Is a 40-pound Punching Bag Good for Workouts?

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What type of punching bag should you get? And, is a 40 pound punching bag good for workouts? Let’s find out.

Yes! You can practice your boxing principles with a 40-pound punching bag

When to Use a 40 Pound Punching Bag

Trying to punch a punching bag is an important aspect of every boxer’s preparation, but you can still benefit from this workout even if you don’t plan on entering the ring anytime soon. A 40-pound bag is a lightweight alternative to typical bags, making it practical for usage in your basement or garage, whether you have finely tuned basics or simply love slugging the bag after a particularly difficult workday. 

A Proper Stance is Needed

In a boxing stance, stand a few feet away from the bag. Your stance will come naturally if you’re comfortable with the sport, but learning the proper stance is crucial if you’re new to this type of workout. Stand with your left foot slightly forward, and your upper body turned to around 1 o’clock if you’re right-handed. Raise your fists into a guard stance, with your right fist softly pressed on the right side of your jaw and your left fist somewhat higher and away from your face. Left-handed people should have the opposite stance, putting their right foot and hand ahead. 

Visualize Your Punches

Take a small step forward with your left foot while extending your left hand and throw a jab toward the bag. When the punch makes contact with the bag, keep it horizontal and immediately return it to your guard. Visualize punching “through” the bag as a popular strategy. You may need to move closer to the bag in order to do so. 

Use Punches to Make an Impact

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When working out with a heavy bag, use a variety of punches. Trained boxers use the heavy bag to practice their hitting, while beginners can simply use it to burn off some steam. Straights, crosses and hooks, in addition to jabs, are key blows that can be thrown high or low. Despite its use in the ring, the uppercut isn’t a good punch to practice on the heavy bag.

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Step Forward When Punching

As you throw blows at the bag, keep moving. When throwing your left hand, step forward with your left foot, and when throwing your right hand, step forward with your right foot. Wide foot placement in the ring throws you off balance. Always position your feet no more than a step beyond your original boxing stance. As you throw punches, move around the a 40-pound punching bag and occasionally check your feet to make sure your posture is still correct.

Rule of Body Weight

A 40 pound punching bag is for those that weight around 100 pounds or less. See, a 40 pound punching bag will act like a torso for anyone who is 100 pounds. If you are already 150 pounds or more, a 40 pound punching bag will be too light for you.

Who Should Use 40 Pound Punching Bag?

  • Kids that weigh under 100 pounds
  • Females that want to start punching workout and weight 100 pounds or less
  • Seniors that want to remain in shape, no matter what their weight is

The best part about 40 pounds punching bag is that they are affordable and easily available at almost all punching bag shops. You can get them from Amazon as well.

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