Resistance Band Alternatives: What to Use If Not Recovery Bands

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Resistance bands are one of the best ways to workout your whole body. They are easy to use, affordable, and offer remarkable strength training experience. But what if you don’t want to use resistance bands for your workouts. In that case, what is the best option available to you?

Resistance bands have always remained the under dog because people don’t consider them a good exercise equipment. Heavy lifters scorn them. Light lifters ignore them. Women fitness enthusiasts consider them ‘just another stretching equipment’. They have lost interest of the fitness enthusiasts overall. 

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List of Alternatives of Resistance Band Fitness

So, we decided to find the best replacements of these resistance bands. Here is a complete list of alternatives to resistance band that you can use in your home gym. 

1# Resistance Band Alternatives: Dumbbells

Weight training has always remained extensively popular among the gym as well as home trainers and dumbbells can prove to be a significant tool in strength training. Dumbbells are the perfect choice for people who want to go rough on their fitness regime. But if you have bones or joints problem, it will definitely cause problems. So beginners and people with medical conditions should be cautious.

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2# Resistance Band Alternatives: Kettlebells

Kettlebell is another beneficial equipment, serving a similar purpose but in a different way. Kettlebells come with a wide range of weights which allows you to perform a variety of exercises, increase heart rate, gain strength. One of the most liked features of kettlebells is its durability, it will last for years so it’s a one-time investment. If you have a little more accommodation space in your home gym and you want to be a pro in your fitness training, kettle-bells must be given a shot.

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3# Resistance Band Alternatives: Barbells

Barbells can work as an alternative to the resistance band, as it can build muscle too. Barbells are a great pick for your home gym strength/resistance training routine. They give weight-specific workouts by allowing you to add or subtract the weights according to your will. however, with bands, you are unable to control the resistance. So in this scenario barbells are undoubtedly a plus. With barbells, you can have a high-impact workout for greater muscle and core strengthening.

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4# Resistance Band Alternatives: Calisthenics

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If you have got a little control over your body and you want to go for home gym, you can go for calisthenics for strength training. As you start working out with calisthenics, they put a lot of load on your muscles, leaving your body stronger after a while but they require a bit mastering on your practices and you’re good to do multiple  “one-arm calisthenic pull-ups” in a single go.

5# Resistance Band Alternatives: Yoga

‘Switching to yoga can sound less effective in terms of muscle and strength building’ This myth needs to be debunked. As yoga is exceptional in your fitness and body toning process. If you want better results with a limited amount of effort Yoga is the ultimate option for you. It helps in regulating your body functions with strengthening your core stability at the same time. Vigorous gym Workouts are great for people targeting both the body and mind. Watch 30 Days of Yoga To A New You | Prime Video


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6# Resistance Band Alternatives: Treadmill

Treadmills have ruled the gym for over a century now. It is the first and foremost imprint that comes to mind when talking about working out. Want pumped heartbeat? Get a treadmill. Want to train muscles? Get a treadmill. Want to do strength training? Get a treadmill. Treadmill covers all. The cost can get a little high as compared to other home gym equipment but while choosing resistance band alternatives treadmill is simply the competent one. : SereneLife Smart Digital Folding Treadmill - Electric ...

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Faqs for Alternative Exercises of Resistance Bands 

People weren’t sure if resistance band alternatives exist. We told them that they certainly do. Here are some questions that fitness folks have asked.

  • Which is the best resistance band workout?

None. Your best resistance band workout depends on what you like. For some, it is the lat exercises. For me, it is the tricep stretch workouts. However, for you it will be something that gives you an adrenaline rush.

  • What is the best resistance band alternative?

There are many resistance band alternatives we have provided above. Almost all of these are great alternatives to what you want. But singling one out is not the right way to find alternatives. Every alternative has its strong point.

10 Resistance Bands Exercises for Beginners

Here is a list of the best 10 resistance band exercises that you can do anywhere without any issue. Take a look at the exercises list below and start doing these resistance band workouts at home.

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Now you are not only limited to using resistance bands. You can use all the alternatives available in this blogpost. We have listed treadmills, dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells as resistance band workouts for people who are interested in trying something new.



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