Treadmill Burning Smell: What Causes It, Get Rid of It

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Although running on a treadmill is a great way to burn calories, a burning odor indicates that the treadmill needs to be serviced. Treadmills, like any other home device, have a motor that can break down at any time. They are enormous machines that use an engine to produce both heat and movement.

Whether your treadmill smells like burned rubber, it’s not a good sign if you just bought it or have had it for a few years. So, what should you do if your treadmill emits a burning odor or if your treadmill smells like burned rubber? The treadmill’s primary components must be thoroughly analyzed. If you’re looking for one, check out our suggestions in the following posts:

Treadmill Has Burning Smell? Let’s See the Solutions

Here are some of the basic steps that you can use to check why your Treadmill machine has a burning smell. Let’s see how to fix those.

  1. Unplug Treadmill Machine

Priority is given to safety. Please stop using the treadmill and unplug it right away. In a room with a treadmill, a smoke detector may have been installed. Whether you are present or not, this covers your home; perhaps one of your family members is utilizing it. Treadmills are big, heavy machines that need to be serviced at home.

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2. Examine Treadmill Machine from All Sides

Examine the treadmill from all sides to check if there is any smoke; if there isn’t any smoke, something is amiss behind the hood. Depending on how long you’ve had the treadmill, it might be maintained daily. Every 2-3 months, clean the treadmill after each usage, tighten some screws and bolts, and lubricate the deck.

3. Check Engine for Treadmill Burning Odor

Begin with the engine. It’s a common reason for a treadmill’s burning odor. Gravel, hair, and other particles will jam the machine over time. Remove the motor cover as indicated in your owner’s handbook. Using compressed air and a vacuum, clean the area around the motor. Many low-cost treadmills include a motor with a cardboard core, which starts to burn once the voltage and amperes flowing through it heats it enough. If this is the case, the belt and motor should be changed, and in some circumstances, if the engine’s armature has overheated, the motor should also be replaced.

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4. Check the Treadmill Motor

Now take a look at the deck. The amount of friction and static electricity generated by your treadmill’s belt and deck can be reduced by properly regulating them.

5. Check for Short circuit

If your engine, belt and deck seems well functioning, an electric short-circuit in the motor, console or cable of your pulley may be the reason of the burning treadmill smell. Excess static power might cause your treadmill’s electrical components to fail.

Place your treadmill on a mat, switch it off and unplug if from the electrical socket if you still haven’t done that. The mat will absorb friction and capture debris. If you suspect a short electricity, call an electrician or a qualified worker.


You may need to clean the Treadmill motor. After cleaning the motor:

Cleaning Treadmill Motor If it Burns…

  1. Clean the belt, deck, and underneath the treadmill.
  2. If your treadmill’s maker recommends it, lubricate the belt and deck.
  3. If your treadmill’s belt or deck assembly has been damaged or appears to be worn out, replace the components according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Look for any electrical shorts. Whether your treadmill’s motor, belt, or deck appear to be in proper operating order, the burning smell could be produced by an electrical problem in the engine, console, or wiring. The electrical components of a treadmill may fail if there is too much static electricity. To reduce friction and trap debris before it enters the engine, place the treadmill on a mat. If you suspect an electrical short, contact an electrician or a competent maintenance specialist.

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Conclusion: Fixing Treadmill Burning Problem for Good

If no issue is discovered, you should see an electrician determine what is wrong. Next, you can seek advice from a treadmill expert to figure out why your treadmill smells like burned rubber. A burning odor from a treadmill could be a minor issue that you can fix yourself or a significant one that requires the assistance of a qualified support person. If you can’t pinpoint the source of the burning odor, turn off the treadmill until a trained specialist can assist you.


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