Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbell Review: Design & Build Quality

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The Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbells include a rubber covering for improved performance and deliver high-intensity strength training workout sessions.

These dumbbells are considered to be among the best dumbbells for home usage and play an important part in incomplete body training.

Who is Body Solid SDRS Dumbbell Best Suited For?

The Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbells are designed for people who want low-impact training that builds strength and flexibility while being gentle on their joints. Users who want to concentrate on bodybuilding should choose these dumbbells since they may improve their physical strength via a range of training sessions.

Users who want to focus on their biceps, wrists, arms, and complete body fitness can use these dumbbells since they may get the best results with this simple training equipment. As a result, people may improve their fitness levels at home by utilizing these top-rated dumbbells.

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Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbell: Build Quality Evaluation 

The Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbells are one of the most popular pieces of workout equipment among serious bodybuilders. As a result of their durability, these dumbbells are among the best-selling fitness dumbbells.

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The rubber encasing of these dumbbells contributes to their durability and high-end performance. These dumbbells may be used on any type of floor because they do not damage it.

Its hexagonal form stops it from rolling, preventing harm from unbalanced or incorrect use. Steel is used to create the one-piece cast heads, which provide a safe and secure performance.

These dumbbells come in weights ranging from 5 to 100 pounds, with 5-pound increments, allowing users to vary their workouts. Furthermore, their small size allows users to utilize them with accuracy, making them one of the greatest training dumbbells for fitness fans under $900.

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Body Solid Weight Rack Suitable for Home Gym?

Body Solid weight racks are suitable for home gyms as they are sturdy and can hold a lot of weight. They are also easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes them ideal for small spaces.

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Ideal Body Solid Home Gym Workout Routine

1. Start by performing a light warm-up to get your muscles ready for the workout.
2. Next, select the exercises you want to perform and set up your equipment accordingly.
3. Once everything is set up, begin your workout by performing each exercise for the specified number of repetitions.
4. Make sure to rest for a few minutes in between sets to catch your breath and avoid fatigue.
5. After completing all of the exercises in your routine, perform a light cool-down to help your muscles recover.

Is Body Solid Weight Rack Heavy Duty?

Body Solid weight racks are designed to be heavy duty, with a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds. They are made of powdercoated steel for durability and have a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds.

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How Many Sets to Do With Body Solid Dumbbell Set?

The number of sets that you do with a Body Solid dumbbell set will depend on your fitness goals and the amount of time that you have to dedicate to working out. If you are looking to build muscle, you will likely need to do more sets than if you are just trying to stay in shape. Ultimately, it is important to consult with a certified personal trainer or your doctor before starting any new workout routine.

Features of the Body Solid SDRS Dumbbell


The Body-Solid Hex dumbbells are made for high-intensity bodybuilding workouts with minimal weight increases. Users can add a 5-pound weight to get desired results in the weight range of 5 to 100 pounds.


The superior grade rubber encasing of the Body-Solid round dumbbells helps to improve their longevity and performance.

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Users may simply modify their weight by 5 pounds using the weight options ranging from 5 to 100 pounds. Body-Solid GDR363 dumbbells are ideal for those who want precisely arranged dumbbells with fewer weight increments.

It is suggested since it has a weight range of 5 to 50 pounds, as well as 10 sets of dumbbells and a three-tier dumbbell rack for simple storage. Beginners and intermediate users can benefit from it.

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These dumbbells deliver high-end performance thanks to their superb steel alloy grips, which give comfort and a solid grip.


The sleek finish on the dumbbells makes this equipment very appealing and a great addition to any home gym or exercise setting.


With a weight range of 5 to 100 pounds, this exercise equipment is suitable for both a newbie and a skilled expert to get an effective workout.


These dumbbells include 20 weight settings that customers may pick from based on their preferences and fitness needs.


These dumbbells come in three weight ranges: 5 to 50 pounds, 55 to 75 pounds, and 80 to 100 pounds. This dumbbell’s measurements are 9 x 4 x 4 inches, and it weighs 570 pounds.


The user handbook for these dumbbells includes clear instructions for safe use.


Although these dumbbells do not have a dial system, the obvious number marks on the dumbbells make them easy to read.

New Pair of 25lb Rubber Hex Dumbbells by Body Solid -

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SDRS Dumbbell Workout Programs by Body-Solid

The Body-Solid Dumbbells set is designed for intense fitness training that effectively works the complete body. The targeted bodybuilding and strength training routines allow for intense workout sessions that improve users’ fitness and flexibility while also increasing muscular strength.

Users may employ barbell thrusters, bench press, incline press, decline press, dumbbell goblet reverse crossover lunges, seated calf raise, dumbbell hip thrusts, and more exercises to create the best training sessions possible.

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Body-Solid hex dumbbells are developed for complete bodybuilding workouts that make your routine more hopeful and result-oriented.

As a result, users may enjoy a variety of workouts that include push-ups, pec-fly, pull-over, squats, broad arm row, calf press, reverse fly, shrugs, upright rows, and more.

Body Solid SDR Rubber Coated Dumbbells - Body Basics

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Body-Solid Dumbbell Warranty 

Because the Body-Robust SDRS Dumbbells are built for long-term use, they come with a solid limited lifetime warranty. Any flaws in the manufacture and components of the equipment are covered by a guarantee for the users.

As a result, consumers enjoy warranty support, making this equipment one of the finest dumbbells for the home.

Pros and Cons of the Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbell


  • High-grade grey iron construction ensures long-term durability.
  • Exceptional performance
  • Users will be able to choose from a variety of fitness alternatives.
  • Handles made of knurled steel alloy are available.
  • Coating of rubber
  • Dumbbells do not roll because of their hexagonal form.
  • The weights of the dumbbells are marked for simple use.
  • It works on any type of flooring.


  • Because it is less than $800, it may appear to some consumers to be a little pricey.

The Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbells are among the brand’s best-selling hex dumbbells, ensuring top-notch performance. The excellent construction quality, along with the rubber covering, ensures long-term results, even during strenuous training sessions.

Body-Solid Dumbbells are our recommendation if you desire a large range of dumbbells in individual sets as well as in pairs that can deliver the benefit of weightlifting.

These color-coordinated dumbbells range in weight from 1 to 15 pounds, allowing users to easily add a dumbbell workout into their everyday routine.

The Body-Solid brand, on the other hand, is the ideal selection for those looking for a trustworthy set of hexagonal dumbbells.

Purchasing these finest hex dumbbells for home-based users is therefore suggested if you want to do hard bodybuilding workouts for muscular fitness and total body fitness.

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