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Treadmills offer you a cardio exercise that is healthier and help you achieve your fitness goals. However, There are few mistakes the gymnasts commonly make which can affect your progress towards fitness.

Following are some of the best tips for working out on Treadmills at home you should follow in order to carry your workout more effectively.

Treadmills offer you a cardio exercise that is healthier and help you achieve your fitness goals. However, There are few mistakes the gymnasts commonly make which can affect your progress towards fitness.

Warm up for Treadmill Running Workout

Here is how you can start to warm up before having a jog on the treadmill.

Shape.com has features a simple exercise that will let any runner warm up themselves and get the blood flowing.


  • Get a 5-minute walk or jog.
  • Now do high knees and butt kick for about 30 seconds to warm up the leg muscles.

Finally, start your daily running routine.

If you are having pain while running, then this warm up will cure most of it. Now, let’s learn about the top treadmill mistakes your should avoid.

Top Treadmill Workout Mistakes You Should Avoid

Following are some of common treadmill mistakes you should avoid in order to carry your treadmill workout more effectively.

Mistake #1- Doing the same workout again and again

One of the most common treadmill workout mistake is doing the same exercise with the same intensity does not benefit you more effectively. It’s a fitness huddle that won’t let you achieve your fitness goals. Therefore carry out different exercises, change the time duration of your workouts or adjust the intensity level. You can also change the frequency of an exercise according to your choice.

Switching to different exercises offers varying challenges to your body and improves endurance. This practice will not only help you burn more calories but also provide a healthy muscular exercise to your body. You can also switch to cross-training which is a very good alternative of a cardio exercise like running. It lowers the weight on your body and gives your body a full workout and that is why Cybex Arc Trainer is being widely used by the fitness freaks for a full body workout.

Mistake #2- Prioritizing entertainment over workout

Nowadays treadmills are being introduced with various advanced features providing entertainment along with the healthy workout. There are many value-added features like Music, television, Bluetooth connectivity, fitness apps, and book or tablet holders, etc. which do not let you get bored and keep you engaged with fun and exercise but here it is important to prioritize your exercise over entertainment so that it may bring your workout to the next level. That is another common treadmill mistake that you should avoid if you are serious about working out.

BH Fitness treadmill provides an interactive feature like walking on the earth’s virtual trail which is an attractive and entertaining activity for the users.

Mistake #3 – Not Using Interval Training

In order to carry out an effective exercise meeting your fitness goals, you should carry out a combination of both easier and tough sessions. Variation in the exercise will benefit you more than repeating the same exercise again and again.

For instance, If you do a combination of walking and sprints with jogging, It will bring your workout to the next level.

Moreover, The exercise depends upon two factors i.e. Speed and incline. The incline is a very useful variable while exercising on a treadmill. If you are using the treadmill indoors, you will not face wind resistance and here the incline function comes into play.

Nowadays, treadmills are featuring built-in exercise programs including customizable ones. These programs help and guide you during the exercise in order to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. Take  TRUE PS800 Treadmill which offers various customizable workout plans for a healthy workout.

Mistake #4: Don’t Hold the Rail

One mistake that most people make is that they grab the handlebars of the treadmill workout machine.

How many people walk like naturally like this? It not only impacts the posture of the person but also increases the chances of falling from the treadmill.

So, the best way to run on the treadmill is without support. Only keep the speed that you are satisfied with. Don’t increase it if you are not sure you can carry on with the speed.

Remember, safe running is better running.

Man on Treadmill Holding the Handrails

Mistake #5: Dragging Your Feet On a Treadmill

If you are tired, get some rest. But don’t drag your feet on the treadmill because it will not only ruin the belt but also increases your chances of falling.

By dragging your feet on the treadmill you are also hurting your posture and performance.

The right way to walk on the treadmill is to put your heel first. The rest of the foot will follow. Now push it back and repeat with the other step. This is also called as ‘Heal Strike’.

These are some of the most common treadmill mistakes that you should avoid while working out.

And, to help you get started working out faster and get a lean body, here is one infographics on treadmill workouts.

Image result for treadmill workout infographics
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