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Too Long to Read? Best Double-End Punching Bags You Can Get [Summary]

Title Classic Double End Bag

full synthetic leather, D-Rings, home-use
Ringside Leather Double-end Bag

variety of sizes, bladder leaks air, home-use
TITLE Mexican Style 2-n-1 Double End

real-life feel, bladder leaks air, gym-use
RDX speedball bag

elongated shape, better punches, less durable, gym-use
Cleto Reyes Double-End Punching Bag


superb quality and longevity, expensive

These were the top five double-end bags which have proved to be the best in town over the period of time. Each has its positives and negatives. Choose a bag that suits your level and requirements best and get going.

Looking for a perfect double end bag to add to your training routine? Before everything, we feel obliged to appreciate you for your choice of double end bag over all the other punching bags. If you desire to land punches on your opponent with speed, coordination, and most importantly accuracy, the first and foremost thing to achieve is the concentration in your training. When talking about concentration, working out on double-ended bags require lots and lots of focus and concentration.

Coming straight to the point, choosing from the wide range of these bags available in the market with different price tags and specifications is a tough grind. You must have know-how about their types and different factors that need to be considered before you go on spending dollars on a training bag.

To help you get the perfect double end bag for yourself, we have piled up 5 different models of these bags that fall under different price ranges and each of them has its unique properties according to the user needs.

Top 5 Best Double End Bags For Boxing Reviewed

List of double-end punching bags that you can buy online for your home gym fitness.

1.Title Classic Double End Bag

This is, undoubtedly, the best pick for use at home. This bag has just the right price and quality for one-person use. But the quality doesn’t qualify for use in the gym by multiple users. Though the material used is quite up to quality standards but it is far behind the gym bags in terms of durability. Its outer shell is entirely made of leather, while the bladder is built with heavy-duty rubber. The best part is that bag also comes with triple reinforced D-Rings on top of the bag for hanging. The bag comes in a size of 14″ x 42″

P.S: This bag has plastic Title logos on the sides. These can harm your hands or damage your boxing gloves, so it is better to remove them before use.


  • Hard-wearing rubber bladder.
  • Best for home-use.


  • The plastic logos are bad for your hands.

2. Ringside Leather Bag

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The ringside bag has an outer shell made from genuine leather and its bladder is made from latex, which makes this bag lighter and quicker. The triple reinforced top and bottom loops on this bag prevent them from ripping. All in all, when assessed for durability, this bag looks superior to Title’s bag. But it is still not good enough to be used commercially. The bag has three sizes– 5 inches, 7 inches, and 9 inches. The smaller sizes will be better for advanced fighters who can train with better accuracy and speed.

The one difficulty you will probably face is that its latex bladder tends to leak air, rendering the bladder inflated. 


  • Size variation available.


  • The stock bladder leaks air.

3. TITLE Mexican Style 2-n-1 Double End

This is a Mexican style bag. Its design mimics the head and neck of the opponent which gives a real-life feel to the training. Being heavier, it is not recommended for speed training. Exclusively good quality material makes it a great choice for both home and gym. The outer shell is made of genuine leather. Everything about this bag sounds so perfect. But wait! its bladder tends to leak air sometimes, so you may need a replacement. 

Sizes: XS (5 x 9), S (6 x 10), M (7 x 11)


  • Just like the upper torso of the opponent.


  • Air leakage problem of the bladder.

4. RDX speedball bag

This particular bag has a rather more elongated shape, making it unique from other bags of its kind. The shape provides more punching areas to the boxer and ultimately a much wider range of angles to punch this bag at. This particular formation allows the areas around the top and bottom loops to be used efficiently. The HG-Steel mount with the B-Balancing system ensures the stability of the bag during punching. Talking about the quality of material, this double-end bag has a decent quality. It is made from Maya hide leather. This material puts certain limits on its longevity.  This is great not for the boxers alone but also for the MMA fighters.



  • Punches from different angles can be practiced.


  • The flimsy rubber cords.

5. Cleto Reyes Double-end Punching Bag

Last but not the least, is a model of double end bag by Cleto Reyes. The big fat price tag is worth its quality and durability. Tightly and precisely built, this bag is designed to respond to your punches ideally. Made from genuine leather and reinforced with nylon lining, this bag has enough zest to keep you training on it for the years to come. 

Size: 10 x 8 x 6 in


  • Great quality and durability.
  • Comes with an extra bladder.


  • Expensive

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