Best Quiet Punching Bags for Apartments and Flats

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Apartments are small and you can’t use a lot of exercise equipment in them because the sound just travels everywhere. That’s why most folks living in apartments get gym memberships.

But, a gym membership usually costs around $200 per month which is too high for a regular person. Multiply it with 12 and you will get $2400 just for a gym membership.

Yea! now this looks like fun, diffidently me, love kick boxing..

What’s the alternative for these people living in apartments? What can they do to stay fit but don’t have to spend so many dollars on buying a gym membership that they don’t even use on a regular basis.

The answer? Buy home gym equipment that is noise proof. So, in this article we will focus on some of the best quiet punching bags that you can easily use in an apartment. Make sure to read about how j,doorway punching bags

If you live in a compact apartment, all that punching sound might be bothersome for your neighbors.

So here is a compiled list of best quiet punching bag alternatives for apartments that won’t make much noise.

Century Fitness B.O.B.

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The Body Opponent Bag by Century Fitness provides the feel of punching a real human being. It offers seven-point height adjustments and comes with a limited one year warranty. The base of the B.O.B. fills up with either water or sand and can weigh up to 270 lbs once completely filled. The product is completely made in the USA. The BOB punching bag is one of the most sold items on Amazon because of its high quality. The boxing bag is in the shape of a human dummy and that’s why it is often called as ‘human dummy punching bag’. You can use the century bob punching bag to fight on the ground, or  to use as one of the doorway punching bags.

Get Century Bob Punching Bag Here

Title Inflatable Punching Bag

Next in our list is a family lightweight punching bag. It isn’t for pros as you will know by looking at some of its pictures. The plastic inflatable punching bag is sturdy and made with strong rugged PVC plastic material. It has a compact hanging punching bag with foldable design and has a water weighted base. When fully inflated, it reaches the height of about 62 inches – that’s enough for a grownup man to use for exercises.

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However, due to its softness users of all ages can use it with ease. It isn’t actually a punching bag for exercises but one that you will use to remove your frustration after a long day at work. Even small kids can vent out their angers on this inflatable plastic punching bag instead of smashing plates, or closing doors hurriedly.

The best part?

This quiet inflatable punching bag absorbs all sounds even if you hit it harder than usual. it is perfect for small homes and offices. In fact, we have added it to our list of best punching bags for apartments just because you can place it at a corner and use it when your anger is above your head.

Get Title Punching Bag for Apartment

Quiet Punch Boxing Bag

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Specially designed for apartments, the Quiet Punch lightweight punching bag is made out of soft cell foam and durable vinyl that keep the thuds mum. It provides great workouts and can be used for multiple training routines or as a simple stress buster. It is so strongly built that it can take a hard punch even without the boxing gloves. You can hang it in your room and punch it whenever you want.

it is great for removing frustration and anger and is a great quick hanging punching bags for offices.

Get Quiet Punching Bag for Apartments

Everlast Heavy Bag Kit

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A full sized professional lightweight punching bag, the Everlast comes with an adjustable heavy bag chain, wrist wrap gloves and a ninety days limited warranty. The bag is made of vintage Nevatear and weighs almost 70 lbs.

It is a perfect bag or those who workout just to remain fit.

The 70lbs Everlast heavy bag kit can be hanged in any type of apartment or home. It is light and small in size. So, it will be a great tool for your home of office.

Check Out Review of Everlast Heavy Bag

Pro Impact Speed bag

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As the name suggests, it is made out of genuine leather for extreme durability. It offers a great cardiovascular workout well as stress relief. Its high-quality construction, welted seams, and latex bladder ensure it stays in shape even after intense usage. It is available in three sizes. You can also use this one as a doorway punching bag because of the size it offers and the speed with which it moves once hit.

It is great for sparring and speed punching. The leather speed bag improves reflexes and is a great way to vent out anger and stress. A quick session of 5 minutes is enough to get the man distracted from a stressing situation. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a true stress busting punching bag ball for apartments.

Get Pro Impact Speed Punching Bag

How to Make a Punching Bags Noiseless?

If you want to reduce the noise of a punching bag then here are few things that you can do with the quiet punching bag alternatives.

Add Cushion Under the Punching Bag:

If the punching bag is placed over something, let’s say a free standing punching bag then you can use cushions to reduce the impact and noise.

Put Tape on Punching Chains or Hooks:

Punching bag chains can make a lot of noise. You can reduce the noise they make by wrapping tape around them. The chains will not make noise because they will not collapse against each other.

Wrap Cloth Around Punching Bag:

Punching bags usually make noise because they have a vinyl type fabric that makes noise on impact. You can reduce this type of noise by adding an extra fabric layer on the punching bag. This can be any type of woolen fabric so it can absorb most of the noise.

Buy Noiseless Punching Bags:

If nothing else works, then your last resort is to buy a noiseless punching bag. There are many small noiseless punching bags available in the market. They don’t make noise, but they aren’t impact absorbing. So if you are serious about punching, they might no be your cup of tea.

Buy Noiseless Punching Bags for Home Gym

What are Best Punching Bags for Apartments?

There is no hard and fast rule about the types of bags that you can use for apartments. You need to make sure that the bag you bu looks perfect to your siblings and wife. In mo But common sense suggests that the bags should be light, noiseless, and strong.

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So, let’s discuss these features in more detail.

Punching Bags Should be Lightweight

The apartment punching bags should be lightweight so they can be easily moved from one place to another in the apartment. Because these bags are lightweight, they can also be used as doorway punching bags. Apartments are too small and people have to move the punching bag from one place to the next. if the bag is heavy it will become difficult for users to move it.

Punching Bags Should be Noiseless

The apartment boxing bags should be noiseless so that they don’t disturb others. Apartments are usually small and people can easily hear if someone punches the bag loudly because the bags create a ‘thudding’ sound. This can disturb the neighbours and they will complain to stop the punching. This can become a big problem later on. Moreover, once hit, the doorway punching bags can still stay standing without until.

Punching Bags Should be Well Built

Most punching bags can rupture because of low quality build. That’s why it is important to buy high quality boxing bags that can at least remain in shape for a few years. The strong built of a punching bag is not only important for apartment punching bags but for all bags that people buy. Most people build their own boxing bags at home just to be sure of its quality.

Punching Bags Should be Flexible

A punching bag needs to be flexible so that it can easily move to and fro within the arena. If the bag isn’t flexible, it will cause more harm then good. You see when a punching bag is stiff and stringent, it doesn’t move a lot. When it doesn’t move with the blow, the person who has punched the bag gets the impact. This is also called as reverse impact. So make sure that the punching bag you choose is flexible and moves without obstruction.

Here is a list of punching bag training manuals and books that you can use for your workouts. With these quiet punching bag alternatives, you can easily learn to punch harder and grow stronger.

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For a punching bag that is affordable, easy to set up and provides fun workouts and stress release, you are sure to find something in this list. 

In this article, we listed the quiet punching bag alternatives so that you can easily pick a boxing bag that’s both silent and offers a great workout right in your home. So, what are you waiting for? Start your punching workout with these quiet punching bag alternatives.



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