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Being kicked in the groin by a professional fight is no fun at all. Though such strikes are illegal in MMA fights, but prohibited or not, accidents can and do happen. Therefore it is regulated by certain athletic commissions and is requisite for a male MMA fighter to wear cups as protective gear.  Even if you are just training in your gym, it is advisable to be properly equipped.

Short Answer about: Do UFC fighters wear cups?

Yes, UFC fighters are required to wear protective cups during fights to protect their genitals from accidental injury.

Let’s learn what do UFC fighters wear under their shorts.

What is the UFC Cup Rule?

The UFC Cup Rule is a regulation that requires all male UFC fighters to wear a protective cup, also known as a groin protector, during fights. This rule is in place to minimize the risk of injury to the male fighters’ genitalia and surrounding areas, which can be vulnerable to strikes and kicks during a fight.

The UFC Cup Rule is part of the overall safety regulations set by the UFC to protect the fighters from harm. The rule is enforced by the referee, who will check to ensure that the fighter’s cup is properly in place before the fight begins. If a fighter is not wearing a cup or if the cup is not properly in place, the referee may delay the fight until the issue is resolved.

It’s important to note that while the UFC Cup Rule applies only to male fighters, female fighters are not required to wear cups as they do not have external genitalia. However, female fighters may choose to wear groin protection gear for added protection during fights.

Are Cups Required in UFC? Benefits of Wearing a Cup

The UFC cups are designed in such a way as to distribute the weight of the strike well on the plastic surface. It has a sponge at the inner side that protects the groin from any major impact. Consequently, you feel a hit but it doesn’t affect your groin area in any way.

How Groin Cups Protect from Serious Injuries?

The most obvious benefit of wearing cups is the protection it provides to the groin area. Receiving strikes to this area may lead to serious injuries that take days or even weeks to recover and although it is rare you may have to undergo surgical treatment or suffer permanent damage too. It also provides safety to the fighter while practicing various grappling techniques.

Stretching Made Easier

Stretching before a fight, is one activity whose importance can not be overlooked by MMA fighters at least. Being able to stretch your groin area properly, may it be in training or during the actual competition, can prevent strains and muscle injuries. Some cups such as those built in the compression shorts have high tech quality that aids proper stretching and thus better performance.

Cups To Hold Groin Region in Place

Another very big concern for male fighters is to make their lower body parts stay in place. Otherwise, this can be of great distraction for the fighter. Specially designed cups keep your body parts in place without restricting your movements while sparring.

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What Happens If a Fighter Gets Hit in the Groin

Ever heard the phrase ‘hitting below the belt’? Yes, you reached right on point. The phrase originates from here. Fighters are strictly prohibited to hit their opponents on their lower body parts. It not only hurts a lot but may also have some serious effects on your body. 

According to the UFC rules, the referee of the match has all the power to take action according to the situation. Usually, if the striker hits unintentionally, he is given a warning by the referee. However, if the striker does it intending to distract or weaken the opponent and the person seems to be in pain, the game is stopped for five minutes. Meanwhile, no doctor or any other help is allowed to check on the area. If the person recovers, the game continues, or else the match is considered drawn or the results are decided against the hitter, all depending on the situation.

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Yes, UFC & MMA Allows Groin Cups

Boxers should wear groin guards to protect themselves against all kinds of hits, may it be accidental or intentional hits. You can choose to wear just a  cup under your uniform or there are jockstraps or compression shorts with built-in cups. Also, some important criteria like materials and design should be kept in mind when getting one for yourself. Only those cups are advisable which are allowed by a certain commission. Most importantly, the fighter must feel comfortable with it. It should not have any extra padding and certain materials are also prohibited. Still and all, fighters need to wear cups that are approved so they just can’t go into the ring wearing just anything e.g the guards need not be extra padded, and some groin cups are also prohibited so make sure that you see the prohibited list.

So make sure to go through the official regulations thoroughly if you are planning to fight in that ring anytime soon.

What are MMA & UFC Cups made of?

MMA cups, also known as groin protectors or cups, are typically made of hard plastic or metal materials, or a combination of both. The cups are designed to provide protection to the fighter’s genitalia and surrounding areas from accidental strikes and kicks during a fight.

Hard-shell cups are the most common type of cup used in MMA, as they provide the most protection against direct impacts. They are made of a hard plastic material that is designed to withstand hard kicks or strikes to the groin area. Some hard-shell cups may also include a metal reinforcement for added protection.

In addition to hard-shell cups, there are also soft-shell cups available. These cups are made of a more flexible material, such as rubber or silicone, and are designed to provide a more comfortable fit for the fighter. Soft-shell cups are less bulky and may be more suitable for fighters who prefer a more lightweight and streamlined cup.

What Types of Cups Do UFC Fighters Use?

UFC fighters typically use two types of cups for protection during fights: hard-shell cups and soft-shell cups.

Hard-shell cups are made of a rigid plastic or metal material and provide the most protection against direct impacts. They are designed to withstand hard kicks or strikes to the groin area and prevent injury to the fighter’s genitalia. Hard-shell cups are commonly used by MMA fighters and are required by the UFC for all male fighters.

Soft-shell cups, on the other hand, are made of a more flexible material, such as rubber or silicone. They are designed to provide a more comfortable fit for the fighter, while still providing adequate protection against impacts to the groin. Soft-shell cups are often used in other combat sports, such as boxing and wrestling, but are not commonly used in UFC fights.

Both hard-shell and soft-shell cups are worn inside a specially designed compression short that holds the cup in place and helps to prevent it from shifting or slipping during the fight. The compression shorts worn by UFC fighters are often made of a breathable and moisture-wicking material, such as spandex or polyester, to keep the fighter cool and comfortable during the fight.

It’s worth noting that the type of cup used by a UFC fighter is a personal preference, and some fighters may prefer a specific type of cup based on their fighting style or comfort level. Ultimately, the choice of cup is up to the fighter, as long as it meets the safety standards set by the UFC.

Do Female UFC Fighters Wear Cups?

Female UFC fighters, on the other hand, are not required to wear cups because they do not have external genitalia. However, they may choose to wear groin protection gear for added protection during fights. This gear is designed to protect the pelvic region and can be worn in the form of compression shorts or a specialized groin protector made specifically for female fighters.



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