How to Pair NordicTrack Treadmill with Bluetooth

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Able to connect your NordicTrack to Bluetooth will boost its achievement. Also, for personal enjoyment via music listening. So, how do I connect my NordicTrack to Bluetooth? In this blog, we’ll learn how to pair NordicTrack with Bluetooth. 

How Do I Pair Bluetooth with My Fitness pal?

Using iFit just on the best NordicTrack elevates your workouts. When you’ve enrolled with iFit, you’ll be able to access unrestricted workouts by world-renowned lecturers correct on your NordicTrack.

Presuming you always have an active iFit member status, the steps below will show how and when to connect Bluetooth to iFit.

 NordiTrack users should take note:

  1. Install the iFit Bluetooth version of the app.
  2. If your linkage is effective, the app will display a Bluetooth icon which will light up blue. It will, even so, continue to stay grey if there is no connection.
  3. Sign in to your iFit account.
  4. Turn on Bluetooth.

NordicTrack Users in United States should be aware of the following:

  1. Download and install the iFit smart cardio tablet app onto your device.
  2. Sign in to your iFit account.
  3. Enable Bluetooth.

Once you’ve finished these stages, your Bluetooth app will recollect your device information and communicate automatically anytime you begin a workout session.

Here’s a video that will allow you to connect to it using iFit:

To sync the iFit app, try these instructions instead of your device’s Bluetooth settings; alternatively, it will not work.

Follow these instructions to connect your iFit Bluetooth machine to the app:

  1. Begin using your NordicTrack machine.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your device.
  3. On your treadmill machine’s display, click the Bluetooth button; a four-digit sync code precise to your machine will be displayed.
  4. Stay close to one NordicTrack whilst also connected to keep the connection active.

Problems with NordicTrack Bluetooth Device

What if the NordicTrack bluetooth device is not working? Here are some ways to fix that problem.

NordicTrack’s Bluetooth isn’t working.

One of the most common causes, why your NordicTrack Bluetooth isn’t working is that the firmware on your machine is out of date.

Bluetooth will not sync correctly if you would not have the most recent firmware placed but don’t worry; there is an easy fix! Keep following these steps to make sure your treadmill is running the most recent firmware:

Navigate to the options menu.

Keep your eyes on new firmware updates.

Install any available updates. Important: Do not disconnect Bluetooth or delete your device while this is updating.

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If the refresh fails or does not finish, force close this same app and retry the information as directed in step 3

Why use Bluetooth on your NordicTrack Treadmill?

You can use the iFit features because Bluetooth is already enabled and functioning right. You can not only use the Bluetooth connection to obtain iFit workouts, but you could also use the iFit Bluetooth tablet app from the app store to change settings on your NordicTrack.

On certain designs, a street view is accessible, allowing you to swipe left or right thru the different screens and stats.

The app allows you to change the incline and speed. To do so, adjust the incline and speed value systems using the sliders on either side.

You can instantly reset these to their original pre-programmed values by using the “resume speed” and “resume incline” options.

While on the treadmill machine, press the right-click to cycle via workout metrics.

How do I turn off Bluetooth in NordicTrack?

That’s just as easy to turn Bluetooth off as it can be to turn it on! To turn off Bluetooth on your NordicTrack, merely detach your smart device from the console.

Press and hold the Bluetooth smart button on the console for 5 seconds to choose. Please keep in mind that all other gadgets, including heart rate monitors and smart devices, will be disengaged from your NordicTrack treadmill once this step is completed.

So there you have it: how to activate Bluetooth on a NordicTrack treadmill and other good tips and purposes why Bluetooth is crucial to the machine’s actual quality.

If you already have any machine-specific questions or Bluetooth concerns that have not been tried to address in this article, please get in touch with NordicTracks customer service.

Where is the Bluetooth button on my NordicTrack bike?

NordicTrack Bluetooth is located above the fan, on the top screen. Simply click on the bluetooth option on the screen and it will enable the bluetooth on the NordicTrack bike.

iFit Live with Nordictrack C1750 - 2013 14212 - YouTube

How do I connect my iFit Bluetooth?

When you have enabled the bluetooth device on your NordicTrack bike/treadmill, it will show up on the bluetooth radar of your tablet or smartphone. Now you can connect with the bluetooth device with a password. That is it. Now you are ready to play music, send content, or stream videos.


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