Review: Is X-FORCE Exercise Fitness Machine Good for Muscles?

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X-Force, pioneer of exercise fitness machines, prides itself on being:

“The most significant strength-training advancement in the previous 30 years.” On the “negative” (lowering) half of the workout, a proprietary “tilting” weight stack provides for a 40% higher resistance. Because of the higher quality of negative resistance, a higher degree of effort can be achieved.”

The X-Force workout consists of a circuit consisting of around a dozen X-Force machines that are performed in rapid succession. It’s like a fast-paced personal training session where someone keeps track of your weight and reps to ensure you’re truly pushing yourself.

One thing that X-Force training excels at is growing muscular bulk. On paper, it accomplishes this admirably. In fact, they claim that all it needs is one 30-45 minute workout per week to achieve results.

Working out with X-Force: 'The hardest 30 minutes of your life' | PhillyVoice

It can appear to be too wonderful to be true, but it’s not.

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Benefits of X-Force Exercise Fitness Machine

  • Increasing muscle mass and developing basic physical strength in most major muscle groups may be done safely and efficiently.
  • The X-Force machines are beautifully crafted and well-engineered. This results in an aesthetically beautiful, pleasant, and incredibly smooth user experience with minimal stress on your joints.
  • Individualized customized training ensures gradual overload and failure training. Each workout is meticulously recorded, including reps and weight, and preserved in a customized book for future reference.
  • With a beautiful view of Philadelphia City Hall, this studio is clean, friendly, and well-lit.
  • The workout takes very little time. Almost every second you spend in the studio is spent working on successfully fatiguing your muscles. This is undoubtedly one of its greatest assets, and one of the reasons why so many people are ready to pay a premium for convenience.
  • The personnel and trainers were all really kind and knowledgeable.

X-Force at IHRSA-worlds best pullover machine? - YouTube

Drawbacks of X-Force Exercise Fitness Machine

  • The same critiques that may be leveled at most machine training can also be leveled against X-Force.
  • All of the workouts are done while sitting. You will automatically engage your trunk throughout the motions if you had a strong and functional core already. If you don’t, you’ll be relying on the backrest too much, with little benefit from intrinsic core stabilizers.
  • Gait inadequacies (running and walking) and other compensating tendencies will not be addressed by stimulating muscles in restricted movements.
  • The majority of the exercises are totally sagittal plane (forward/backward) and bilateral (both limbs moving in the same direction at the same time).
  • You could theoretically train limbs independently.
  • The lack of multi-planar, multi-angled motions not only creates distances in patterns of natural movement but also reduces the workout’s growth-stimulating benefits as your body adjusts to the machines’ fixed angles. This is why, in order to maximize the hypertrophic response of training, exercise rotation is required, which is difficult to do using machines.
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  • Machines, obviously, do not train other skills such as balance, coordination, or agility. An X-Force exercise does not include skilled motions that need the coordination of several muscles firing in intricate patterns.
  • Despite the fact that your heart rate may spike for a minute with strong leg presses, the activity has a minimal cardiorespiratory effect (nor does it claim to).
  • The cost is extortionate, and that even would be an understatement. 
  • It is incredibly hard on your body to train to failure with a high eccentric load. Workouts should only be done once or twice a week, otherwise, it’s very simple to overtrain (which can lead to fatigue of the central nervous system and anabolic hormones like testosterone and IGF-1.)
  • Isolation workouts are ideal for training for failure. It’s tough to distinguish which muscle is limiting you from completing the activity since multi-joint complex motions need considerable stability by a wide variety of supporting muscles.
  • Depending on the starting tilt of the weight stack, the eccentric overload is non-specific. The website claims a 40% increase in negative resistance, however, there appears to be some dispute regarding the exact figure. Furthermore, because the eccentric load cannot be altered, there is no method to adapt to the unique requirements of various bodies and movements.
  • You can get smacked by the weight stack when it switches positions if you don’t employ a gradual and controlled movement, which is a jarring and unpleasant feeling. Obviously, the trainers are there to assist you in avoiding this.

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Should You Get X-Force Fitness Machine?

It’s important to remember that muscle adaptations are based on the exact program used. You’ll get better at X-Force if you do it on a regular basis. This is true for any sort of training. There are cross-over effects, although adaptive transferability across contexts, movement patterns, speeds, and loads are frequently restricted.

Make sure your training is focused on the areas you wish to improve with X-Force Fitness machine

Concentrate on the concepts of increasing overload, specificity for your intended goals, and occasional failure. You’ll surely construct a balanced and fit physique if you can also address your postural compensating habits, gait mechanics, and other aspects of athletics. An excellent instructor, rather than a costly fancy gadget, may be necessary. I believe I am acquainted with one.

That being said, every fitness machine has its perks and drawbacks, so does X-force fitness machine.

If you really want to improve your physique with fitness equipment, you need to work hard with regardless of the limitations. Find workarounds that can help you become healthier, smarter, and better.

We hope you liked this review of X-force treadmill machine. If you think we have missed anything in this review, let us know in the comments below or simply contact us through the email available on the contact us page.



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