of silicone. According to the information provided on the Dupont website, the Teflon fluoropolymer is present in all of Dupont’s lubricants. This fluoropolymer offers enhanced resistance to water, high temperatures, and severe friction.

Teflon versus Silicone: Factors 

Many treadmill manufacturers will only recommend lubricants that are 100% silicone. In this case, Teflon would be inappropriate, despite the fact that treadmills are included on DuPont’s list of acceptable applications for Teflon. However, the instructions do not mention lubricating the treadmill belts anywhere. It’s possible that when DuPont talks about lubricating the treadmill, they’re actually referring to other components, such as the bolts and nuts. It is recommended by Johnson Fitness that a spray containing Teflon be used to lubricate the air shocks.

Warnings for Using Teflon vs Silicone

Lubrication might not be necessary for some treadmill belts. At the factory, the surface of certain models are treated with a lubricant with a high performance level. Many products sold by Icon Health and Fitness, such as NordicTrack, ProForm, and Weslo, grease the walking belt before it is used. Icon stresses that the belt should not be treated with silicone spray or any other material that could damage it or accelerate its deterioration.

Bottom Line: Teflon vs Silicone

The majority of companies that produce treadmills provide customers with a list of lubricants that are advised to be used on the walking belt. To figure out what is the best lubricant for the treadmill, you may either look it up in the owner’s manual for your treadmill or get in touch with the company that makes it. If you use a lubricant that has not been approved, you run the risk of having your warranty void.

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