NordicTrack Commercial Treadmill 1750 Details, Benefits, Reviews

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One of the best treadmills in the world is Nordictrack Commercial treadmill machine. There are many buyers for Nordic Commercial treadmill and the variant Nordic 1750 is one of the most popular ones. In this article, we will discuss why Nordic Treadmill is a perfect choice for your needs. We will also discuss advantages of using Nordic Commercial Treadmill 1750 and its review.

Details of NordicTrack Commercial Treadmill 1750

  • Nordictrack commercial treadmill offers a 10 Inches Smart HD touchscreen. It comes with iFit coach ready, Bluetooth audio capabilities, and includes a 1 Year iFit membership. The total value of the iFit membership is ($396 value) per year.
  • Nordictrack commercial treadmill 1750 also has a 3.75 chp durx commercial plus motor, 22 Inches X 60 Inches Commercial tread belt has a 15 percentage incline/decline
  • It weighs 300 lbs total and made with SpaceSaver design with easylift assist
  • To help the you remain cool, Dual AutoBreeze workout fans are available with this version

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NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Advantages

So, what are the main advantages of using NordicTrack commercial 1750 machine over another treadmill machine? Let’s find out its top advantages.

  • IFit support

iFit Live support is available with the NordicTrack treadmill machine. What this membership does is that you can easily create your own workout routines. You can also set goals and focus on live workouts. Moreover, as the machine offers auto slide and tilt control functionality, you will get more valuable experience! So, create your own program, download nordictrack commercial 1750 onboard workouts of your choice and create your profile on NordicTrack to stay updated on progress and advice.

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  • DurX motor: Durable, Silent and Safe

NordicTrack Commercial Pro offers complete durability. It is silent and safe for users to improve their daily fitness. With the treadmill, you get DurX motor that is well balanced and properly used for noise cancellation. It is similar to the creation of car airbags. The NordicTrack Commercial Pro is balanced, thoroughly tested for noise and vibrations and one of the quietest motors available in the market.

  • Runners Flex Shock Absorbers

Nordictrack offers high-quality shock absorbers reliably protect your joints. The workout treadmill offers maximum comfort and convenience for all kinds of workouts. It also has cushioned flooring. So even if you wear shoes with low sole, you can easily use the Nordictrack workout machine to get back in shape.

  • Compact design with EasyLift Assist

Nordictrack has a simple space saving design. It can be folded thanks to the easylift assist technology. The Nordictrack simulator can be placed vertically once folded and it won’t take much space. Moreover, it has powerful shock absorbers that allows you to easily lift the nordictrack treadmill platform.

  • EKG Heart Rate Monitor & Polar Chest Tape

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, an athlete, or a newbie, you would need the heart rate monitor system. The EKG dual patch heart rate monitor in Nordictrack treadmill is going to be a perfect fit for you. It offers almost everything you want. Get the most out of each exercise by monitoring your heart rate with sensors in the handrails. You can also add the polar chest strap available with the kit.

  • Increase/Decrease slope by 15% with 1-Touch

The Nordictrack treadmill allows users to increase or decrease slope. It comes with 1-Touch ™ system, tilt adjustment that’s a very convenient option for users. It allows them you to increase the slope at the touch of a button.

  • Nordictrack Commercial 1750 storage latch

Another great thing about Nordictrack treadmill is that it comes with a storage latch. You can use the latch to fold the treadmill in a storage position.

  • Speed ​​control 0–22 km/h with 1-Touch system

Increase the speed to either 22kmh or decrease it to 2kmh with the 1-Touch system control. You can also set the speed in the range you want through the options available on the front panel. It doesn’t work like a manual machine that needs a push every time. The speed control functionality also help users increase their stamina and build a lean body faster.

  • 7inch Android Touchscreen

One thing that we liked the most about this Nordictrack treadmill is that you can stay online during every workout. It connects you to a wireless network, so that you can follow the news, sports results, check email, chat on social networks and do much more.

  • 38 Pre-Installed Training Programs

Most people simply don’t know how to start their treadmill workouts. That’s why NordicTrack offers 38 pre-installed training programs so that users can learn and practice and become their best. To achieve this goal, they can start any one of the 38 programs developed by certified personal trainers. Each program will automatically adjust the incline of your treadmill and speed to help you meet your goals.

  • Create Your Own Program
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The Nordictrack 1750 treadmill machine also allows users to create their own pre-installed workouts. You can use the treadmill control panel to set a desired duration of the training session. Also, it allows you to calculate the distance and number of calories that you need to burn. Voila! Your automatic Nordictrack commercial 1750 onboard workout plan is ready!

  • Compatible with iPod

The NordicTrack treadmill workouts can be synced with sync your results to iPod. This way you can see your progress on iPod or iPhone whatever suits you.

  • iPod Audio Jack

Enjoy your favorite music with this built-in sound system. Connect your iPod or MP3 player to the Interplay jack and have the highest quality sound. The control panel has a special shelf for iPod: your player will always be at hand. iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. iPod not included.

  • Intermix Acoustics 3.0

You can listen to the music of your choice with the intermix acoustics 3.0 built-in sound system. The system offers incredible clarity and a wide range of songs to choose from.

That’s it for the advantages of NordicTrack Commercial Treadmill 1750.

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What Users of NordicTrack Treadmill 1750 Say?

Now, let’s learn what its buyers have actually said about it. We have selected some of the top-rated reviews of users. These will include both good and bad reviews so that you can make an aware decision before purchasing this treadmill

Excellent Quality of Treadmill but Yearly Membership Is Expensive

The NordicTrack treadmill is of excellent quality. It does everything you would want it to do. With the iFit subscription, you can set up more than one user profile. The cost is around $40/month after the introductory year. That’s almost $500/year. After 4 years, you’ve paid more for iFit than you did for this commercial-grade treadmill.

No More Excuses for Workout

The nordictrack treadmill technically eliminates all excuses like it’s raining, it’s too cold, it’s too hot, it’s dark, etc. You have the machine right in the living room! So, no excuses now. PLUS, you are paying over $1,800 for it! If you can afford to throw away $1,800, you’re a luckier person than I am. The treadmill can fold and is comfortable. Use it with your iPod/MP3. The fans work well, too (two settings). As for the assembly, the treadmill requires professional assembly. It does include a manual so you can try assembling it yourself. But my advice is that you don’t attempt the assembly of the nordictrack treadmill yourself.

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Credit Card Required To Activate It

The treadmill is great but the only problem is that of the iFit feature. It requires credit card to activate the treadmill. The 1 year membership to iFit is free but still requires entering a credit card. I entered the promo code for the free membership and all was good. The next day I noticed my credit card was charged $431 for a 1 year membership. I called and they said it would be refunded. Then, two weeks later I finally got the refund.

Long Boot-time, Not Seamless

I’ve had this machine for 2 weeks now and it hasn’t worked seamlessly once. Every workout required a long boot time, stalled programming, or wifi connection problems. It took 10 minutes every time to sort out kinks (turning off/on, resetting the console, restarting the wifi connection), and today after working great for 25 minutes the motor stopped cold mid-workout while the display moved right along as if nothing has happened. Now the motor will not operate while the console connects as if it’s running. I really liked the iFit workouts, but the amount of time it took to start a workout coupled with the other issues I’ve seen have not been worth the effort. I also find it odd that there is so little online information on how to troubleshoot issues with this machine.

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