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Everlast 70lb Youth Poly Canvas Heavy Bag Kit Review

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Everlast 70lb heavy bag kit is a perfect fit for any house and small apartment. It is made for starters who are just into body building and would like to get a heavy bag kit that can work for them. The Everlast 70lb Poly Canvas Heavy Bag Kit is made of poly canvas material and filled with stuffed custom filling of sand and other relevant fibers like wood dust. We decided to review this everlast 70lb bag and see what others who have bought the bag say about it.

On Amazon, it has mostly positive reviews because of the Everlast company logo attached with the bag. But, recently most people who have bought it, have said that the company is not shipping the original Everlast 70lb canvas heavy bag kit. The gloves are small and don’t fit the hands of a grown man. And, they have replaced the chains with straps for handing the bag.

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Custom Filling

Everlast youth punching bag kit comes filled with custom synthetic filling that’s great for anyone who has allergies either with sand or wood dust. However, you can even add your own type of filling to fill the bag. Here are a few types of punching bag fillings that you can add.

Professional Punching Gloves

Everlast is also offering high quality punching bag gloves with the Everlast 70lb Poly Canvas Heavy Bag Kit. The punching gloves are perfect for anyone who wants to start punching as soon as the bag is provided to them. These are low-padded punching gloves that you can use easily for your hands. Further, these are made of 100 percent breathable fabric and genuine leather and provides high level of comfort.

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Solid Steel hanger

These solid steel hangers are made of heavy duty beam and ensure complete safety and stability. The steel hangers are completely rust-free and keep the punching bag stable during the punching sessions.

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Features of Everlast 70lb Poly Canvas Heavy Bag Kit

If you want something powerful to de-stress yourself then everlast is for you. Whether you want to hang it on a tree, or in your room, it won’t get damaged easily. That’s what its reviewers have said. Here are a list of features of the Youth heavy bag for you.

  • The outer layer of everlast 70lb youth heavy bag is made of Poly canvas material
  • Available with synthetic or natural filling for the punching bag
  • Includes hanger, punching bag gloves, and hand wraps
  • Perfect for small apartments due to its small size
  • Can be easily carried and installed. May require a drill machine
  • Sometimes includes straps with D-Ring for hanging to the hanger of the punching bag
  • Great for improving cardiovascular functions and reducing stress
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Pros and Cons of Everlast 70lb Poly Canvas Heavy Bag Kit

Let’s discuss what makes these everlast youth heavy bag different from the rest. Let’s find answer to the questions like why you should buy them and the most important one, will they be a decent edition to your home?


  • Everlast 70lb Poly Canvas Heavy Bag Kit is perfect for home and apartment training. It can also be used in gymnasiums and open-gym environments because of the small size and easy way to carry them
  • The everlast 70lb poly canvas bag kit can be used by beginners and experts a like because of its suitable poly canvas outer layer. Professionals and experienced punchers can use it in any way they want.
  • High-quality material is used in the making of everlast punching bags. These will not tear even during rough conditions.
  • The 70lbs everlast Poly Canvas Heavy Bag Kit is made of high-quality poly canvas leather bag. It is an inexpensive way to start your punching adventures at home.
  • Consider the Everlast punching bag as a starter kit. If you don’t want to go to gym, then this punching bag is the best way to get ripped at home.
  • It is ideal for power punches training and multiple drills without extra equipment.
  • It can also be used as a training weight for carrying long distances due to is sheer size and light-weight.


  • The Everlast 70lb Poly Canvas Heavy Bag Kit is not made for the professionals or experienced punchers who used to punch bag with full force.
  • The mounting brackets aren’t available with the everlast kit and you have to purchase it separately.
  • The punching bag comes with gloves which are smaller in size. This problem is recorded by multiple people who have reviewed the everlast punching bag.
  • It’s a good heavy bag to have at home where you can use it for trainer as a beginner. But it will not be a good idea to hang it in your gym as it is not made for experienced punchers.
  • Everlast punching bag comes with hand wraps instead of chain for hanging it.
  • Reviewers have reported that instead of the everlast punching bag that was provided in the picture, another punching bag was sent to them

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Reviewers of Everlast 70lb Punching Bag said:

  1. The person said that he was disappointed with the punching bag he bought. The bag that was provided was in old style and wasn’t the one that they listed on the amazon store. He also said that they didn’t provide the heavy bag beam hanger with the package. Also, the hand wraps provided with the bag are small and low-padded.
  2. Another person who rated the Everlast 70lb punching bag kit 4 star said that the bag was with Nylon staps and D rings. That connect with the swivel rather than chains, as was depicted in the picture. Also, the bag featured the new Everlast logo instead of the vintage logo provided on the punching bag.
  3. Another person who bought the everlast punching bag said that the bag was well constructed and the mounting bracket was well constructed. He was only concerned that the bag was provided with straps instead of chains as was described in the listing – a problem that we have already mentioned above. He however said that the gloves were also of good quality but they were slightly smaller for his fingers.

We think that Everlast has kept one size for the gloves and doesn’t change it as per the user needs. So, if you are going to buy the Everlast 70lb Poly Canvas Heavy Bag Kit for beginning boxing adventures then make sure that you order a pair of extra gloves because these ones will be too tight.


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However, at the same time it can be said that the everlast light-weight 70lbs punching bags are great for people who are just starting out. The training bags will be a good size for wrestling drills and ideal for fighters. They also provide less resistance than other punching bags, as the saying goes: Great sized bags for training children and beginner boxers.

Alternatives of Everlast 70lb Youth Heavy Bag

In our opinion, Everlast 70lb Poly Canvas Heavy Bag Kit is perfect for anyone who wants to do regular cardio exercise. But if you are still looking for alternatives of this bag, then you can check out the Ringside Leather Boxing Bag.

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