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It would not be wrong if one says that treadmill has hitherto proved to be one of the finest inventions by fitness freaks. A treadmill gives you the best workout for burning calories out of all the cardio machines. May it be taking some body-weight off or giving a little leeway to some extra food. 

How Much Calories Can Treadmill Burn?

Let’s find out.

The actual number of calories burnt will vary according to different factors. 

Lose Weight Quickly

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The number of calories you burn depends on how heavy you are. It takes more energy to move a heavier weight, the same goes for a treadmill. Those who start with a lot of weight can lose weight more quickly. 

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Time Matters

The longer you exercise, the better the result. The CDC recommends exercising 2 and a half hours per week for 5 days for a person above forty which makes 30 minutes per day. However, for a young person who is in his 20s, it can be extended to all 7 days of the week. To shed 1 pound, 3500 calories need to be burned. This means you must be losing 500 calories per day. This amount doubles for a 1-hour session.

Gradient or Incline 

Increasing the gradient or incline in a treadmill causes more energy to be utilized. It is just like climbing a mountain, the steeper the mountain the harder it is to reach its top. However, it is not recommended for a time longer than 1 hour as it can severely affect your joints. 

Speed of Treadmill

More speed on a treadmill means you can get rid of even more unwanted calories in a shorter time. You will spend more energy by running at a speed of 7mph than by walking at 3mph.


If you walk at a speed of 3 mph on a treadmill with a 0% incline, you are expected to burn calories at the following rate.

Speed=3mph                              Speed=3mph

Weight=180 pounds                 Weight=130lbs

Time=1 hour                               Time= 1 hour

Calories burned=480                Calories burned=347

At the same speed, with an incline of 4%, here is how the figures fluctuate.

Weight=180 pounds                 Weight=130lbs

Time=1 hour                               Time= 1 hour

Calories burned=551                 Calories burned=398

Note: An incline makes a big difference but it is only suggested if you are walking.

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A speed of 5mph is just right for jogging.

Here is how much you lose when you jog at an incline of 1% :

Speed=5mph                              Speed=5mph

Weight=180 pounds                 Weight=130lbs

Time=1 hour                               Time= 1 hour

Calories burned=537               Calories burned=744 


Running at a speed of 7mph burns calories at the rate mentioned below.

Speed=7mph                              Speed=7mph

Weight=180 pounds                 Weight=130lbs

Time=1 hour                               Time= 1 hour

Calories burned=1006               Calories burned=727

Click here to calculate the number of calories burnt according to your weight, gradient of choice, time spent, and speed.       

Intensity of the Workout

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the best workout regime to follow. It is a hard exercise routine followed by an easy one (which relaxes your strained muscles).


Your body starts showing results in about 2 weeks.  Perhaps now your face is a little less podgy, and your waist slightly thinner. Once you achieve a normal weight, try to maintain it, don’t let it go under. Safe weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. After bringing your body to normal size and weight, try not to leave your exercise at any cost. This will cause a rapid increase in your weight. Reduce the intensity of exercise, maintain your diet accordingly, and you are good to live a healthy life.

Here is a guide to calculating your ideal weight according to your height.

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So we believe that you are now clear about how many calories you can burn on the Treadmill. If you think you can add more information to our article about burning more calories then please let us know in the comments below.


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