Smooth Fitness 7.1 HR Pro Folding Treadmill Review

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Experts consider this system to have the best stable running platform for around $1,500. Furthermore, it is jam-packed with features that will please even the most ardent runners. You may also rest confident that it is of great quality because extensive warranties back it.

Is Smooth Fitness 7.1 HR Pro Treadmill the Right Fit for You?

The Smooth Fitness 7.1HR treadmill, in my opinion, would benefit practically everyone. This model provides something for everyone, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned runner. It’s also reasonably priced at roughly $1,500, making it accessible to most people.

Features and Advantages of Smooth Fitness 7.1 HR Pro

This treadmill’s main feature, in my opinion, is its power-folding capability. It also includes power mechanisms that make the procedure as easy as pressing a button. This feature is ideal for those with limited room in their house because it folds down to a quarter of its original size.

A strong 2.5HP continuous duty motor powers the Smooth Fitness 7.1HR treadmill. This motor can reach speeds of up to 10 miles per hour and elevations of up to 12%. This is ideal for runners seeking a challenging exercise.

Walking and running are possible on the 20″ x 54″ running surface. The non-slip, 2-ply tread belt reduces friction and noise, resulting in whisper-quiet workouts.

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Handgrip Pulse Monitor

The handgrip pulse monitor with a heart rate control feature, considered one of the most efficient ways to exercise, allows you to workout in your goal heart rate zone by automatically altering your speed and incline for optimum workout intensity.

The new dual LCD computer displays your speed, distance, calories, and time all at once. In addition, the display features separate speed and incline hill profiles so you can see how intense each is.

User Profiles

There are nine user profiles available on the Smooth Fitness 7.1HR Treadmill. Weight, height, sex, and goal heart rate can be stored in each profile for you or another individual. It also comes with six hard pre-set routines to add variation and flexibility to your workouts.

Elevation Strength

For years, the 2,000 pounds of pulling strength for elevation would be effective, silent, and long-lasting. This assures that the treadmill will have no trouble raising, no matter how hefty the user is.

Shock Absorption

The running deck has a high level of shock absorption. These elastomer rubber isolators absorb the impact and transmit absorption across the deck, eliminating detrimental side-to-side motion to your joints, knees, and ankles.

There are two cooling fans on the Smooth 7.1HR treadmill, one for the motor and the other for the electronics. Even if you use it for a long time, they keep the engine and electronics cool. As a result, any repairs are minimized, extending the treadmill’s life.

Finally, as with other Smooth treadmills, this one comes with a long warranty. It has a lifetime frame warranty, a ten-year motor guarantee, a five-year belt/deck/roller warranty, a three-year electronics and components warranty, and a one-year service/labor warranty. With guarantees this long, you may be confident that the product is high quality.

Pre-Programmed Routines

The Smooth 7.1HR Pro treadmill also has 8 pre-programmed routines, 9 user profiles for those of you who have many users, heart rate monitoring and control, and the extremely amazing power folding function. The 7.1HR Pro folds up or down on its own with the push of a button, sparing you the strain of hauling the hefty deck up yourself.

Drawbacks of Smooth Fitness 7.1 HR Pro treadmill

The only issue that users have experienced with this Smooth Fitness 7.1 HR Pro treadmill is delivery delays.

Delivery Delays

The only issue that users have experienced with this Smooth Fitness 7.1 HR Pro treadmill is delivery delays. However, this is to be expected because of the high demand for Smooth treadmills. The pricing also includes free shipping, as with most Smooth models, but indoor delivery and setup are extra.

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Limited Running Area

The limited runner area is the one real drawback to an otherwise wonderful bike. Smooth would have a fantastic machine on their hands if they increased the deck size to 20′′x56′′. It’s a tiny quibble on an otherwise excellent treadmill.


The Smooth 7.1HR treadmill comes highly recommended. This would be my first pick if something happened to my existing treadmill and I needed to replace it.


  • 2.5-horsepower continuous motor
  • 0.5 to 10 miles per hour
  • 350-pound user weight capacity
  • inclination: 0% to 12%
  • Lifetime frame warranty, 10-year motor warranty, 5-year belt and deck/roller warranty, 3-year electronics and parts warranty, the 1-year service warranty
  • Size of belt: 54″ x 20″
  • Yes, it can be folded.
  • Yes, your heart rate is high


  • Heat Monitor with Hand Grip
  • Powder Coat Finish with Scratch Resistance
  • Long-lasting, low-impact running surface
  • Springs in torsion
  • Shutdown by itself
  • Electronics with Rubber Push Buttons
  • 12 Incline Levels
  • 3 pre-programmed and 8 user-programmable programs
  • Feature of Power Folding
  • Maintaining a healthy heart rate
  • A dual LCD computer concurrently displays speed, distance, calories, time, and pulse.
  • Electrostatic Deck with No Friction

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