The power tower or pull up and dip station, in my view, is one of the greatest fitness equipment you can have at home. When people ask me what the ideal tool for bodyweight workouts is, I always recommend getting a tower. We can make the most effective decisions with it. What exactly are these? You will get knowledge from this article.

Top Exercises You Can Do with a Power Tower

Learn more about the exercises that you can do by using a Power Tower. All the exercises we mentioned can be used to do Revo power tower exercises.

Chin-ups or Pull-ups with Power Tower

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Both of these power tower exercises are great for strengthening your back, as well as your shoulders and biceps. These movements will significantly increase your upper body pulling strength. They broaden the shoulders and back.

5 Great Pull-Up Stations For Your Home Gym

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There are numerous variations for both, such as altering the distance between your hands. This allows you to concentrate more on one muscle area and “attack” it from various angles. 

You can do this exercise easily on Revo power tower as well.

Take a look at the video below to learn how to do them correctly.


Push-ups with Power Tower

The finest bodyweight exercise for building your chest, triceps, and shoulders is the push-up. Many pull-up and dip stations have low handlebars, but not all.

Power tower incline push-ups (press-ups) • Bodybuilding Wizard

What is the purpose of this function? It allows you to go further and because of the whole range of motion, your muscles are better stimulated. The distance between the bars is not changeable, you can only accomplish one style of a push-up. This exercise is completely possible with Revo power tower.

Leg Raise with Power Tower

If you ask me which move is better for abs, I’d say leg raise. It engages the entire central nervous system. However, it is difficult for beginners to perform correctly, therefore they should begin with knee lifts.

Power Tower ABS Workout - TOP 4 Exercises for Beginners

A leg raise station with back and arm pads is included with the power towers. They are comfortable to use since they are highly padded with foam or other materials. Furthermore, its leg raise station keeps your body in the proper position during the exercise. This is another great Revo power tower exercises.

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Additionally, if you lift your leg diagonally, you will be able to effectively exercise your oblique.

Dips with Power Tower

Dips with Power Tower Dip Station Guide

Dips are a great complex workout for your triceps, but they also strengthen your shoulders and chest. It works your pecs more if you lean forward more. It’s a fantastic upper-body exercise that you should include in your regimen.

It is one of the best Revo power tower exercises. It impacts your abdominal muscles and help you with leg raises and overall muscle development of the body. Power towers are great for those who don’t have time to do any other exercises and don’t have the room to do a lot of running workouts.

Exercises on power towers like Revo are easy to do and affordable for even beginners.

Other Exercise Ideas for Power Towers

If you are a complete beginner, you may find it difficult to complete the exercises correctly. You may also be unable to complete the recommended amount of reps and sets. If that’s the case, sling straps or bands can be purchased separately to aid.

If you’re a newbie, there are various beginner calisthenics routines available here. You may easily construct your program by looking through our bodyweight workout category.

What if you’re a pro and these power tower workouts are too easy for you? To add extra resistance to your workouts, use a weight vest, ankle weights, or a weight belt.

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Could you demonstrate a power tower workout plan for me?

Sure! A full-body intermediate/advanced workout is shown below. The only difference is that you’ll be using your pull-up and dip station instead of a bar. If you’re a newbie, there are various beginner calisthenics routines available here. You may easily construct your program by looking through our bodyweight workout category. 

18 Best Power Tower Workout ideas | power tower, power tower workout, workout

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