Rope Jumping Workout: How rope skipping can help you lose weight?

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Losing weight is not easy and I know that. But there are ways by which one can lose weight. Only things needed for that purpose are consistency, a proper method to lose weight and the power to work on it.

Rope Jumping Workout: How rope skipping can help you lose weight?

So you want to lose weight but you don’t know how to get started? You have tried other methods such as weight lifting, running, jogging but you just can’t keep up. What if I tell you one method that you can try each day and you will see a significant different in a month? This method can help you lose weight faster than any other exercise, if you try it regularly. I promise.

Rope Jumping Skipping Weight Loss Workout Easy

How Rope Jumping decreases weight? The relation:

Rope skipping is just like the centrifuge of a machine. The faster you turn it the sooner the compounds separate. Our body is a mixture of compounds such as meat, fat, water and other stuff. When your stomach is empty of food and you start to jump rope, the fat and meat get separate.

This doesn’t happen in a day or a week but it takes more days. This decreases the fats in the body because the jumps and then the hot temperature of the body boil that fat and turn it into sweat. This means your body now has fat turning into water.

By doing it properly with a plan, every day you can burn the extra fat from your body in a couple of months.

I have burned more than 15KGs of weight when I applied for military, just in the same way I have described above.

Rope jumping is not only effective in helping you to decrease weight but you can also use rope jumping to stay active all day. It is one of those activities that you can do in a small room if you do not have time to go out for a run, more on this in my later posts.

5-Minute Rope Skipping Workout

I have found that 5-minute rope skipping workout every day is the best way to get rid of weakness, laggardness and overweight problems. The reason is that you go from 0 to full-speed in a couple of seconds and then sustain it for a period of 5-minutes or 300 seconds. I usually call 300 times rope skipping in 300 seconds.

You take a 2 minute rest after every 2 minutes. So, this all becomes like:

  • 300 Minutes of workout
  • Start by doing 120 rope jumps in 120 seconds
  • Take a minute break
  • Repeat 120 rope jumps in 120 seconds
  • Take a minute break again
  • Do 60 rope skips in 50 seconds.

Now walk for 5 minutes to stabilize the body temperature and the heartbeat.

The Time-limit helps shed weight

Here time-limit or the maximum raps in small time is the key to weight-loss. You just have to push yourself to the maximum capacity in a small amount of time and you will start losing weight.

I got this idea from Max capacity workout website. And this idea truly works.

Consistency is the key

Okay, before you go head-on with the project, let me assure you that you will not lose weight if you are not consistent. Just like any other sports or activity, consistency is the key. The more reps you can do in small time and the more days you can do it, both count towards losing weight with rope skipping.

Of course, Rope-Skipping is the not only exercise for weight loss, but it is the only exercise you need if you want to lose weight in lowest budget. Just get a good quality rope and start doing simple rope jumping exercises.

The Rope-Skipping Workout Schedule:

First month:

  • Simple double leg Rope Skipping Workout
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Do it for five minutes for the first month

Second month onwards:

  • Double leg front rope jumps

Do it for two minutes

  • Double leg Back rope jumps

Do it for two minutes

Now for one minute do single leg rope jump on each leg

That is 6 minutes of rope skipping jumps.

Planning to buy a Jump Rope for Cardio Exercises?

There are many jump ropes available in the market, the best ones that have the most reviews of users and that were available in the lowest prices, I have shortlisted below.

  • These are lower in cost
  • These jump ropes have the best ratings on Amazon

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The 30-Day Rope Skipping Workout Challenge

There is a 30-day rope skipping workout challenge. Once you become good at rope jumping you can try this workout.

I wouldn’t say that beginners can try this workout because they can’t. It is not for beginners at all. Doing 1,000 rope jumps in a day is not something that a starter can do.

So, once you get better at it then you can think about this rope skipping challenge.

Just start from day one and proceed as is marked in the chart. I bet you will get fit and full of stamina even before the rope jumping fitness challenge ends.

Is rope skipping better or running/sprinting?

The purpose of both the exercises is to lose weight. It is very hard to measure on a regular basis without proper equipment whether rope skipping helps lose more weight or running. But, many people report that rope skipping helps lose weight faster.

There are a few reasons behind it:

  • Women use rope skipping to burn calories because they cannot run openly on streets like men do.
  • Most men, as well, can’t find time to jog on a track due to their tough routine. As rope skipping can be performed at home, therefore they find it easier to do at home than running on a track.
  • Rope skipping takes lesser time than running. Usually, 500 skips take around three to four minutes of your time. That’s enough skips for a day. However, running takes around 10 to 20 minutes, plus a track where you can run without getting in the way of the traffic.

So, again the question: Which is better? Rope skipping or Running?

Any of these exercises that impacts your body and help you lose weight faster is better for you.

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