Does Pre-Workout Make You Poop? Learn Why

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Do pre-workout supplements make you poop or go to the washroom? Let’s learn all about that in this article.

Taking a pre-workout complement may result in a brief drive to the restroom. Worse, you may encounter diarrhea or stomach pain while exercising! Is it normal to pass gas before a workout? Is there something else wrong with the way you start preparing for the gym?

Determine which additives may be the source of the problem. Discover how pre workout make you poop

Is it true that pre workout supplements make you poop?

The truth is that taking a pre-workout supplement can cause an unforeseen bowel movement. However, not all will enjoy this effect because it depends on several factors.

Investigating the components of the pre-individual workout can help you identify how much you’ll ever have any gastrointestinal discomfort.

What Causes You to poop After a Pre-Workout?

Pre-workout supplements are a group of substances designed to increase energy and effectiveness in the gym. Even though supplement preparations vary significantly among brands, some typical ones may cause you to visit the restroom twice.

In 7 Ways, Pre-Workout Supplements Can Make You poop

Let’s see all the laxatives that are added to the pre-workout supplements that can make you poop.

  1. Caffeine

Caffeine is a compound present in almost all pre-workout probiotics. This stimulant boosts energy levels before lifting weights. Unfortunately, research shows caffeine causes an “increased desire to urinate” This effect can occur between 10 and 15 minutes within a week of consumption. A typical cup of coffee contains 80 to 150 mg of caffeine. Pre-workout supplements, on the other hand, contain between 150 and 400 mg. Consequently, the high levels of caffeine in pre-workout probiotics may lead to feeling the need to pee.

  1. Vitamin C

Some pre-workout supplements contain high levels of vitamin C, which has been linked to laxative effects in studies2. The research findings, however, discuss daily megadoses of 2,000 mg or higher. A pre-workout supplement like C4 contains only 250 mg of vitamin C.

As a result, unless you are extremely vitamin sensitive, you should be fine.

  1. Vitamin B12

B12 is a specific vitamin that does find in some pre-workout supplements. Furthermore, it is recognized that B-complex vitamins compress digestive system muscles, which may make a person feel bloated.

If you have this problem, look at the label of your supplement for high levels of B12 or other B vitamins.

  1. Magnesium 
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Magnesium ranks first on the ranking of supplements that can make you urinate. This is because magnesium promotes digestion and brings water into the intestines.

Only a few of the pre-workout supplements I started to look at contained magnesium, and the dosage was lower than the recommended daily amount. BSN N.O.-XPLODE, for example, contains only 30% of the recommended daily allowance of magnesium.

As a result, magnesium is unlikely to be the primary cause of your pre-workout poop.

  1. Yohimbine

Yohimbine, an extract, is found in some pre-workout and morbidly obese supplements. It is a stimulant but can also cause

In my expertise, taking Yohimbine on an upset belly can result in “emergency evacuation.” As a result, if you exercise while fasting, I wouldn’t recommend using a pre-workout containing this chemical.

  1. Sugar Addiction

Furthermore, some pre-workout products contained sugar alcohols and sweeteners as flavoring. These zero-calorie additives, however, can cause diarrhea in some individuals, so they do not absorb well in the gut.

  1. Water

Steadily for the past but not least, if you’re “dry scooping,” you probably mix your pre-workout powder. Furthermore, drinking a sip of water in the mornings is a surefire way to improve your digestion.

As a workaround, take your pre-workout with less water. The flour generally dissolves in 3 ounces or less. Just remember to stay hydrated each day!

Other Pre-Workout Considerations Poops

So far, we’ve discussed the elements of pre-workout. Even so, when and where you take those certain supplements can also influence whether or not you ascend to the throne.


As you may know, the serving length is calculated by the tiny plastic scoop that comes with the container. However, not everyone requires a total dose of medication.

If you experience any harmful side effects, such as anxiety or everyday bathroom trips, reduce your serving size to half a scoop. You can raise your dose progressively. Consider cutting your servings in half if you experience any adverse reactions, such as wobbles or regular visits to the bathroom. You can slowly raise your dose after the symptoms have subsided


Of course, you devour pre-workout supplements before beginning your workout. However, the impacts you feel after taking it may vary depending on whether you exert it in the morning or evening.

In other phrases, taking a pre-workout afterward in the day reduces your chances of experiencing adverse effects.

Vacant Stomach

Another consideration is just how much food is currently in your stomach. Pre-workout usage on an empty belly increases the incidence of an emergency bowel movement or experiencing gastrointestinal problems.

As a result, it may be desirable for you to consider taking your supplement in conjunction with a well-balanced pre-workout meal.

We hope this article has helped you learn why pre-workout supplements make you poop and what are the alternative options available to fix that condition.


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